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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last night Chantel and I went out to dinner and wound up at the New orleans bar drinkinging with the New Orleans and Nashville girls. a lot of fun. This morning I had to do some voiceover work for the show. Wow I sucked. ” Lil can you give us more energy.” ” Not when I can feel my head throbbing harder everytime I speak into the microphone!”
the price of having fun.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It seems that Jeff W is a bit annoyed with me. You can’t expect to try and throw people under the bus and not get called on it! We both have different view points on who screwed up what this week! On a good note, I slept a full 7 hours last night. It’s amazing how much calmer and happier I am when I sleep well.
Haven’t looked at the numbers last night, I don’t know if that’s for the best or not.
Excited about next week’s anniversary party in Austin. Perhaps Jeff and I will be speaking by then considering we have several meetings.
I can’t wait until one day I am out of operations completely!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As reported earlier, one of the GM’s has really fucked up and today I have sent more emails that use the word “Fuck” then any other word. IE Fuck, Fucking idiot, MotherFucker, I don’t give a Fuck.
Some of the corporate members have been cc’d on a few of these emails and I wanted to share a response that Chris B sent to me that had me hysterically laughing:
So here is my uplift crap for the shoddy day…..i just happened to have
Wayne Dyer’s book on my desk and I opened to these two pages…
“No one can create anger or stress within you, Only you can do that by
virtue of how you process your world…Learn to find the blessing in
pain…observe the pain rather than owning it.” _observation: he is a pain
in the ass and I am blessed to know that already! i will not let the
fucking asshole cause me stress….i can hold his paychecks!

Always trying to create a serene environment!!!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh my god I missed all of the real anniversaries. The New Orleans,New York , and austin anniversaries. I used to always go out on the 27th to celebrate the Ny one even when we did not have the anniversary on that date. By the way the NY anniversary will be in early march. We are trying to create a day where we can have the staff perform ” INTO THE WOODS” directed by Jacqui at the theatre next door and then follow that up with the party at the bar. It will be so awesome. New Orleans is scheduled for the Feb. 24 and Austin is on Feb 7th.
Ok now I feel guilty

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My god this year has started off really poorly. No more stress please!
I am so pissed off at one of the GMs I could spit, as the expression goes. Well I made a decision today which I know will make the bars run smoother and my life more manageable. I won’t let these managers beat me down.
On a good note, I received my Hula chair. Jeff Myers is coming over in the next hour to assemble it. The Skymall magazine sucked me in again. In one month I should have an incredible body! It was a hard choice between the Lovehandler and the Hula chair but the Hula chair seemed to have more reviews on the internet.
Only positive no negative.
To the Memphis staff ” I hope my brother in law behaved last night. Thanks Crystal”

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thank you to Charlotte, Nashville, and Denver for keeping my hopes and dreams alive. Austin and ft. Lauderdale dismal check averages. San Antonio and Memphis mediocre numbers. I received a scathing letter about the NY bar and I have yet to hear about New Orleans. Urgh!
Last night one of the New orleans bouncers called and asked if I could babysit his infant son. I haven’t been around an infant for 7 years . Well I said yes because I remember how hard it is to have some alone time with your significant other when you have a baby.
I can’t lie I was a little afraid. I said to Jackson ” ok you have to help mommy keep this little one entertained.” Jackson was great. He kept the baby smiling. The only time Jackson got a little upset is when we put the baby to sleep in between us in my bed. Then Jackson said to me ” who’s going to cuddle with me?” Jackson doesn’t even like the dogs sleeping next to me. He’ll tell them ” Noone gets inbetween my mommy and me” Regardless , the baby left here in one piece and happy. Thank god. ” Don’t worry jackson I have no intentions of having another baby.!”
Big day of Mardi Gras parades today. I am taking Jackson to a parade called “Barkus” A million dogs dressed up in outfits. a lot of fun.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Liked your Spill and what you said about presents. I guess you noticed
I did a little something different this year – I made a donation in
your name to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. They were supposed
to send you an acknowledgement card telling you. I have raised money
for St. Jude all of my life – since I was six anyway. One of my
dearest friends was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1962 and St. Jude had
just opened then to treat children with cancer. He outlived their
predictions by 10 years. It’s close to my heart. We did a fundraiser
here for a little boy named Dakota who has a type of Lymphoma. He
loves Bree and the movie and the CMT show. He is nine and precious.
His family is from Alabama and very, very poor. They bring him here
for treatments and he always wants to come to the bar and spend time
with me and the girls. We raised 2000.00 for him for his Christmas
this year with people paying a 1.00 and guessing how many bras were
behind the bar. We partnered with the country radio station, Budweiser
and Cowboy Corner and it was a great success. They were so grateful to
ALL of us. We all loved it! It’s a nice feeling to give back to
somebody in need ya know?
Anyway – when Christmas rolled around, I thought it would be something
meaningful to give you. I hope you understand and feel the same way.

Attached is a picture of Dakota!


“Coyote Ugly Saloon” the most famous bar on the planet!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I want to say thank you to San Antonio for sending jackson and myself Christmas presents. Jackson loved his presents . and my personal favorite thing is the perfume cause I have been having a hard time finding Burberry Weekend and it’s my favorite.
Now Please take this nicely, but this is to all the bars ” please stop with the extravagant presnts.” It’s too much. My favorite things are memories. Send me a collage or take a random picture of me with the staff and send it to me. Those things mean so much to me and don’t cost so much. Thanks

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So stressed out over money today. Between the personal finances and some of the bars finances I am about to go ballistic. I just got a very defensive note from Daniel because I had sent a company memo out about cutting costs. ” For god sakes don’t you know after so many years of working for me that I need to vent and then I calm down?” Noone did anything wrong but all the traveling and expenditures start to add up. Hopefully I will feel at ease in the next month. I swear to god I would make more money as a consultant then as the owner of this company. They structure taxes so that owning something is so costly.
I am getting all worked up. I need to calm down.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I was just informed by Jackson’s friend , whom is a tad overweight, that he is not allowed to eat shrimp because it is high in cholesterol. It’s funny but when I said that we were having smores after dinner, he was not concerned about the cholesterol content! It’s nice being home.

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I feel so much better now that I am home!!
The last week was rough but the wrap party was awesome! We had so much fun. I get really emotional at the finals because I feel bad about picking the winner so it was nice to have such a fun party afterwards with the crew. When I get some pictures from scott the line producer I will post them. I think this season is going to be the best yet. I was definitely more calm this year which translated to a much happier experience. I want to give a special shout out to the Denver staff for being so wonderful during the filming, I know it can be a pain in the ass.
The final week one of the girls won a makeover that included eyelash extensions. I said to the producer ” what am I chopped liver? You can’t get me eyelash extensions?” Ask and you shall receive. Christy Malles came to my hotel and did a beautiful job on my eyelashes. Thank you!!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am done! I feel bad because I know today I have been real moody on the set. But I AM DONE! Today one of the crew snapped at the girls after the girls asked me a question. (Crew member ( Rebecca)) I just about flipped out. I ask very little. Once in a while I ask for a coffee but that is it. I try to say hello to everyone because in my mind who the fuck am I? I’ m no better then anyone else. But today I was at the end of my rope and I knew that I was snapping at the crew. Just stay out of my way . We have one more day. This happens every year. I know myself . When it comes to the finals, eliminating people and picking the winner I get very introspective and I just want everyone to back off. So if the crew reads this spill, back the fuck off!!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am at the end of my rope on this trip. I was with the veteran girls last night. We were deciding on clothes for the finale and we all started bitching about the same things. We are tired. We are sore. We don’t sleep well when we are in hotels . And the biggest complaint is; we don’t go to the bathroom enough when we are away. That is the worst cause you just feel bloated and gross. I have officially become my grandmother, may she rest in peace.
OK another day!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

This year the producers of the show asked me to be more upscale on camera with regards to my outfits. I have spent so much money buying clothes it is scarey. Today I have been really stressed over it. But damn I bought some really nice stuff. I love that this year I get to wear more dresses and higher end clothes. When I get back home I need to give some money to a few charities. I can’t buy so much for myself and not give to others who are in greater need.
Chris W is killing me. He has been very sick the last few days. Someone actually told him that he had been on creatine too long and that it was unhealthy so this week he stopped taking the creatine. Perhaps he is going through a hard detox or maybe he has a bad stomach virus, noone knows! But man if he whines anymore I may have to suspend him until he’s better. Last night he came to work as the Manager on Duty. ” Chris go home, you’re too sick to be here.” ” No I need to stay even though I have been throwing up for 2 days.” URGH. ” Chris has it occured to you that if this is a stomach virus you will get the staff sick?” What I really wanted to say was ” if you fucking get me sick I will kill you!” What is the genetic formula in men that makes them so miserable to be around when they are sick?
Denver girls were medicocre last night. I was a bit dissappointed. I think they are burnt out from being at the bar so much during the filming of the show.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Denver girls are so cute. Missy, one of the Denver Coyotes, works at a plastic surgeons office. All the girls keep on asking me to go with them and get Laser liposuction. I never knew that a bonding moment could revolve around liposuction. I don’t think I have the guts to do it.
Big night tonight on the show. I get to cut one of the TV contestants at the bar.
I spoke with Jackson earlier. I miss him so much.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Always something. The production company sent the PAs out to distribute some flyers so the bar would be really busy for tonights TV challenge. ” Would it be possible for you to tell your PAs not to go down to the local methadone clinic and give out flyers?!!!!” I walked in and looked at Chris W and said ” what the fuck?” Chris ( gm) was already pissed off at the production company.
On the bright side, I got quite a few date offers. ” Where will you be taking me, to the half way house for dinner?”

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sometimes you feel good about yourself, well today is the day. I am wearing, for tonights tv filming, a skin tight dress. I love it!!! Hello Denver

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Congrats new orleans. Highest numbers of all the bars yesterday!
I haven’t had a freaking starch since Christmas day. After I finish taping this show, I am going directly out for Sushi!
I hate leaving Jackson so long. It breaks my heart! He stills likes to sit in my lap and cuddle. I love that. He is doing great at school. He now plays soccer and is doing well with that. I love that kid so much! Jackson’s dad said something so funny to me yesterday ” I want us to really push soccer for him because he looks so handsome running down the field with his hair waving.” I laughed so hard. I said ” he’s 8″ I know what was going through his dad’s head ” imagine when he is 18 and looking good playing soccer, he’ll be getting all the hot girls” LOL

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The anniversary party in Lauderdale was a lot of fun. Wow the girls looked beautiful! Freaking michael made the theme a beach party. He had all this sand shipped into the bar. I spent most of the night trying not to fall with my 5 inch heels. When I got outside I actually had to dump sand out of them. Prada makes a damn good shoe!
My professional life has been filled with wearing jeans so the new rule of anniversary parties is that they have to be a party that incorporates dressing up.I want to wear dresses!
It was funny because it rained for about 10 minutes during the late afternoon. I texted Michael saying that we could do mud wrestling if the rain kept falling.
The staff made all of us specially engraved rings. So thoughtful. Really nice. Also I want to say how proud I am of the security in Lauderdale. They have really turned themselves around. So nice to see the Miami staff fitting in so well.
I only have a few days to get my shit together and continue filming the 3rd season of the show. I went on line bought myself some very sexy clothes and I am ready to go.
A few months ago a few New orleans girls did something that really upset me. I have stayed my distance so that I would calm down. It’s a new year. I am going to start going in the bar more and embracing the spirit of the family there.

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