Painful weekend!!! OKC, Nashville, and Memphis oh my god I have never seem such bad numbers. The weather is killing us!!!!! Painful.

Thank god for the other bars including New Orleans cause they did well.

On a good note I figured out how to connect my cable box to my tv. I put that as one of my top ten accomplishments!!

Austin anniversary was awesome. The bar, girls, and whole staff were awesome. Thank you for an incredible time

I am fucking having a coronary today and 80% of it is due to the GM in Denver. I just wrote a letter to Lee expressing my dismay over this GM:

Lee, Nick thinks he is running a Trump venue and has put the Denver advertising budget at an all time high. Can you call him and help before my I have heart failure and miss the Austin bar’s anniversary! Thanks Lil

I am having a nervous breakdown today!! Weeding through the bars’ P and L’s, trying to get some meetings cemented and trying to get preapproved for a mortgage. ( very small condo in Pensacola Beach.) Wow I am on overload today. I was pleased with most of the weekend bar numbers. We have been going back and forth on what we should do for the superbowl party in New Orleans. The biggest issue is that the superbowl happens right in the middle of the busiest part of Mardi Gras. This is going to be crazy!!

Holy Shit the Saints are going to the superbowl!!!! The Saints -Vikings game was a nail biter last night. Crazy. I swear I had 20 near heart attacks watching the game!  I watched the game at home on the big screen tv ( I was so jealous of Chantel because she was at the game). After the Saints won. my neighborhood went nuts. Fireworks, car horns blairing, people screaming. So exciting! Now I have to figure out how to score superbowl tickets!!!  GO SAINTS!!!

Not only did I watch the game but I watched hours of after game reports. Peyton Mannings family is from New orleans. Who do they route for?

What a freaking day!!  Yesterday when I brushed my teeth one side was acutely sensitive. I called the dentist and said please fit me in I have a cavity. Low and behold what I have is not a cavity. He said that all the years of using tooth whiteners have made my enamel weak so right where the tooth meets the gum is pourous and is essentially exposing the nerve which makes it very sensitive. The only solution is to put a kind of seal at the base of the tooth and do daily applications of flouride directly on that area. The Dentist said it will take a long time to feel better and I will have to replace seal every 6 months.  What the fuck!!!

NOTICE: WE have postponed the New orleans anniversary party because the saints are in the NFC Championship game that day. I am not 100% sure of when it will be so I will keep everyone updated!! Blah day today.

Lauderdale anniversary party was great. Much better turn out then last year. The girls looked incredible. It was very nice to see them caring about the bar.

I promoted Michele Kellor to regional manager for the Texas bars. She reports directly to Daniel. They have known each other for several years and there is a lot of familiarity and fun spirited ribbing. Daniel is loving that she is directly under him. He is constantly calling her his assistant and just pissing her off. I just received this from daniel to post! Very nice.

daniel's new assistant

Very busy today before I leave tomorrow for Ft . Lauderdale anniversary party. I was in the New Orleans bar Saturday night and one of the bouncers had on a great work shirt.

My moto this year LESS TALK MORE ACTION! I hired accountants to do a spot audit on the New Orleans bar. Believe me, I will be checking a lot more bars too.

Jackson came home with incredible test scores from last week!!!

I just received my calendar for 2010. Well on a positive note I was very pleased with how the girls came out. But to my huge surprise Lee decided to create a 2 page layout of the corporate picture. At first I just scanned it quickly, laughing that instead of just putting a small picture on the back page he used up two pages to lay this one picture out. Then I got a call ” Lil , you look really weird in that calendar corporate picture”. So I decided to take a second look. “Holy shit what the hell is wrong with my mouth? “So I call up Lee. ” Lee what the fuck did you do to my fucking picture in the calendar?” ” Nothing Lil” Bull shit! I look so weird. 1000 people now have that fucking freaky picture. Lee I’m going to kill you!!!!”” Lil you look so good in the picture blah blah blah” Well  The truth shall prevail. Finally Lee admitted what happened! ” Lil a few months ago the photographer and I were trying to see how you would look with a smirk. So we switched your mouth from one pose and superimposed it onto another. But the problem was that you weren’t posing in the exact position as the first picture so it didn’t line up properly. And I sent the publishing company the wrong picture by accident.”  Urgh. ” Again What the Fuck!!!”LIL-COMPARE

Now that I know Daniel is not dead or in jail I can tell the real story. At 5 am I get a call from Daniel. For Daniel to call me at that time I expected that an accident happened at one of the bars so I picked up right away. Daniel was very very drunk and he told me that he was on the side of the road somewhere in california with no jacket, no wallet, no people even near him. He can’t remember how he got to this location ( which from his description sounded like a residential neighborhood). I Then had to try and get him to calm down long enough to figure out an address. Finally he got me an address so on my other phone I called a taxi company in Pasadena to pick him up . The taxi company then advised me that the address was in a town called Arcadia. So I had to call another taxi company while, on the other phone,  trying to calm Daniel down and listening to ” Lil, your my boss, am I that big of a loser that I had to call my boss. I am freezing, my friends ditched me, I have no memory of where I am and by the way did I tell you I am pissed off at the girls in Oklahoma?” So finally the cab goes and gets Daniel. The story doesn’t end. I get another call from Daniel about 40 minutes later. ” Lil can you please help me. I didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver so he called the police and I am about to be arrested. ” he then puts me on the phone with the cab driver whom I have to give my credit card to and pay for Daniel’s $94 cab ride. While I am on the phone with the cab driver I can hear Daniel telling the cops ” I work for Coyote Ugly. That’s Lil the owner on the phone right now.” I heard one cop say ” Is that really Lil?”. Ok so I pay the cab and Daniel doesn’t get arrested but he is at a hotel where he is not registered with no id no credit card and no idea where his friends are. ” Daniel go through the parking lot and see if your friends car is here. ” Lil this doesn’t happen to me. My team lost and now I don’t know what to do?” This went on for another half hour. Finally  we hung up with the understanding that he would call me when he was able to contact his friends. I expected a call an hour or two later. When Daniel didn’t call me I tried to call him repeatedly for many many hours. I fully expected him to be in jail. Well finally he called me safe and sound with more stories. On a personal note I was very worried about him. On a business note I was worried that if he got arrested he would not be allowed into Canada , where we may open!

OK all is well that ends well. I said to Daniel ” I guess you wont be drinking at the Lauderdale anniversary party” His respnse ” hell yeah I’m drinking”

Oh my god this cold front is killing me. The bars are freaking dead. The only two bars that had any business were Austin ( UT in a bowl game) and Ft. Lauderdale ( how cold can it really get in Lauderdale). Its 30 degrees in new Orleans today. Coming from NY, I don’t feel like its that bad. I just got back from Canada where a warm day is 5 degrees so 30 is like a heat wave.

I got some strange calls from Daniel last night. He had called me a couple of days ago to tell me that he scored tickets to Pasedena to watch UT play. UT lost and he was not happy. Now today I can’t get in touch with him so I am a little worried.

My New Years resolution was very simple : Less Talk More Action. In all areas of my life. I so aften feel like I am spinning my wheels and things either dont get accomplished or they don’t get finished. So that is my goal. I am starting to really address my weaknesses and they all revolve around 1 thing, lack of organization. Damn I wish I had an assistant again. I get so much mail and I put it aside until the last minute when I have to rush to get something done. OK Well, I need to get my ass in gear because there are some brillant ideas in my head that need to get actualized!!!

A girl got fired last week for getting caught having sex in the bathroom. I have been in that bathroom, let me tell you there is nothing sexy about that.

Carry on!

It was an easy day this morning then all of a sudden a ton of emails just came in. I am starting a full offensive to find new locations. I want to change our strategy a bit!! Good start to a new year!

Long week. Santa was good to Jackson and me. Jackson never asks for much so I spent less then $50 on books and 1 wii game. He loved them. He took 1 of the books every where he went . I love that. Trey got us a cruise to Cozumel, so I am making a bikini goal for myself March 8th!!  I tried to get Trey to join me on a 2 month diet workout regemin but he wouldn’t. My new goal is for him to get fat while I am getting fit so i will look even smaller next to him!!

My mom gave me a ring that she had from the past. That was very nice of her. She also gave me the strangest present I have ever received! A beautiful wooden box arrived from my mother. I was prepared to find an expensive bottle of wine but I was shocked at what was really inside. It was one white dumbell. Yes you read this right, a dumbell. I actually tried to jar the ends apart thinking that it really couldn’t be a dumbell. So I called my mom directly to thank her and low and behold , it is a dumbell. She said I am supposed to shake it while dancing to music. LOL

I met my family in Quebec for vacation.  When Jackson and I were going through customs I was asked to supply a note from Jackson’s dad giving me permission to to take him out if the country. Of course I didn’t bring that. The customs officer then interogated Jackson completely in french.  Jackson held the conversation for the whole time. Afterwards the officer told me that we could enter because Jackson answered all the questions correctly. Cool. I asked jackson what the guy asked and he told me that the man first asked if he knew me. Then asked if I was kidnapping him. Asked why his father wasn’t there. I was very impressed that Jackson’s french was that good. He did all the translating and communicating for everyone the whole trip!

For the most part the bars did fucking phenomenal for New Years Eve. Memphis kicking everyones ass this week. I love starting the year this way!!