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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yesterday I had to attend a class at Jackson’s school ” so you think you are smarter then a 4th grader”. I am glad I went because the french system of long division is written out completely differently then the american way. It was funny to see all the parents looking at each other with that ” holy shit” look on their faces.
I just read this. People are nuts:
CNN) — A Maryland woman involved with a group described as a religious cult pleaded guilty in the starvation death of her son, but insisted that the charges be dropped when he is resurrected.

Under terms of her plea agreement, Ria Ramkissoon’s charges will be dropped if her son rises from the dead.
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The condition was made a part of Ria Ramkissoon’s plea agreement, officials said. She entered the plea Monday in Baltimore, Maryland, to a first-degree felony count of child abuse resulting in death, her attorney, Steven Silverman, said Tuesday.

Ramkissoon, a member of a group called One Mind Ministries, believes Javon Thompson, her year-old son, will rise again, and as part of her plea agreement, authorities agreed to the clause.

“She certainly recognizes that her omissions caused the death of her son,” Silverman said. “To this day, she believes it was God’s will and he will be resurrected and this will all take care of itself. She realizes if she’s wrong, then everyone has to take responsibility … and if she’s wrong, then she’s a failure as a mother and the worst thing imaginable has happened. I don’t think that, mentally, she’s ready to accept that.”

Under the plea agreement, Ramkissoon, 22, must testify against four other One Mind Ministries members who are also facing charges, including first-degree murder, in Javon’s death. At her sentencing, set for August, she will receive a 20-year sentence, which will be suspended except for the time she has already served behind bars, Silverman said. She must also undergo deprogramming and psychiatric counseling.

In court Monday, it was clarified that the “resurrection clause” would apply only in the case of Javon’s actual resurrection — not a perceived reincarnation, Silverman said.

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Busy day at work. Can’t wait to head to Cancun and view the space! Toronto seems to be moving along. This year is definitely on an upswing.
For the cancun bar I want to incorporate more salsa. Jacqui is going to take technical lessons and I want to take some lessons as well. So fun.
Lee’s birthday today. He’s getting up there.
The New orleans bar had no electricity or water this weekend. From what I understand the city blew a transformer in our neighborhood. Travis opened the bar with no AC and no cold drinks. Why does this always happen on a Friday and saturday night? Can’t this happen on the slowest day of the week?
Nashville great Monday!!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Of course I go to denver during the worst snow storm of the season. Last week I had asked the managers how the weather was and received replies of 70 degrees and beautiful. Let’s just say that I was unprepared for 18 inches of snow.
Yesterday jacqui and I went to lunch at the hotel. Our waitress came to us discreetly and said ” I recognized you guys the minute you came in.” Both Jacqui and I were tickled by the waitresses obvious delight. She then said ” I flew down to Dallas to try out for your show. I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.” LOL I always say this ” just when you think your a big shot someone says something to knock you back down to the ground!” Later that evening we walked into the bar for the anniversary party and was greeted by a new bouncer. ” So nice to meet you Liz.” Jacqui turned to me and said “that bouncer just called me Jenn. ” I said “don’t worry Jenn I am now known as Liz “.
We had a ball at the Denver anniversary party. I really laughed all night. The girls looked gorgeous. I can say without hesitation that Denver has the girls with the best bodies in the system. They are crazy good looking. Two girls sang the star spangled banner and it almost made me cry. They sounded so beautiful. I always thought our old bartender from Lauderdale wiggins was the best dancer in Coyote world but Denver has a new girl Angela who is bar none the best dancer we have at all the bars. I was definitely happy with the staff last night. The snow storm had a negative effect on the outcome of the party but they did an incredible job . We really had a great time.
I met with a Korean company today . Very interesting

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot damn a lot going on today. My damn printer won’t work!! Looks like Toronto is getting closer to starting construction. We are very close to signing in Cancun. Hoping Oklahoma opens in the next 3 months.
Bristol was great. Drank beer mixed with Wide Open Energy drink. It was really good. the whole nascar phenomenom is very cult like. theses people live, eat , and breathe nascar. They camp out next to the racetrack. They spend all there money on one weekend at the races. Crazy. The only downside is the traffic. We had to drive 80 miles to our hotel. WE left at 7:15pm. At 9:15pm we had only driven 8 miles. I had severe road rage. It took us 5 hours to go 80 miles! Takes the fun out of the race. Next time I either camp out the night ( ya right) or I leave the track with 100 laps to go.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Antonio and Ft Lauderdale doing great last night! Busy week next week. Saturday is my son’s school fair so I will be working the beverage booth. saturday night I have to fly to Asheville, NC. Sunday morning I have to drive to Bristol, TN for a nascar race. It should be a great day. A lot of meets and greets but also a lot of fun. Monday night I head to nashville for two days. Spending time at the Coyote but mainly focusing on Coyote Ugly Racing. Wednesday I leave nashville and fly to Denver. thursday is the Denver anniversary. ( Awesome!!) Finally home on Friday.
Jacqui ordered me a new cleansing program called Isagenixs. It showed up today in a huge box. It was filled with powders, liquids, wafer snacks and vitamins. I looked inside to find an instruction manual and came out with a 10 page selling pamphlet. These products are set up like a pyramid money scheme. How to sell the product? How to make money selling the product? etc. Finally I found a tiny leaflet that generally describes the diet. I was definitely annoyed. I had to call Jacqui’s friend who sells this to explain what I am supposed to take? How often? What time of day? how many days? Let’s see if this stuff works. If it works maybe I will sell it!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chantel and I were just speaking today about the warnings that the government are giving to americans who are visiting Mexico. According to the news , the drug cartels are taking over the country.Many people are getting kidnapped and killed. Of course we just spoke about this morning and today I received an email from Jeff saying that we are close to signing a lease in Cancun. I have been to Cancun many times, let’s just hope Cancun is in a safer area!
I am shocked at the death of Natasha Richardson. Supposedly she went skiing and had a minor fall. Right after the fall she was joking and walking around. About an hour later she complained of head pain. Now she is dead. Scarey. I am interested to hear about the autopsy. I wonder if there was anything else going on?

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Monday, March 16, 2009

I went to get Jackson at school today. When I arrived I found Jackson with tissue stuffed up both nostils. Of course my first thought was nose bleed. ” Mom during my dicte I realized that I had snot bubbles coming out of my nose. I couldn’t concentrate on my Dicte so I asked the teacher if I could get a tissue. I knew the only way to stop the snot bubbles was to shove tissues up my nose and it worked. Unfortunately this took time away from my test so I didn’t finish. So it isn’t my fault that I did poorly on this test mom. ” (Dicte: In french the teacher dictates a story and the kids must write it out. They get graded for this.)
The bars are doing much better. I had to laugh yesterday when I started getting work emails on a Sunday from Jeff W. I called him on the phone to discus some work issues and just ask why he was working on Sunday? Well of course he had been given a free pass from his wife to have a weekend to do whatever he wanted but he needed to finish some paperwork and hadn’t done anything fun! Oh well it’s for a good cause.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Congrats to Michelle , GM Austin, she had a beautiful baby boy!!! Everyone’s popping them out it seems! Michelle called me this week and told me about a homeopathic procedure to induce labor called “stripping the membrane”. I have never heard of this but it must work because she had that procedure done yesterday and today she has a beautiful child!
Also congrats go to Kevin a BMF from Lauderdale. From what I understand , his wife had their baby at 7 in the morning and he still came to work. ” I need to work to feed the kid!” That’s dedication.
This Oklahoma liquor license is unbelievable. I have to remember dates for things going back 10 years. Man I can barely remember yesterday. I told Jacqui that I felt I was loosing my memory. ” No your not Lil! You just do what I do and don’t remember things you think aren’t important!” With age I truly feel that my brain is completely full and I have no space for anything insignificant! Is that age or just laziness?
Going to Bristol next week to be part of the Nascar event. Should be exciting.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The news is crazy. Democrats say one thing. Republicans say another thing. For the last week we have been hearing about spending earmarks that have been bashed by the republicans now today we hear that 40% of those earmarks are for republican interests. As a citizen all I know is that this economic crisis has not just arrived because of a new president but because of 8 years of poor money management. I truely don’t know what the answer is! All I know is that something needs to drastically change. I have not had to sell my house or go on unemployment, I am grateful for everything I have. But the bars have definitely been affected. I would say that we are now hitting an upswing but the last quarter of last year was down. And we made employee cuts and salary cuts accordingly.
It’s a scarey time .

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The bars rocked last night!!! Every single bar did well. I was worried about a month ago with the low numbers but I feel that everything is coming around! People may be out of jobs but they still drink! Very strange phenomenom.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Finally! I have been viewing emails between Kyle and Lee. After weeks Lee finally described some marketing strategies in clear terms without being mean!!! Hallaluhah! 5 years something finally clicked. Good work Lee I’m proud of you!
I went to pick Jackson up from school the other day. One of the mothers asked me to look at something. In my mind I was thinking, I don’t know anything about electrical or plumbing things! It ends up that the school has an old kegolator. This is a machine that is used to both refrigerate beer and serve it through a tap. Hell yeah I know about kegolators! Let’s preface this by saying that my son’s school changed locations a few months ago so they have acquired through their new lease an old kegolator. That being said my first question was ” why does a school have a kegolator!” But I have purpose now! I texted Travis. He texted back to me about cleaning coils. I realized that he, like me, did not understand that the school truly had a kegolator. I called him back. we need to get this cleaned . It’s old but it works. I laughed because the school actually needed a professional for this job and that professional happened to be me!!! I may not know a lot but I do know about beer. I am on the job!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

I am very sorry. I will retract my last spill, it is The San Luis Band Of Mission Indians. Again my apologies!
I went to PS 30 in Yonkers , NY from K – 5th grade. I obviously did not excel in History!
Denver!! Awesome numbers

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I love technology. Jackson’s teacher has the kids set up on a website that tests math and reading. Tonight he had fun running through the tests on the computer.
Considering some female motorcross people to sponsor.
We have been negotiating with the seminole indians to put a Coyote in one of their sites. Jeff got the contracts back and they were totally unacceptable. Now the contracts came back with much better terms but they have all this legal wording specific to the tribe so Jeff had to hire an Indian lawyer to handle it. Never easy.
I was supposed to head to Oklahoma tomorrow but Kevin told me that it was premature. I decided to change the stain for the bar in oklahoma. I normally choose a cherry, mahogany. This time I am choosing a dark walnut accent color a bright red. Kevin was so overjoyed by my pick you would of thought I cured cancer. I do enjoy picking the colors. I let Kevin do Memphis and he made a two toned bar and colored everything mustard. It was horrifying so I changed some of that before opening. Now I like the way Memphis looks!
Back to work.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

The bars did great! Monday mornings I don’t open the logs expecting to be so happy but I am really pleased. Nice to see the numbers picking back up. Oklahoma has been pushed back again. At the beginning of this project we expect a quick opening but the liquor license application has been brutal. We have quite a few investors whom haven’t handed in the documents we need to proceed. So frustrating. We really may be pushed back another few months!
Let’s see what today unfolds!

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