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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chantel had her baby. It’s a girl! So beautiful with a full head of black hair! Brings back memories.
Jackson had his first wrestling match. I thought it was his team against another school. When we got there it was a madhouse with schools from all over the state. It was insane. These kids were incredible. Most of them had been wrestling since they were 3 or 4. Jackson’s first match he lost. But I think he was confused about the rules of the match. He spent a lot of time looking over trying to understand what the ref said and what the coach was telling him. Once he got that out of his system, he was awesome. His next match he crushed his competitor. He pinned him pretty quickly. The match I was most proud of was his last match. His competitor was a kid that had been wrestling for years. He obviously had a lot more skills then Jackson. But Jackson would not let him pin him and he would turn the tables on this kid. By the 3rd round the kid was up on points by 7-3 . Jackson all of a sudden picked him up and slammed him down. I think Jackson pinned him but the ref didn’t call it. Jackson lost but for his first match ever having only enrolled in wrestling a few months ago, he rocked. When he starts adding more moves to his repertoire he will be a force to be reckoned with. The kids who would lose would cry their eyes out. Jackson has the best attitude. He wasn’t nervous at all. Between matches he was joking with his teammates. He wasn’t mad that he lost. He chalked it up to experience. I wish I had that. Today I was that insane parent cheering louder then anyone.
On a side note. My son has long hair. Out of the 1000 kids he was the only competitor with long hair. All the judges kept calling him a girl. I get more angry then he does. Right now we are actually thinking of comebacks when people say that to him. Jackson just came up with a good one. ” You think I’m a girl? I thought your son was a girl when he went crying to his momma!” LOl My son would never say that he’s too nice and kind. But we are having a ball pretending. I told him after the match. ” If we lived in California all your male friends would have long hair so don’t worry about it.”

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My son asked me the other day” mom what does spiritual enlightenment mean?” My answer to him was that spiritual enlightenment is when you finally understand “something” and by understanding that “something” you finally achieve peace and happiness. He then responded ” I am definitely spiritually enlightened!” That made my day. Then as all proud moms do I started thinking that my son is very astute to even ask that question. He must be on another plane then ordinary kids!!!
Then the bubble bursts when a day later he tells me that the Air nation of the show “Avatar” are spiritually enlightened. That’s the only reason he asked me that question. Perhaps the trip to Tibet where my son and I were to bond with our own special yogi is a bit premature. LOL
The bars are rocking this week. Nashville rocked last night!!!! New Orleans rocked this week!!! Very nice to see great numbers.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chantel is scheduled to get induced tomorrow night and we are still talking business. She said it keeps her mind busy.
Jackson has off of school this week because of Mardi Gras. I took him and his friend to gulf shores this week. It’s too cold to stay on the beach so we have been hanging inside at the indoor pool. ( They did go in the ocean for about 2 minutes just to prove they could). My god they are getting on my nerves. They disagree about everything. One eats a lot . The other barely eats. One likes chocolate the other likes strawberry. They can’t even agree on a movie to watch. They are like brothers. Its quite annoying. I had a conference call today and it was virtually impossible to get them to stop speaking so loudly while I was on the call. A few off the radar projects seem to be coming closer into view! Awesome!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

The managers will get bonuses when they are completely current on all their bills and when I see no downward movement in the numbers per location.” Have you read the paper? Do you know how many people have lost their jobs? Do you realize that most of coyote corporate cut their salaries so that we can weather this economic crisis?” Makes me so angry when I hear people bitching. Have some patience. Before we spend more money let’s make sure we are in an upward motion financially. Urgh!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am Mardi Grased out! I helped Travis for a a little while both Friday and Saturday. Nice to see the New Orleans bar busy. Although in general I feel that there are not as many people in town, we are still up a tiny bit from last year. Jackson told me today that he is sick of the parades. I think he is just frustrated that he didn’t catch that many beads yesterday. No you don’t have to flash to get beads. Friday night we went to Beans and Jeans. That was fun. We saw Kid Rock up close. He really does look exactly the same. Last night I left the bar and had to get all dolled up for the Endymion ball. Trey invited me months ago. The first prerequisite was to buy a full length dress. Then two weeks later I was told to make sure it was cheap because it will probably get ruined. Then I was told to bring a cooler because we have to bring our own drinks. Pretty funny . Trey had on a tux I had on a beautiful yet cheap long dress . Because of all the parades we had to walk to the Superdome, where the event was held. What a sight we were in black tie outfits walking miles with these huge flashing Mardi Gras mugs filed with vodka drinks. They had an awesome cover band to start out the night. No joke they rocked. They did everything from pink floyd to 50 cent. Kid Rock was awesome. I would love to see him in a regular concert arena.
Trey is the guy everyone loves. He is the happy guy at parties that everyone is drawn to. At the ball, we were squished in with people trying to watch the parade enter the superdome. I was on my tiptoes trying to see the Marine Corp band when I turn around Trey is standing on these college kids’ cooler. ” Littlin’ these are my new friends they told me to stand on their cooler so I can watch the parade.” So the rest of us stood on our tiptoes trying to see the parade while trey was treated like a king by these kids. I can’t lie their is a part of me that is jealous of that charisma he has. Oh well I will just have to enjoy the perks of his popularity . ” Trey can I stand on the cooler ?” ” Littlin I was a marine so they want me to see the marine corp band. You weren’t a marine littlin” sorry but I will take pictures” ( littlin’ is his nickname for me. I swear he hasn’t used my real name ever)) LOL I am exaggerating just a tad. After a trip to the rest room ( port a potty) I became very lost. It took me over an hour to find our table. This morning we woke up without the cameras and without my shoes! Damn !

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot damn. All the bars did great last night. Finally a good sign! Getting ready for Mardi Gras. I am managing the New Orleans bar Friday noon- 5 pm and Saturday the same. I love when the girls come in from the other bars and work together. Remember if you are in New Orleans during the next week, Friday through Wednesday we stay open 24 hours a day!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Just got back from the NY 16 year anniversary party. ( we haven’t held the anniversary party for NY on it’s actual anniversary date in years) So fun. Theme was Sweet 16. WE had the bouncers bartend part of the night. It was so funny. The girls paid for bodyshots off of them. I have a feeling they have a little more empathy for the girls now. I always get a little emotional when I go to the NY bar because I have so much history there. I love seeing the old regulars come in. We tell war stories of course. One day I need to make copies of some of the pictures on the wall from when we were so young.
There is a guy who opened a bar diagonally across the street that serves very cheap drinks. He said something really nice to me. I had never met him before but he told me that in the few years he has been opened and getting to know the neighborhood the various store owners have told him really nice things about me and how when Iived in NY I was a big part of the neighborhood. That really meant a lot to me. For a small moment I missed the day to day life of managing the NY bar. But now I am back at home with Jackson and I know my path in life has changed for the better.
One of the old regulars found an invitation for the NY 2 year anniversary. wow! Awesome party!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

A lot going on this week with our racing team! Wide open is at Daytona this weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be there but it should be fun. I am trying to change things up for myself and delve into new things. Fast cars and fast bikes. Who doesn’t love that?
Thank you San Antonio for being my shining star!! New York is staying pretty steady too ( No jinx)
Mardi Gras is coming up. I can already feel Travis’s stress! Comne on New Orleans. Show me the money!!!
Chantel is about to pop. Everyday that I see her I say ” this may be the last day I see you before the baby is born. I am ready to meet your child!”
New York anniversary party on Sunday.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Austin staff great as always. I had a meeting the morning of the AUSTIN anniversary party and the people had spent the night before at the Austin bar. I was so pleased at how much they raved about the staff. Not just the girls but the managers, bouncers, barbacks and everyone working that night. I love to hear that.
The night went very smoothly. The bar was packed. I did my little bit to help by selling a few shots . ( I still got it)
Before the party we went out to dinner . Kellor ( Austin GM) was so annoyed with Daniel ( regional manager). Before he was promoted Kellor worked under Daniel in Austin so they have a very close report. ( kellor is 8 months pregnant now). Daniel said ” I think that baby is sucking your brain cells out. ” In one second flat Kellor’s response was ” Funny how I am still smarter then you!” Everyone at the table was like ” Daniel you have to admit she got you that time!” You don’t fuck with someone who is 8 months pregnant!
I am always amused to see how many former employees come into these events. These bars become like family for so many. ( Call it ego but if I was fired from somewhere, I would never set foot in those places) But people do and I am proud how important the bars are to people.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Off to Austin for the 5 year anniversary. ( I think 5 years) Time flies!
When you throw a party that you know will be busy you try to hold it on a slow night. The idea behind that is to increase sales on a mediocre shift. I like the parties to be either Wednesday nights or Sunday days. Two so/so shifts. Personally Sunday day is my favorite time for a party. You get there at 2pm. Usually there is some food. You see all the regulars you haven’t seen for a while and everyone stays for 5 or 6 hours. At night time, people have to work the next day so they will have fun but usually be home at a reasonable time. I was ready for the Austin anniversary to begin at 2 pm tomorrow but Jeff Wiseman told me that it started at 7pm. What a waste of 5 great afternoon hours!
Looking for some new traveling Coyotes. I have been told there are a few girls in Austin I should check out!!!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I read an article in Men’s health magazine about how you can lure a woman to bed by the state of your bathroom. I want to break down their numbered suggestions .
1. Bathroom should be clean ( make sure the shower liner is clean not crusty). That is 100% correct . A woman wants a man not a frat boy.
2. Have a robe hung up in the bathroom. ( Completely false unless you are in your later years) A robe indicates high maintenance man, metro, effeminate. But for an older couple could be cute.
3. 1 simple candle. No !! A candle is only placed out after a few dates. The candle implies that you get lucky all the time. Buy the candle and set it out for her when it’s supposed to be a night just for her. A special date
4. Bath oils. NO way!! High mainetnance Metro etc.

Yes the bathroom is very telling but women think on two levels:
1. Are you a man or a boy? A woman wants a man to lean on not be saddled with like a child.
2 Are you a player or do you really like just her? Hide anything that might imply that you take home a lot of girls. Bring on the candles and bath oils when you can make it seem that you bought those things just for her!
That’s all I have!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thank god for the San Antonio bar. Right now it’s the only bar producing solid non weekend numbers!!!
On superbowl sunday they promoted a special at Denny’s. ” Everyone gets a free Grand Slam Breakfast from the hours or 6am- 2 pm” I forgot about it but just got a text from Trey saying that it’s a 25 minute wait for breakfast at Denny’s. So funny.
My son’s dad has been asked to help chair the ” annual giving fund” for Jackson’s school. He told me the other day that he wanted to throw a fancy party to get new and old parents into the spirit of giving. He then said ” by the way it’s going to be at your house.” That involves a whole lot of cleaning, organizing, and shoving things in closets!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Way to go Tampa coyote!!! I was just speaking with Chantel and we were curious how the Tampa bar did with the superbowl in town. Awesome numbers!!!
A lot of stuff going on this week!

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