Lil Spill

September 21, 2009

What a freaking morning. It’s been a pissing match on all sides of every issue that’s come up! We pay a contractor the contractor hires a subcontractor. We pay the contractor but the contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractor. Now there is a lien against us. So are we supposed to double pay because the contractor acts in a shady manner? This is absurd.

We took a new corporate picture a few weeks ago. Lee keeps on sending me photoshopped pictures where he is the main element of the shot. I sent him a response saying ” I don’t think its fair that your the focus everyone should be happy with their place in the photo.”  My favorite shot happens to be of all of us joking around. The picture the photographer picked of me might as well be a picture of a pile of crap, because I look so bad. BUT AS LONG AS LEE LOOKS GOOD THEN THE WORLD IS AT PEACE!

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