Lil Spill

January 11, 2010

I just received my calendar for 2010. Well on a positive note I was very pleased with how the girls came out. But to my huge surprise Lee decided to create a 2 page layout of the corporate picture. At first I just scanned it quickly, laughing that instead of just putting a small picture on the back page he used up two pages to lay this one picture out. Then I got a call ” Lil , you look really weird in that calendar corporate picture”. So I decided to take a second look. “Holy shit what the hell is wrong with my mouth? “So I call up Lee. ” Lee what the fuck did you do to my fucking picture in the calendar?” ” Nothing Lil” Bull shit! I look so weird. 1000 people now have that fucking freaky picture. Lee I’m going to kill you!!!!”” Lil you look so good in the picture blah blah blah” Well  The truth shall prevail. Finally Lee admitted what happened! ” Lil a few months ago the photographer and I were trying to see how you would look with a smirk. So we switched your mouth from one pose and superimposed it onto another. But the problem was that you weren’t posing in the exact position as the first picture so it didn’t line up properly. And I sent the publishing company the wrong picture by accident.”  Urgh. ” Again What the Fuck!!!”LIL-COMPARE

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