Lil Spill

January 4, 2010

Long week. Santa was good to Jackson and me. Jackson never asks for much so I spent less then $50 on books and 1 wii game. He loved them. He took 1 of the books every where he went . I love that. Trey got us a cruise to Cozumel, so I am making a bikini goal for myself March 8th!!  I tried to get Trey to join me on a 2 month diet workout regemin but he wouldn’t. My new goal is for him to get fat while I am getting fit so i will look even smaller next to him!!

My mom gave me a ring that she had from the past. That was very nice of her. She also gave me the strangest present I have ever received! A beautiful wooden box arrived from my mother. I was prepared to find an expensive bottle of wine but I was shocked at what was really inside. It was one white dumbell. Yes you read this right, a dumbell. I actually tried to jar the ends apart thinking that it really couldn’t be a dumbell. So I called my mom directly to thank her and low and behold , it is a dumbell. She said I am supposed to shake it while dancing to music. LOL

I met my family in Quebec for vacation.  When Jackson and I were going through customs I was asked to supply a note from Jackson’s dad giving me permission to to take him out if the country. Of course I didn’t bring that. The customs officer then interogated Jackson completely in french.  Jackson held the conversation for the whole time. Afterwards the officer told me that we could enter because Jackson answered all the questions correctly. Cool. I asked jackson what the guy asked and he told me that the man first asked if he knew me. Then asked if I was kidnapping him. Asked why his father wasn’t there. I was very impressed that Jackson’s french was that good. He did all the translating and communicating for everyone the whole trip!

For the most part the bars did fucking phenomenal for New Years Eve. Memphis kicking everyones ass this week. I love starting the year this way!!

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