Lil Spill

January 31, 2012

Priceless stories rolling in! Lee asked all of us to bring props for the funny photoshoot. Kevin , Daniel, and Tommy brought knunchucks. When they left my house Saturday night Tommy had all their knunchucks in his suit carryon bag. Sunday , After drinking all night at the anniversary party followed by gambling at Harrahs he went straight to the airport to go back to Austin . It completely slipped his mind that his carry on contained all these weapons. Drunk and pitiful he was interagated by multiple agencies for hours before being allowed to go home! Lol
Now Kevin was having the Coyote Ugly experience. Wakes up in a hotel suite by himself after hanging with multiple people. Well the people he hung out with caught an early morning flight and packed his shirt by accident. Kevin then walked around the French quarter with no shirt trying to catch a cab but no one would take him. It’s so much funnier when this shit happens to other people!

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