Lil Spill

September 14, 2009

What the fuck? Amelie the webdesigner just created my own blog center on our server. It’s so fancy I am embarrassed that I will not use it in all of it’s greatness! I have no fucking clue if I am even typing in the right area or if this is where I was supoosed to post pictures? No clue.

The bars sucked this weekend for the most part. San Antonio is the saving grace. Daniel and I have been text battling about the hours of the GMs and Ams. We started a program to encourage career grow for the staff . With this program the head bartenders and the head of securities can learn management skills. In some bars the managers give these people extra closing or opening duties. I have been reviewing the logs and seeing that the managers are taking advantage of this program and giving themselves very easy schedules.  This is a hard business and the hours are hard but to be successful you need to keep your hands and eyes on deck. It’s a different world today. I wouldn’t of even imagined working less then 70 hours as a manager.

On a good note I just saw a few samples of our new corporate pictures. I look like shit but everyone else looks great. Actually some of the joking shots are my favorites.

My first email to Daniel this morning was ” even though all your gms are lazy,   you look great in the corporate picure.” His response was ” that’s exactly what I used to tell one of my ams at my old job ” you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but you sure are pretty!”

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