Lil Spill

September 16, 2009

Well the good news is that I am not contagious. Went to the doctor said I had flu but I am suffering more from a sinus infection now. About a month ago I went in for a ” you are officially over the hill” physical. I had everything done, from top to bottom. When I went in today the doctor said ” I know you feel like shit but all your results came in and they were not just good , they were super.” I had my first mammogram ever. This machine actually squishes your boobs like pancakes. It’s a bit unsettling especially when you have implants. But I am healthy! My exhusband wanted assurance that I was not contagious to Jackson and that I didn’t have the swine flu. The doctor said ” tell your exhusband that you are no longer contagious with the flu but that you have cyphyllis and tuberculosis. LOL” You have to love a doctor with your same sense of humor!

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