Lil Spill

September 15, 2009

I am sick as a dog! My son had a low level cold/flu this weekend. I felt a bit sick yesterday but today I have the full fledge flu. H1N1, so what flu is flu. My understanding is that the people who are severely hurt or even die from flu ( no matter which kind) are in ill health already. Well regardless I had to cancel my trip to Detroit. Tomorrow was supposed to be a fun day. Lee and I were invited to see the Tigers with one of the owners and then do a bit of a scouting mission.
I am laying in bed with my computer answering emails and watching Lifetime movies!!!

I am so consumed with myself I did not post about Patrick Swayze’s death.  So sad. I feel so sad for his wife they seemed like true soulmates.

On the Denver manager’s log there was a comment that one of the girls called a guy gay on the mic and the guy flipped out. I know this is not politically correct and it is not in any way meant to be judgemental to anyone of any sexual preference but I have said similar things on the mic. The scenario is that a guy comes in with his friends, he orders a drink like a cosmo, a daiquiri, a martini ( although a true martini is a burly drink and 20 years ago wouldn’t be put in the pansy drink category). I have had this happen and it is a great opportunity to get a humourous crowd reaction while making sales. I have said things like  ” please tell me we didn’t lose a good looking guy like you to the other side? Sir how can these women think of you as a man with a cosmo in your hand?” Now if you are really good at judging the group and know that they will love getting harrassed,  you just go straight for the hard line.  ” hey get a set of balls or I can recommend an  awesome gay bar down the street” Now again this is high level sales talk. The great bartender has to know how to read their customer. Just say the scenario is: a guy comes in and orders a comso. He looks well groomed. You have a quick intuition that he just wants his drink quick and with no hassel. Then you simply suggest another drink. No big production, no mic. Why? Because the goal is always to create repeat customers not to offend people. So in closing the Coyote did not read her customer well and she lost. ( again nothing against gay people for gods sake half the girls are either gay or bisexual)

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