Lil Spill

June 22, 2010

Wow this is freaking hard.timeline: Jeff and I left the daytona checkpoint at 930 pm on Sunday . We drove till 330 am and slept in the truck till 6 am. After some drama we hauled ass and got to Southern Thunder Harley Dealership in Mississippi at 4 pm. At that point I had heard from the boys twice during the day. The boys were traveling for awhile with a contestant that had a tracking device on their bike so I was able to see where they were. At 4 pm they were only about 2 hours out. Had they not gotten lost they would of reached the 2nd checkpoint and placed in the top 20 riders. Well they got lost, very lost. Jeff and I waited till midnight at the checkpoint when I finally got a call from Lee that they had spent most of the day getting lost. I lost it on he and Kevin . I was so frustrated. ” if you stop for gas then just text me and tell me what town your in! This is supposed to be a team effort.” fuck!! They ended up sleeping at a campground and not getting to the checkpoint till 10 am . I had a meltdown today. ” Kevin you think this is fun for me? I am driving all day then fucking waiting in 100 degree heat for 8 hours. I don’t know where you guys are or if anyone us hurt.” well I finally calmed down. Lee was ready to quit this morning. His hand ,that he has had so many surgeries on, is shaking uncontrollably. And he said getting lost so often was breaking his spirit. The interesting part was that Trey and Kevin are more determined then ever to move forward and win. We as the support team are going to have a new strategy and that is to try and stay closer to the riders without violating the rules.
So far some disqualifications for going on highways. Some people quitting and pissed off. Now my guys are about 20 hours behind the leaders but the leaders hadn’t slept and they have so let’s see if they can make up some time.
Well driving through Little Rock in two hours!

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