Lil Spill

September 12, 2009

I went into the New Orleans bar last weekend. I brought about 7 people AND HAD A GOOD TIME. Last weekend in New Orleans it was the decadence festival some of my girls from other bars were in town. Erika from Denver was in town and she happens to be the leading bodyshot seller in all the company. I issued a challenge to the New Orleans girls that I would give them a $100 if they could outsell Erika in a half an hour. The New Orleans girls won I gave them $100. Not only did I do that but I helped them for about 4 hours keep the crowd entertained and had people buying a lot of drinks. Today I get a call from Chantel saying that the New Orleans girls had hurt feelings that I thought so much of Erika and challenged them. I am beyond dumbfounded how three girls could get $100 from me and bitch. Also at the core of all of it didn’t they recognize that I was trying to drum up business? On a positive note it was the first time in a long while that I really enjoyed myself and like the new faces of the staff at New Orleans. On the negative side I feel the GM Travis and the AM Wendy have missed something in training these girls if they don’t understand that I brought them business and that they prospered while I came in as well as the bar. ( wow Lil gave us $100 that she didn’t have to just for doing our jobs. Wow that’s so insulting. If you don’t get that it’s called sarcasm) New Orleans girls: You have the tools use them. Sales for the bar increase your tips. People enjoying themselves create repeat customers. Instead of being afraid when I come in, use me to make money for the bar.

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