Lil Spill

January 18, 2012

Hot Damn my search is starting to pan out!! A few old regulars got in touch with me!Not one of them remembers anyones last names. How funny that you can hang out with people for years and not know their last names. “Beertruck where are you? I know its Paul but no freaking clue what your last name is. Beertruck remember when you were a dumbs ass and invited your parents to your birthday party at the bar? Yes you threw up in front of your mother. ” “Brady? where are you? You bet me $50 that I wouldn’t know which bartender asked you to change a keg downstairs. I knew and you were so pissed that I won that money!” ” Rachel Dunham. Yes I know your last name but can’t find you. I still have the pictures from your very last night bartending at Coyote. ( In the vault). “So many more people.

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