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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I was given a book by CMT that supposedly lists songs with special clearances for our show. I went through the book and picked 6 songs. Well I was told last week that some of those songs couldn’t get cleared. I then sent my own list of old songs that I thought would be easy to clear but was responded to in a harsh manner. Now I am getting a new person telling me to look through the same book I looked through before. Well at first I was a bit angry now I am laughing. ” Just look through the book!” ” well buddy have you ever looked through the book?” I only recognize about 10% of the songs from this book which means I have to go online and listen to the 90% of the songs I don’t recognize.
Good Grief

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy crap. The only bar that did semi well last night was San Antonio.
I start filming the TV show in two weeks. A week ago I told myself ,” Lil get your shit together and cut out starches.” This week I said to myself ” Find a pair of spanx that are full body and don’t worry about it”
Between Thanksgiving and christmas it is an eating frenzy. I love holiday eating.
Jeff Myers is really getting under my skin. I will admit that for the last month I have been very grumpy. But every since Chris B read the secret Jeff M seems to be jumping on the band wagon . ” Lil you need to be happy like me and Chris and read the ” Secret” ” Jeff, I read the secret” ” Yeah But Chris and I are living it!” ” Yeah right jeff, that’s why you have been miserable the last few months.”
I will admit that I let negative wear me down. I have already decided to try and change that about myself. But don’t talk to me like your attitude and life is great, bullshit !
I wish I was a man going through a midlife crisis. All I would have to do was screw a few young women and buy myself a car.
I have been at the doctors a bunch in the last week. I am wondering if my declining health ( I’ll be fine) is subconciously effecting my mood? It’s the only thing I can think of for why I can’t get myself back up and on top of my game.
I just found an ” energy body worker on line” . We all know I love to give these quacks a try so that is what I will do. Peace and love to everyone.
Today Lee and Jeff were supposed to meet with the Chief of the Seminoles for opportunities at some of their locations. I was watching CNN yesterday and I called Lee ” hey the chief is being accused of skimming money. I’m watching it on tv.” Within 1 hour Lee emails me ” The chief canceled because of all this press”. I wish the chief all the best . I hope he is not guilty, but I had to laugh at the whole thing.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow the bars did pitifully this weekend. I have a lot going on this week and man I am in a surely mood. I started thinking that maybe my energy is effecting the bars so since I’m down the bars are down.
I wish I could write about a funny story but there are none right now that come to mind.
Jackson is a love so that’s great.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are getting panned in the Toronto papers. They are calling us ” an almost strip club”. I personally take offense to that. Is a girl wearing jeans and a cut off shirt ” Half Naked” as they imply? I don’t think so. I am just disgusted. My bar is women bartenders who dance sing and sell. How is that a strip club? There are clubs in that area that are unbelievably risque and I am the one getting shit. I am so sick of defending my brand. Go into any of my bars that I own and tell me what you truely think. Such a crock of shit.
I need some spiritual healing. I want to move in a different direction for a little while so I can get my energy back.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am going to take a few days off to recharge.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today is a day I knew would come eventually but I was always hoping that my hard work would push it away. I am sitting in the Miami bar and I just told the staff that today is the Miami’s bar’s last day of existence. I feel horrible but it just is not working and it was becoming too hard to turn around. I cried in front of the staff cause I feel so bad but I had to make a decision and the decision was to close down. All the girls were crying too. All the coyote bars up to this date that had closed down were run by franchisees. I took pride in the fact that my bars thrived.ButnowI can only blame myself that I went into a bad deal and as hard as we tried to move forward we always were pushed backwards.
I am so sorry Miami staff so sorry! I love you guys.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Spent Wednesday night at the Denver bar. In the years that bar has been opened the security staff never seemed too happy. It was so nice to see them dancing and having fun. I forgot what a great singer Brazell is. The girls started the night off a bit low energy but they picked it up. Eddie George the former running back for the Tennessee Titans came in, what a nice guy. I thought Chris W ( GM) was going to have a coronary. He is from Nashville and Eddie George was his idol. I had to pull Chris over ” Chris this guy is going to leave if you don’t stop gushing over him.” I went back to my hotel happy and excited. I spent a lot of time speaking with the security staff that night and it was a very positive evening. The next day I get a text from Chris W asking if I had reprimanded a specific girl? I said my only interaction with that girl was :” hi can I have a club soda”. Well she said something else. OK don’t bring me into the delusional drama of this girl. There is a lot of medication for people like that.
I heard that the Memphis girls feel I lied to them because I relocated Nick from Memphis to Denver. ” I gave Nick the option of staying in memphis or moving to Denver. HE chose Denver because it is a better career move for him” Instead of feeling bad, feel glad for him. I sent Chantel to Memphis. I spoke with Judith. We are trying to come up with a solution that really works for Memphis.
On the other hand, and I have said this before, When did employees get so whiney? I simply don’t get it. People work because they have to pay for their lives. You work your jobs and you go home. You don’t constantly whine. When I was young I worked . I didn’t always like the owners or the managers but I did my job and I paid my bills. And truly liking the owners was not an issue making money was the issue. It’s a different world today. I call these girls ” girls” but they are mid 20s women. In the world today some of them still live financially off their parents and don’t have that pressure of paying bills. I did not have one friend in my 20s that lived at home. Everyone had an apartment and tons of bills so you worked and in fact most of the time you had 2 jobs. Whatever. Just don’t bring me into these little dramas.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am in Denver doing some pre work for the show. Ah you know they love you when they put you up in a hotel equivalent to The Best Western. The Hotel I am at actually has cartoon characters as themes to their floors. The theme on my floor is ” Madge Simpson”. This place is so cheap that instead of Chocalates on your pillow they leave a plastiv bag of Jelly Beans. Classic. Thanks Scott the new line producer! ” What you couldn’t find a Motel 6 or I guess I’m not worth it.
I remember 6 years ago when I first started the big expansion I always wanted to save the company money. Now I travel so mush that I need 2 things 1. a direct flight. I don’t usually go first class unless I can upgrade but man I need the flight to be as short as possible. ( By the way, Scott look at a map. Thanks for routing me yesterday from New Orleans through Minneapolis then to Denver. Perhaps Geography wasn’t his best subject seems funny to send me 1000 miles out of the way.)
I’m having a lot of fun today with Chris W and Nick. They are characters. Knock on wood!! Cross my fingers I finally feel secure about Denver!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Jackson and I went to the Laspca and found Cheeto a new sister. I fell in love with all of them. So we brought Cheeto there and had him decide. Bonnie won. She is so adorable. She is a beagle mix. She is 3 years old ( supposedly) She tested Heartworm positive but we’ll fix that. So cute. They ran around the house all day. When I say “they” I mean Cheeto, Jackson, and Bonnie. Before we picked her up from the pound we went to petco and bought bags and bags of pig ears and regular dog treats to donate. This particular dog shelter was one of the nicest I have seen. They really love the animals . They do a very good job of publicizing the pictures of the dogs and cats and finding them homes. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals. So many animals need good homes. If anyone reads this and lives in Louisiana, there was a 3 year old german shepherd named Tiger. He was such a nice dog. His big downfall was he did not mix well with other dogs. He would be an awesome pet for someone who just wants one dog. So beautiful and kind.
OK back to work!

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I just received this email
“I just had to let whomever runs this site know that I absolutely love
watching the Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search. Thanks to my addiction to
it (haha) my daughter was born Sept. 16, 2007, named Liliana Grace.
I just love Lil’s name. It is beautiful and I hope my daughter has as
much attitude as Lil’ and myself!”
That’s very nice. I will try and be a better person today and everyday for baby Liliana Grace. What an honor!

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I hate everyone today except for Jackson! I am going on webkinz and playing tournament Goobers Lab so I can win a trophy and kick the 6 year old butts. I swear I may have a true coronary today

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What a fucking disaster. I have spent the morning cursing Lee out. ” Why the fuck did we have the calendar shot early and the layout done early to not have the calendars in the stores till November” They were supposed to be in the bars in late September. So fucking sick of everyone today I could spit. Lee then tells me it is up on the website. ” Why isn’t there a pop up saying that the calendar is being sold on the website?” Just like Travis last week obviously Lee and Amelie think our psychic clientele can just feel that we are selling our 2008 calendar. Another day when I would have to say to people ” don’t call me unless there is an emergency cause I am pissed off”
Please universe I am trying to be positive and happy. I am grateful for all the positive things in my life. If the universe is listening make all my bars successful and make the girls who can sing dance as well for the show!! ( who the fuck knew it would be so hard to get girls who can sing and dance?)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My god it’s been a stressful day. I would say that today is not a good day to call me cause I am neck deep in crap. Some big decisions were made today that will end up being painful to others. But sometimes I have to make hard calls.
The second thing on my agenda this week is that I am trying to pick the 5 coyotes that will act as mentors for the show. This process is always stressful. I have 10 strong girls and I have to cut down to 5. I have 3 girls who are definites but the last 2 are the tough picks. If I haven’t decided by Friday then I swear I will just pick out of a hat.
I must be in a bad mood because my smut magazines didn’t even cheer me up. I dont even recognize half the people in the newer issues. Today at Jackson’s school one of the parents told me that she is paying $200 per ticket to go see Miley Cirus ( Hannah Montana) Are you fucking kidding me? I saw on CNN that her tickets were going for $2000 a person from scalpers. OK for $2000 I expect to see Led Zepplin followed by a Lalapalloza line up and ending with Sting wining and Dining me in a private room.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nashville high gross last night! Miami another good night. No jinx!
I am actually excited about the new season now. We have decided to make this a year where we find regular people and through hard work we turn them into empowered women and star coyotes.
There are open auditions. Look on the site to find out where and when.
It’s a great feeling inside to know you were able to help someone come out of their shells and be more confident as a person and a woman.
Don’t worry it is still in Coyote Ugly style so Jacqui will still work them to near death! That’s always a crowd pleaser.

I have been religiously taking all my vitamins and supplements from the naturapath. I can’t lie I feel like crap. She told me that I would because part of the job of the supplements was to create a detoxification process concentrating on eliminating the heavy metals in my body. I seem to constantly have a dull headache. But I also have that feeling of taking a vitamin without eating even though I did eat. Yuck.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Lil’s thought for the day:
” If you are going to fraternize with the staff and risk losing your job, do it with someone who’s at least good looking!”

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I also forgot to mention that in New orleans some houses have portable bars outside so on one side the kids are given candy and on the other side the parents are made drinks. The kids scream ” trick or treat” the parents scream ” trick or drink” . Man this is a crazy city.

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A very successful halloween for Jackson. What a life this kid leads! About a month ago I asked Jackson what he wanted to be for halloween and he said a dragon ghost. After venturing into 3 costume stores I realized that dragon ghosts are not a commonly made costume for halloween. So Jackson and I went to Jacob and asked him to make this costume. Wow he did an incredible job. I can honestly say that Jackson had the coolest halloween costume. Even when we went trick or treating all the parents were saying it was the best costume. So cool. Jacob also spent the last 3 weeks decorating the front of our house. We had fog machines, dry ice, a graveyard, a man getting electrocuted and also a special halloween doorbell. Pretty cool. In Jackson’s mind we had the best decorated house last night but there was one house I saw on State St. that was a bit better. But in our defense, these people hire a company to decorate their house. If Jacob had a bigger budget and some other guys helping I would have no doubt that he could do a better job then that company.
Miami and Ft. lauderdale Awesome night!!!!!

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