The bats are doing great numbers this week. Nashvillr, San Antonio, and NY leading the team. I don’t want to jinx it but since I made so many changes in NY ( new manager, put in Aloha, reorganized bills) the bar has been rocking. No jinx!
New Orleans ready for a big month!!

Hot damn every bar did great last night! I am in Park City with my son and my nephew. It is a gender related fact that boys fart more then girls. There are only 3 topics we seem to talk about. 1. Farting 2. Girls and 3. Food

Jackson gave me the best gift. Which is the gift of giving. In my name he donated to this wonderful organization. I am truly grateful for everything.
“Thank you!

Every day, hundreds of thousands of students in Malawi sit on the floor to learn.

Today, that number has been reduced significantly, thanks to a gift made in your honor.

Learn more about Kids in Need of Desks and UNICEF’s Schools for Africa, working to provide quality education for all.”

Painful all the bats sucked. San Antonio and NY being the strongest. Urgh. Just dropped my laptop, bam ruined! The screen looks broken from the inside out.

Fuck! We are trapped on a delayed flight and X Factor is on . The Finale. Josh I hope you win.
Freak I can’t believe I am so into this show.

My last text. ” Kelsey get this shit done so Jeff gets off my ass!” 8 am in the morning jeff is emailing me ” Kelsey hasn’t called me!” Just guessing Jeff but could it be that she closed the bar at 4 am and has ony slept 3 hours? God forbid everyone doesn’t hop to when Jeff calls.

Well we are definitely in a different age. Jackson definitely gets bored with just me no matter what cool stuff we do.
Let’s see. Today fraudulent charges from France off Chantel’s card. Nope she’s not in France. Trying to get Kelsey to post NYE specials. Trying to get Katie to sell NYE tickets. Trying to focus on two new locations that I think will kick ass! But primarily trying to get my son off his ass and go outside.

Sent Daniel to NY and New Orleans. NY got a new Aloha system and an upgraded surveillance system. But other then the bar falling apart the numbers are great. Well then he got to New Orleans. I prepared him for the lazy factor . Glad he came because me checking in once a month isn’t good enough. We need the iron fist of Daniel! Good I am hoping that with more accountability both bars will excell. NY is kicking butt so now it’s time for New Orleans to get in the swing.

They were all great but that performance by Josh Kratchik of the song Halleluah was unbeliebable. I was moved to tears. He’s got my vote . ( love chris Rene too)
So an ex manager fucked up sales tax last quarter and wrote in the wrong numbers, which increased the sales tax owed by about $150,000. I almost had a fucking coronary this morning. Today became a scramble to get the situation controlled . I finally handed it over to our real accountants. This was way over my head.

NY had a freaking killer weekend. Saturday night was crazy. Nice to see New Orleans battling back with a good Saturday night. Nashville rocking kegs and eggs with the Saints fans. All and all I am pleased with the weekend. Trying to get Jackson and I ready for this 5 k on Sunday. Today I did 2 miles but it’s harder when it’s cold. Jackson is a better runner then I so I am not worried about him making it just me.

Trey was walking to the super market and went by two young girls singing Christmas Carols with a tip bucket. He just lowered his head and walked by without tipping them. On his return from the market they stopped their caroling and started the verse from the Cee Lo Green song ” I guess the change in your pocket wasn’t enough… Fuck you” that is hysterical!

58 teams at the First Lego league State tournament. Our robot didn’t do that well so we didn’t win but for our presentation we got Judges Favorite. I am so proud of the kids!!

The band Jim hired for the Nashville anniversary was killer. They were an 80’s cover band. So fun. People were dancing having a great time. Yesterday we unveiled our 3 new choreographed dances. They rocked. We have two new choreographers. It’s awesome. I got so many compliments . The Nashville staff has come a long way. The girls were great the party was so funny. And according to the numbers it was the best anniversary Nashville ever had!
Back at airport. My last day of practice with my son’s class. Tomorrow is their big tournament so hopefully they have been practicing. This is the honest truth, my son is the best performer in the class. He isn’t nervous. He speaks clearly. And he is funny as hell. I have got to sign him up for a theatre class.

Went out last night with Jim, Marsha, TK, Miami, and Daniel. Urgh. At least I went home early. They caught up with Kevin and went to a strip club. Big party tonight

Heading to my son’s school for our 2nd to last practice. Then heading to Nashville for the anniversary. Tonight I am taking all the managers local and corporate out for dinner. Wearing moon boots today. I don’t care what fashion dictates!