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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My son just stumped me. If you spell Hawk ( bird) this way, how do you spell the hawk a luggie? I have no idea how to spell hawk a luggie. ( hock?) ( luggie or loogie?)
Yesterday’s meeting in NY went very well. A lot in the works. A good start to the year.
In the whole process of building the Coyote brand we have made a few mistakes. After all these years Jeff still tries to suggest the same mistakes we made years ago. Urgh. Sometimes easy ends up being hard at the end.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Off to NY today for an afternoon meeting. I land at 220pm and have to be at this meeting at 4pm. If you know NY traffic you will know that it’s going to be the rush of my life to get there.
I fell asleep in Jackson’s bed while he read to me a book called ” Pirateology. I kept waking up worried that I would miss my flight or be late for the meeting.
I was planning on heading to the NY bar Tuesday night but I am exhausted. I need a little caffeine to get me on my game.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

New Orleans anniversary party tonight! Travis did a great job. There were two bands and he made the theme a casino night. There was a craps table, a roulette table and a black jack table. It was all free, no real gambling but it was fun. The girls looked great and the bar was packed. Unfortunately there was one downside to the night. Yup the big breakup! Now that a few hours have passed and I am calm, I realize that he was wanting to do this. Before we came to the party he kept telling me how he wished he was a good person. I know that people believe that I am hard and cold but in truth I am a very loving girlfriend, mother , and friend. He made a choice tonight and that choice was to party in a way not appropriate when you have a relationship. If there is fault on my side, I will freely admit to saying mean things and being very angry. But hours have passed. Anger has turned to calm. And desperation has turned to sadness. Another one bites the dust.
I wonder who the next one will be?

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jacqui is working with the New Orleans girls on the dances. She announced today that Travis has been named ” Dance captain” for this bar. How freakin’ funny . The first male GM to be named ” dance captain.” She leaned over to me and said ” pretty sad but Travis is a better dancer then 90% of the girls in all the bars!” Hysterical. The New Orleans bouncers may be performing a routine to ” sex bomb” at the New Orleans anniversary party. That should be funny considering all the bouncers in New orleans are active marines.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot damn yesterday was a great day to be an american. ( not the best day to be a bar owner, except in DC). Jackson and I watched the inauguration all day. I just hope that he remembers how important this election was and the profound impact on our nation that President Obama has made.
Employee meeting at the New Orleans bar today. Quite a few new girls. So many people RSVPing to come to the New Orleans anniversary party. Should be a good time.
A girl who worked for only one month in New Orleans is now doing porn, from what the rumor mill says. This girl had absolutly no personality and was attractive but nothing special. We refer to a girl like her as a filler girl. When you are short handed with staff you would call her in. How the fuck with no personality can she be doing porn? For god sakes if you’re going to sell your soul like that you better be a star. So sad to come to Coyote a place that empowers women and then go do that. But to be fair she wasn’t a real employee and we didn’t know her well.
Somedays you love gossip. An old bouncer has impregnanted a former assistant manager. Another old bouncer has moved to Texas to court a former coyote. And an assistant manager was fired for secretly sleeping with one of the girls.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

I am so excited to watch the inauguration tomorrow. We are truly part of history. This is a great period in my life, my son’s life. I hope that this new presidency can help this country.
Spanking came up at work today. Who knew that in my professional life I would be dealing with topics like spanking?
Last night I went to the New Orleans bar. I saw a group sitting and just watching. I went up to the group and convinced the women to dance on the bar. They had a great time. One of the women came up to me and told me that she can now officially cross one thing off her bucket list. I found out that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is going out and and trying to do all the things she has always wanted to do. I was very moved that part of her bucket list involved coming to Coyote. I always think about the song ” Live like you were dieing.” I am sure the knowledge of your impending death changes your whole perspective. I ( knock on wood) am not dieing anytime soon but I do want to start doing some things that I have dreamed of. I don’t want to wake up and regret not enjoying my life. It might seem silly but high on my list is visiting the Grand canyon. There is something I find so joyful about the wonders of natural beauty in nature.
Jacqui is coming to New Orleans this week. I have a feeling will be drinking a lot of wine.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who is Chip Foose? In the San Antonio manager’s log there is a mention about being starstruck by Chip Foose. With a name like Chip he has to be a sports person.
Bar’s sucked last night. I haven’t received Nashville’s log so I am hoping that at least one bar had a spectacular night. Trey invited me to the Endymion Ball hosted by Kid Rock. I had to buy a gown. I have only worn 1 gown in my life and that was my wedding. So I went to Saks. I saw a dress I liked, not loved, for $1200. I then went to BCBG saw a dress for $117. That made the decision quite easy.
Anyone want a beagle. My freaking dog keeps on escaping. I will have to get on my hands and knees and beg my mom to take her. She ended up at a strange vet’s office the other day. I just don’t want her to be hit by a car. Urgh
The new tattoo was excruciatingly painful to get and it’s not finished. I only had a 3 hour pain threshold that day. The tattoo is on my lower calf going down to the top of my foot. It’s of the buddhist goddess Tara. I wanted a symbol of protection and prosperity. Her likeness in different colors means different things. I had ideas of the various colors. Now I realize that I need to make those colors match my nail polish preferences. Deep heartfelt meaning or kick ass way to excentuate your toes? LOL

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally a heart warming news story. I keep thinking about being a person in NYC looking out my window and watching a US Airways plane landing on the Hudson River. Truly unbelievable story. Kudos to the Pilot and copilot. All of the training in the world still doesn’t make a landing so perfect. I fly at least twice a month. Which means 4 flights if it is a direct flight, roundtrip. But most likely there are connecting flights, so that would be 8 flights. How well have I really memorized the emergency procedures? How well has my son listened to the emergency procedures? What if I get hurt , can he mange to lead himself to safety? What is the perfect outfit ? Pants? Boots? If it is a water landing would the heavy clothes weigh you down in the water? If the waters are freezing is it more important to be layered to protect from the freezing elements or more free to swim in the water? Are there clothes that are more buoyant?
A lot to think about!

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Jackson is growing up so fast. I need to get a portrait of us done. I am so scared of losing this moment in time with him. That closeness seems to change. I am happy for him growing up but I am sad to lose that pure love from him to me.
A lot going on. Oklahoma was pushed back. You would think after so many bars it would become easier but no it does not. My mind is racing today!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We fucked up on the city for Erika in the calendar. “Erika I know you are from Denver, I just didn’t recheck the work. Sorry” Calendars came out very well. They should be at all the bars available for sale!!!
In Lauderdale we have an acting assistant manager named Voodoo. Voodoo is a believer in the religion, Santeria. ” For god sakes can’t you do some voodoo dolls for our enemies?” I have no idea about Santeria other then what I have seen in the movies.
New haircut. New tattoo. Only one person has noticed and she is a former employee of my son’s school whom I only met two times!!
I am volunteering a few hours a day for manager duty at the New Orleans bar during mardi gras. Chantel is trying to steer me clear of that duty but too fucking bad I’m doing it. I am sure they hate when the big boss is hovering over their shoulder but too freaking bad!!!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

80 degrees and beautiful in Ft. Lauderdale. So many new faces with the Lauderdale staff. The whole staff has been battling a flu bug, so the girls were definitely tired. I am going to head down again. I want them to get a more hands on approach in Coyote 101. The anniversary party was fun. I swear it was like a dance off between the customers. The staff gave me a huge Pimp goblet. So funny bringing that through security. I have a good feeling about Lauderdale. I think there will be a new beginning there.
Most of america has felt an economic crunch. Driving through the beach area of Ft. Lauderdale and seeing all the yachts made you wonder where the money is coming from. There is some crazy money there!
Fun night.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The plot thickens. So Kid A told kid B that if he stole Jackson’s Bakugon he would give him $50 class dollars ( the kids earn class dollars in school redeemable for pizza and other things). So Kid B admitted taking them but only had 4 out of 17 because they had already been given to Kid A. When kid A was confronted he only had 1 left because he had already traded them all. Freaking hoodlums!!
Jackson has a test next week on the capitals of 11 states. Well I asked him what the capital of New York was and I embarrassed to say his response. Well I then quized myself on the capitals, I only got 2 right out of the 11. I remember having to study for this. Obviously , it went into the useless information vault of my brain.
Busy day at work today!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale has done so much better in the last few weeks!! I am very pleased. this weekend is the ft. lauderdale anniversary. Either 3 or 4 years. There is a new GM Lyzette! I am excited to go there.
A call out to Daniel. Daniel is one of the regional managers. He was probably away last year more then he was home. ” Daniel , you are doing a good job.”
We have quite a few new bars in the pipeline! Oklahoma, Toronto, Indianapolis, Milwaukee ( no freaking clue how to spell), Cancun, and a possible Harrah’s deal in San Diego!
Kyle and I are going to do a little research into women’s motorcross. Who knows you may see a Coyote Ugly women’s motorcross team.
We have decided to sponsor Kristin Bumbera in the Nascar Drive to Diversity Driver’s search. Lee created a new trading card for her. I will have him post it.
Very exciting stuff!
Yesterday I picked Jackson up from school. When I arrived Jackson told me that someone had stolen his Bakugon ( magnetic weird balls that seem to be the craze) out of his bag. One of his friends claimed to have seen a younger kid riffling through Jackson’s knapsack while jackson was in class. I decided to leave a note for the principle about this, with the disclaimer that it was all hearsay but I would like her to look into it. I just received a call from his principle who had done a little investigation of her own. It seems that jackson’s friend fabricated the story and stole the backugon himself from Jackson’s bag. ” What tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!”

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

OK I am back at work.
The tentative date for the Oklahoma City Girl search is February 28th and march 1st. The opening date , fingers crossed, will be march 11th. ( Jacqui’s and my sister’s birthday).
I was very pleased with New year’s eve at the bars. Thank god we had one good night because the two weeks prior to that were god awful at most of the bars.
Very scary world events going on.
I feel so bad for John Travolta and kelly Preston. The idea of losing a child is so incredibly horrible. The holidays will never be the same for them.
Looks like Toronto is back in the picture

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