Two riders crossed the finish line at 420 this morning in Homer Alaska. The race ended up being 8400 miles. Kudos to them. That is crazy dedication and stamina. Kevin is still at least 2/3 days away. Wow I am impressed

Jackson Hole is incredible! I slept 10 hours! I will keep everyone up to date in Kevin’s progress. He should be in Montana now. I expect by tomorrow morning he will be in Canada if that’s the route they use after the next checkpoint. I have made a decision to throw a Coyote Ugly bike challenge . I will do it so much better!

We have gone 4000 miles. Last night we were all sitting around in Rock Springs Wyoming and we got the map for the next leg. The next leg which is only to the next state over is 1300 miles. We looked up a direct route from Rock Springs to Homer , Alaska and it was 3300 miles. The race thus far has had no direct routes so us along side other riders realized that we may have another 5000 miles left. That’s the moment I had my ” dénouement ” which means the moment a character has his/her major realization. And in that moment I realized I was no longer going to go any further. I love the guys. I want to support them but there was never a feeling of grand accomplishment for me ” driving” the coyote truck to Alaska. This morning after we slept outside on gravel in 40 degree weather I said to the boys ” I am heading to Jackson’s Hole” I will be in a hot tub with drinks tonight. I love you good luck! Kevin is definitely moving forward. He seems fine . He is not phased by the hours, heat, cold or anything. Lee rejoiced when I said I was going to Jackson Hole. He and Kevin had been fighting the last few days because Lee was fine with riding through to Alaska but if we are not real contenders for the prize then we might as well see some pretty spots and sleep in hotels . Kevin wants this to be as hard as possible . Even if he doesn’t win he wants to rough it. Trey is worried about time. We had hoped to be in Alaska no later then Tuesday then have 4 days to relax and explore. If you do the math they won’t arrive until next Friday and treys flight out is Sunday morning. He doesn’t want to spend his whole vacation hurting on the bike just to fly directly home. Plus his butt is killing him. Who knows what theta will do but Jackson Hole here I come! My son gets home next week from camp. I need him and some normalcy right now!

Spa day at Harley Davidson checkpoint

Butt massager at Harley Rock Springs Wyoming

Fast asleep with poptart hanging out

Trey ran over a cottonmouth snake. Poor snake . But yes I know better him then me.
4000 miles and some guy came over to me at a gas station and said ” you spelled immense wrong on the trailer.” I looked over and fuck we freaking spelled immense wrong. We are making bets on the excuse Lee gives. My bet is that he will blame the guys who wrapped the trailer. Kevin says he thinks lee will say it was done on purpose for effect. Lol freaking funny
Judith has been texting me everyday so nice!

Intersected the boys, now we are in La Junta Colorado. Poor Trey. He asked me to see if his butt was bruised. It’s not bruised It is the worst case of diaper rash I have ever seen. I guess sweating, chaffing, and sitting on your ass for 16 hours a day does that. I rode for 4 hours on the back of Trey’s bike yesterday. Really beautiful farm land. At night we saw deer and Trey dropped his speed down by 20 mph. He said that fear of hitting a deer on these back roads has been one of his most stressful thoughts. In Treys words. ” I need to finish this and know I accomplished this because I will never do anything like this again . And that’s for damn sure!”

Just got pulled over. The guy gave jeff a written warning. We are in a small small town.
I would like to say thank you to all the law enforcement officers who have helped my team and others. They have helped with directions, safety at sleep points on the side of roads. My guys have said so many state troopers and local officers have really helped them.
Heading to Dodge City to try and intersect the boys.

This is brutal. Jeff and I had a plan to head straight to Santa Fe before taking a break but the boys just called and said that they had to stop for an extended break.Kevin is dizzy, kidneys hurt from drinking so much water. They had to get off bikes because Trey almost puked in his helmet. I told them that we would stop in Amarillo, Texas and keep a holding pattern since they are falling behind again. I give them credit because it’s over 100 degrees and they are in full motorcycle gear added to that such little sleep

Wow this is freaking hard.timeline: Jeff and I left the daytona checkpoint at 930 pm on Sunday . We drove till 330 am and slept in the truck till 6 am. After some drama we hauled ass and got to Southern Thunder Harley Dealership in Mississippi at 4 pm. At that point I had heard from the boys twice during the day. The boys were traveling for awhile with a contestant that had a tracking device on their bike so I was able to see where they were. At 4 pm they were only about 2 hours out. Had they not gotten lost they would of reached the 2nd checkpoint and placed in the top 20 riders. Well they got lost, very lost. Jeff and I waited till midnight at the checkpoint when I finally got a call from Lee that they had spent most of the day getting lost. I lost it on he and Kevin . I was so frustrated. ” if you stop for gas then just text me and tell me what town your in! This is supposed to be a team effort.” fuck!! They ended up sleeping at a campground and not getting to the checkpoint till 10 am . I had a meltdown today. ” Kevin you think this is fun for me? I am driving all day then fucking waiting in 100 degree heat for 8 hours. I don’t know where you guys are or if anyone us hurt.” well I finally calmed down. Lee was ready to quit this morning. His hand ,that he has had so many surgeries on, is shaking uncontrollably. And he said getting lost so often was breaking his spirit. The interesting part was that Trey and Kevin are more determined then ever to move forward and win. We as the support team are going to have a new strategy and that is to try and stay closer to the riders without violating the rules.
So far some disqualifications for going on highways. Some people quitting and pissed off. Now my guys are about 20 hours behind the leaders but the leaders hadn’t slept and they have so let’s see if they can make up some time.
Well driving through Little Rock in two hours!

We slept 3 hours in the truck and hadn’t heard from the boys. We decided we had to stay put in case we had to go back and find Trey. There was a mar riot at the next exit so I book us two rooms.. Just when I get into my room, Lee texts and says Trey found them and they are already 2 hours passed where I thought they were. I had to call the mechanic and get back in the car. We are close to Atlanta but still far from the second checkpoint . The boys want to start catching up to the leaders. Hopefullly they are cutting into their lead.

Jeffrey the mechanic and I got to the first checkpoint outside of Daytona around 2 pm. The top ten riders showed up around 5 pm. Trey and Kevin showed up at 715pm and Lee showed up at 745 pm. They checked in at around 80th place. Which means they moved up because they started the race in about 400th place. Trey was shaken up after seeing two bikers go down on route. Lee hands were shaking for about ten minutes. And Kevin was fine. Our next checkpoint is Southern Thunder Harley Dealership in Mississippi , close to Memphis. I am worried , Kevin and Lee called me at 3 in the morning on the side of the road in bum fuck Georgia. They said there were no lights and they couldn’t find Trey. Another biker told them that Trey had pulled into a gas station pretty tired. I hope he just set up his tent and slept. His phone died yesterday so unless he gets near a pay phone the only way to contact us is through a disrress beacon on his bike. But that hasn’t gone off. This is really rough. I slept in the coyote truck for 3 hours. Justwaiting to figure out if we should head back or proceed to the next checkpoint .

A rumor going around the support vehicles that two riders went down. I heard from Lee about an hour ago so they are safe. Now I am worried
Jeff, the mechanic and I got to the first checkpoint over an hour ago. Destination Daytona. The largest Harley dealer! Pretty fucking impressive.

This is a dedication from Lee
Will you please put this on the lil spill. ” i’m dedicating my ride to Ssg ( staff sgt)  James Beeson of the army’s 297th ASMC  ( area support medical company). He is a firefighter, a soldier, a father a hero and my best friend.”

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