Lil Spill

January 8, 2010

Now that I know Daniel is not dead or in jail I can tell the real story. At 5 am I get a call from Daniel. For Daniel to call me at that time I expected that an accident happened at one of the bars so I picked up right away. Daniel was very very drunk and he told me that he was on the side of the road somewhere in california with no jacket, no wallet, no people even near him. He can’t remember how he got to this location ( which from his description sounded like a residential neighborhood). I Then had to try and get him to calm down long enough to figure out an address. Finally he got me an address so on my other phone I called a taxi company in Pasadena to pick him up . The taxi company then advised me that the address was in a town called Arcadia. So I had to call another taxi company while, on the other phone,  trying to calm Daniel down and listening to ” Lil, your my boss, am I that big of a loser that I had to call my boss. I am freezing, my friends ditched me, I have no memory of where I am and by the way did I tell you I am pissed off at the girls in Oklahoma?” So finally the cab goes and gets Daniel. The story doesn’t end. I get another call from Daniel about 40 minutes later. ” Lil can you please help me. I didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver so he called the police and I am about to be arrested. ” he then puts me on the phone with the cab driver whom I have to give my credit card to and pay for Daniel’s $94 cab ride. While I am on the phone with the cab driver I can hear Daniel telling the cops ” I work for Coyote Ugly. That’s Lil the owner on the phone right now.” I heard one cop say ” Is that really Lil?”. Ok so I pay the cab and Daniel doesn’t get arrested but he is at a hotel where he is not registered with no id no credit card and no idea where his friends are. ” Daniel go through the parking lot and see if your friends car is here. ” Lil this doesn’t happen to me. My team lost and now I don’t know what to do?” This went on for another half hour. Finally  we hung up with the understanding that he would call me when he was able to contact his friends. I expected a call an hour or two later. When Daniel didn’t call me I tried to call him repeatedly for many many hours. I fully expected him to be in jail. Well finally he called me safe and sound with more stories. On a personal note I was very worried about him. On a business note I was worried that if he got arrested he would not be allowed into Canada , where we may open!

OK all is well that ends well. I said to Daniel ” I guess you wont be drinking at the Lauderdale anniversary party” His respnse ” hell yeah I’m drinking”

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