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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I woke up thinking about a story my brother in law told me. My brother in law own a company called Stay On Line. The company has changed over the years and now he says he has accepted that he is known as ” the powercord guy” because the bulk of his business is selling powercords to big companies as well as individuals. We were swapping war stories and he told me about this woman calling him on the phone. He asked her what her order was and her response was ” I need a new powercord” Ok he asked what kind? ” I don’t know the kind that fits the George forman Grill” He of course was respectful and told her to contact the George Forman Grill company. This woman kept on being persistent. Calling three to four times a day. Finally he had to find out what kind of cord the George Forman Grill used and set up the order.
I thought that was humorous.
It has snowed over a foot since we have been here. I am excited to ski today.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy crap its cold. Jackson, my sister’s family and myself are at Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Last night was -19 degrees. I felt bad leaving Jackson at ski school today when it was 0 degrees out but I dressed him up with a million layers. He kept on saying ” Mom stop!”
Usually we go to Deer Valley Utah, this year we decided to switch it up and came here. It is very beautiful but the ski resort is so disorganized. Yesterday 6 of us rented skis and 3 of us had to return the skis because of improper bindings and they forgot to wax the skis. I was trying to be very peaceful, finally I said I had had enough and that they better fix everything. This morning the ski school was so disorganized I was a bit scared to leave Jackson and my nephew philip there. But I got them in the same class so I feel better about them being together.
Today will be a leisurely day. At 0 degrees I don’t plan on skiing all day.
Yesterday I went skiing with Jackson. He likes to go down the blue trails ( intermediate). His whole goal when he goes down the mountain is speed and spotting jumps he can go off of. Unfortunately for me I have to keep up with him in case something happens. I am in a constant state of terror. Everytime we would get to the top of another steep slope jackson would turn and say to me ” Mom Good Luck” and then he would bolt down the hill. Even his older cousin said to me ” Aunt Liliana I can’t keep up with Jackson ” Well Either can I but I have to. I do love seeing how much fun he has.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am just plain stupid. Why do I wait till the last minute to buy Christmas presents. The real stressor is that my mom’s birthday is Christmas Eve and it is a sin against her and god if we don’t make that day special. ( You know how most families celebrate Christmas eve? It was not Christmas eve at my house it was my moms birthday.) In fact she would always give specific instructions that we were not allowed to combine a Christmas and birthday gift. They had to be two separate gifts . Thank god I am not the good daughter cause she doesn’t expect much from me. The pressure.
All the bars sucked last night so at least no one particular bar stood out!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I don’t know how this freaking dog keeps getting out? I chicken wired around the fence. When we see a hole we block it. Finally today I had the ” invisible fence” put in. It cost $1500. For that money they install the fence and they come for 3 training sessions with the dogs. Well they came today. Bonnie got shocked every time she got close to the fence. (I am not going to lie but I didn’t feel at all bad. ) So today finally I felt confident to leave the house and have Cheeto and Bonnie stay in the yard. An hour later I get a call from the neighbors” we have bonnie”. She went through the fucking electric fence! I am so sick of this. Every day if I don’t watch her every second she gets out. Then if I leave her in the house she pees everywhere and chews all my extention cords. URGH!!! The other night I went out with Judy and Jeff M. When I got back she was gone and there was a message from another neighbor saying that they would just let her sleep over and bring her over in the morning. Dumb as dirt in every way, in fact she doesn’t even know her name yet she is a genius at escaping! I love her but man she is a handfull. Now of course I keep hearing ” oh beagles are such trouble.” I never heard that before. I feel bad because cheeto’s life is being effected.
OK enough ranting and raving.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

I am much calmer then I have been in a while. I feel more positive today which is good for me and everyone else. Daniel sent me a realy nice Christmas card. It almost made me cry but then I thought ” what if someone slipped a mickey into his drink right before he wrote it?”
I want to congradualate ( that can’t be right sp) Kellor from Austin. She has done such a good job as GM and she is heading to break our goal revenue for 2007. So proud!
I don’t know if I wrote about the bouncers in Denver but they are really great. They are doing such a good job out there. ” Well done guys!”
I love Christmas

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh my lord! I have been writing letters to Sherri the GM of Charlotte , or so I thought. By accident , I emailed the letters intended for Sherri to a woman who reads my Lil Spill. I am half embarrassed and half hysterically laughing.

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There is no excuse for a bounced check! If you can balance your own check book you can balance the bar checkbook. In 15 years at the NY bar I have bounced 2 checks. The first check was when the bar was 8 years old and a check I had written over a year earlier got deposited and the second was ADT making a mistake on payroll. I understand when things are slow. All the bars have their upseasons and their down seasons so you adjust accordingly. What I don’t understand is bouncing a check. You should know what is going through the checking account at all times. You should be aware of being short on cash at least a week earlier . A company would rather you call and say that the payment will be a few days late then deposit a check and have it bounce. I am pissed off right now. Looks like today is not a day off either. Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I was able to come home yesterday from filming in Denver. I am bone tired. Right now jackson and I are watching ” Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey” My son thinks I am insane I have been crying the whole movie. Poor Nestor.
What a day today was. Shit hit the fan from so many directions. Today was supposed to be my day off but my phone still rang off the hook with no repreave. I cheated a bit for Jackson’s school Christmas picnic. I was supposed to make some snacks but I saw all the beautifully decorated sugar cookies at the super market and I took the easy route and bought a bunch of them.
I am going to try again tomorrow for a day off. To all my employees just know that if you give me a whole day off I will probably be much more easy to work with. ONE DAY that’s all I ask.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great party in Nashville. The nashville and memphis girls almost killed me. We had a lot of fun. Unbelievably cool present from the staff. They gave me a custom painted helmet. Really gorgeous. It has a picture of me and jackson on it. Also my full first name, which I love. But the coolest part of this gift was that they also enrolled me in ” The Richard Petty” race car driving school. How freaking cool is that. I am so excited.
I needed a great night at one of the bars. I was getting so down and now seeing how hard Denver is trying and going for a night and seeing how great the nashville staff is, makes it all worth it. Very proud. Congrats to the whole nashville staff! Happy Anniversary!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am like a princess this year on the show. The producer actually bought me new clothes! Noone ever buys me anything. It is so weird for me to get gifts. I’m always the one who pays for everything. Today I feel special. I am getting damn good at putting makeup on. Some might not think of this as a major accomplishment but I do. As tired as I am I am feeling pretty happy tonight.
Tomorrow my call time at the set is 7am. I have to work straight through till noon then I have to get to the airport and fly to Nashville. Big anniversary party! I am bone tired but damn someone bought me presents, that makes me so happy. Thanks Julie.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Freaking exhausted. I miss jackson terribly. I have spoken with him on the phone everyday but he is still very young for real phone conversations. It breaks my heart knowing that he would rather watch a movie then talk to his mom. Oh well.
I always forget how hard filming can be. I’m exhausted and its only the beginning. Usually in the first week someone in the crew gets fired by the owner of the production company. So I will sit waiting and watching. I have my money on this one guy who doesn’t seem to have any real purpose in the crew. To be perfectly frank there are so many people that seem like they’re sitting around doing nothing.
OK back to work. Makeup guy is here. ” please make some miracles happen!”

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Monday, December 10, 2007

I’m in Denver. We started filming the 3rd season of my reality show. Wow I’m tired. Last night we filmed inside the Denver bar. I want to give a huge amount of praise to the Denver staff. They brought their A game last night. They rocked. You have no idea how much anxiety I feel when the cameras are on or even if I have a meeting that is held at one of the bars. That secret worry that the girls will be off or something will go wrong. But last night , wow I was very impressed. Thanks denver for making me proud.
I can’t wait for the viewers to watch this new season because the veteran girls were amazing. Also on a personal note, they acted so humbly and so kind to each other, real professionals. Again they made me so proud.
On all the shows I have to dish out a lot of critisim to the girls. What is not seen on the show is the scrutiny I go through before we air. This year is the worst. The producer of the show actually made me try on various outfits to see if I had anything good for the show. She did not like anything I had so now I have to go out and buy some clothes tomorrow. This past month has been hard for me because of my health issues. To be perfectly frank I don’t feel like my body is as tight as it normally is. I went out and bought a bunch of fat girl shirts hoping that I could exentuate(sp) the breasts and draw attention away from my midsection. Well let’s just say that I don’t think the tv people are to happy about that. I definitely have a thick skin because I am listening to all of this crap and taking it with no hesitation. The worst is having to hear the annoying voice of the line producer ” the only way you’ll look good is if they put a cap on the camera.”‘ ” Oh so funny, Scott. Your so witty. ” Well Scott go back to the Hair Club for Men and tell them you need another 1000 hair grafts .” I need to give Scott some credit. He is on set all day long and sometimes into the night but yet he still has the time to go tanning. Priorities!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have been so sick for the last two weeks. Just when I thought I was getting better I woke up this morning nauseous. I have thrown up all day. This was what Jacqui said to me this morning ” a stomach virus. Your so lucky, you’ll lose weight for the show.”
By the way, nice numbers San Antonio!!!!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am getting ready to go film season 3 of the show. I leave on Friday. I will be away from Jackson for 12 days. That breaks my heart.
I have such a bad taste in my mouth from the veteran girls after last season that I am going to speak with this year’s veterans right off the bat. It tortures me to pick some girls over others knowing that there are so many great Coyotes in the system. But this year, I will not tolerate the big heads and the mean spiritedness. I will tell all the GMs not to allow these girls to think they are better then the team cause noone is bigger then the team. There is only one girl from last year that didn’t stab myself or their managers /coworkers in the back after last year’s show.
In the spirit of the book ” The Secret” I am throwing out in the universe that I am grateful for all that I have and that this year’s show will be a joy.
New Year’s Eve I plan on starting a new path. One that interests me and makes me happy.
2 things made me laugh this morning
1. Jacob and I went to CVS to buy some shampoo etc. I bought the men’s MACH3 razor I like how it shaves my legs. As I am looking over I see Jacob buying the Venus Women’s razor. He always prides himself on being such a big manly man. I started laughing. ” Lil look how beautiful my face is! I love this razor.” ” I might shave with a woman’s razor but don’t forget that I still carried your christmas tree in by myself.”
2. Now the other thing that made me laugh was that I found out an old live in boyfriend of mine got engaged to an old employee of mine. I had to laugh because I had seen him a couple of years ago with his pregnant wife and she was talking about how often this old employee was over their house ( they work together) . In my mind I was thinking he was having an affair with her. Apparently I was right.
You can’t change a tiger’s stripes!
I love Christmas. Jackson and I put our tree up. It is so much fun watching Christmas shows with him. That little boy keeps me sane!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

We offered as many Miami employees jobs in Lauderdale as we could. On the good side, Miami had a really great staff and the girls were very very good.
Now the negative: The lauderdale girls are all upset with the new management and how things are changing. The Miami girls are bitching about how different it is from Miami so they are unhappy.
This is all I have to say: ” I am very pleased with current management. I think the lauderdale staff needed some real structure cause the previous manager was too laxed. And as far as the Miami staff; I am sorry we had to close the Miami bar down but this is the only opportunity we can give you which is more then most companies would do. To the entire staff ” Shape up or ship out:” sick of the complaining.
Thank God for Jackson. He is my light. I have been down a bit lately but whenever we are together I am always happy.
I met a business person from Aruba. Interesting hearing his side of the Natalie Hollaway case. He said that most of the people on the island feel that there was no foul play. He said that the concensious is that she was left on the beach. She was drunk, tried to swim and drowned.
Who knows?

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