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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Denver, Austin, Nashville, and San Antonio did great last night. Very pleased.
I would like to issue a word of praise to Daniel. Since he moved into corporate he has had to put out a lot of fires. Since we let go of the GM in Denver he has been working a ton of doubles. Thanks Daniel
I know Daniel does not believe in any of my superstitious shit but ” Please sage the office ” With the track record we have regarding GMs in Denver, why chance it?”
A lot going on this week. Be positive throw away negative!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I heard today from two different sources a rumor that is going around about the NY bar. It seems that the girls in the other bars feel bad that the NY girls make more. ( I doublt they make as much as the Vegas girls) I do not want to come off pretentious because I know that a lot of people under my employ do not travel, but each city is different. Now whether you get this or not the NY bar is in the most expensive market in the states. The drinks are close to double in price to some of the other bars, yet still cheap for NY. So statistically the tips are higher in accordance to the higher sale price. Again I do not want to offend people but the NY customer is a very tip savy patron. They probably tip better then in most of the cities. All of that being said let’s talk about what it takes to live in NY. Most of the girls pay close to $2000 in rent. They can’t afford cars and live in apartments that are around 500 sq. feet.
Now let’s dig a little deeper and this will definitely offend some but it is the god damn truth. Let’s talk about work ethic! I have 3 bars where I will say the girls have incredible work ethics, NY, Austin, and Charlotte ( in that order). Why is this? Cultural? Education? I can’t tell you exactly but I will tell you this. At the NY bar in the last 15 years I would put 90 % of my girls having at least a 4 year college education. I have only had 1 girl that was married under the age of 23. I have only had 1 girl who had a child. The girls put their careers first. They pay their bills first. They choose not to marry until they are in their late 20s or 30s. And they do not have babies until their 30s. What does that make them? The answer is : AGGRESSIVE and FOCUSED
I wouldn’t trade some of my southern girls for the world cause they make me laugh and I have seen some depth of emotion in the south that I never experienced up north. I also can say that some of my best coyotes work at the southern bars. But for those girls who are consumed with the NY girls all I can say is; Take a good look and then make your judgements.
I want to apologize to my girls for such depressing Lil Spills. Blame the Memphis girls cause they are really upseting me this week.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Holy crap I’ve received a lot of emails about depression. ” Thanks everyone. I will get over it.” I had put myself on a budget last week but in light of my doom and gloom I spent $1500 on line yesterday buying shoes. Of course after I got Jackson to school I went on line to read the managers’ logs. All the bars did mediocre.
A couple of the memphis girls really pissed me off this weekend. They think that while they are on shift they can sell their own clothes for profit. They also think that it is acceptable to play bar games that only profit themselves. Are you fucking kidding me? Am I that old that my idea of bartending is to provide good service hence getting good tips. ” If you want to sell your clothes then open your own retail store and sell your clothes.” Judith, the memphis GM, told me that their response was to say that the company makes millions so they should be able to do what they want. That’s not how it works. This is a job and you have to respect the company and then the company will respect you. I’m sending Chantel to Memphis this week. My fuse is very short on this issue. On a good note about Memphis, I have been getting so many compliments about Bre. Good going Bre, I’m so happy you’re doing so well.
Today Jackson has a spelling test in french. I wrote out all the words on index cards so we could review . When I tried to test him all he did was correct my pronounciation. ” Mom how do you expect me to spell these words correctly if you are not pronouncing them right?” Good grief.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Depression sucks. I don’t know what the hell my problem is but I have been very down for the last month. The nights Jackson stays at his dad’s I have been going down to the New Orleans bar and getting drunk. I figure I have two choices 1. get my shit together and get out of this funk or 2. find a place to drink where I don’t have to run into my employees. The new ones must think I am a complete lush. Sorry. I am staring at 40 like I would be staring at the barrel of a shotgun pointed directly at my face. What the hell happened? When did I get old? When did I start caring about aging? My assistant Judy told me this ” when you age you do lose somethings but you gain so much more” I am trying to believe that. I need to find me an Ashton Kutcher. He seems to have perked Demi up.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Absolutely beautiful day in New orleans. Jackson and I danced this morning to two songs that got us pumped up for the day, ” Bubbly” and “Stronger”. So fun. Things are feeling really good today. Even when I dropped Jackson off at school the teacher gave me a very positive report about him. Finally.
Off to a meeting about a possible site in Aruba

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a fucking day yesterday was. There was an accident at one of the licensed bars. The woman who was hurt hired a lawyer to sue the bar and sue me. Well according to the license aggreements I am endemified by the owners of the licensed bars. Well regardless of that her lawyer is trying to come after me as well so I had to appear at a mediation for this case. Let me explain in lay man’s terms what this means; I licensed the name Coyote Ugly to a group. As part of the agreement they run their own bar hopefully staying as close to the ethos of Coyote Ugly as possible but I am not the operating manager of their bars so I do not orchestrate what happens within the walls of their establiment. That being said, this woman’s lawyer starts out by claiming he did research about me and the things I do. He referred to three things: 1. a supposed dance that Jacqui and I created and taught 2. A video at a bar he claims to be mine. Showing an image that in his mind represents an unsafe practice at my bars. and 3. referring to an incident at the Las Vegas bar which he claims I taught.
OK 1. The dance he refered to does not even exist. Jacqui and I were laughing over this because he could not be further from the truth. ( He actually referred to a specific song. I had to call Lee afterward to ask if he knew the song since I had never heard of it before). 2. The video he showed is from a bar in Europe that is infringing on my trademark. When he spoke about this Jeff W said we are actually sueing these people for infringement. They have nothing to do with us. and 3. When the Las Vegas bar opened they did not want to use me as a consultant and therefore I have never been a part of their establishment.
All of that being said this woman, her husband, and their lawyer want me to cough up money for her settlement. NO WAY. I said to her ” I didn’t even run that bar how is it my fault” ” Well it’s your fault for creating Coyote Ugly” What a crock of shit. The husband actually said that I had never issued an apology. ” I DID NOT OWN THAT BAR. I WAS NOT THERE . MY EMPLOYEES WERE NOT THERE . I DID NOT EVEN HEAR ABOUT THE INCIDENT UNTIL I WAS GETTING SUED. OF COURSE I DO NOT WISH HARM ON ANYONE BUT I CERTAINLY WON’T ISSUE AN APOLOGY AFTER I AM BEING SUED FOR SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EVEN RELATE TO ME.
What made this mediation even better was the bar owners trying to blame me by lieing. So fucking stupid. Their insurance company is trying to scare them. When we walked in I saw how nervous the licensees were and I said immediately to Jeff W. ” they are going to lie and try to blame this on us.” Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive.
Personal I am enraged by this whole thing on so manay levels. 1. this woman who was hurt will receive compensation from their insurance company. But that is not good enough for her and her lawyers. She is thinking wow maybe I can go after the big fish and get a lot more. As a human being, I would feel sorry for anyone who was hurt, in or out of my bars. But when they use the incident to try and extort money from me I lose my compassion for her. 2. To The owners of the bar. “We all know that this has nothing to do with me. Get some fucking balls and let your insurance company settlle this. That is why you have insurance. I will tell you right now if you keep trying to involve me, I will go after you. We have a 4 year relationship. I would be very careful if I was you”
That’s all I have to say.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a fucking disaster. Had to fire the GM of Denver. This week I knew we were firing him and I didn’t care. He was given an opportunity he simply blew it. Today I find out that he left the office in shambles. He was going to a neighboring bar during his shift to get drinks because he was not allowed to drink at the Coyote. Again what a disaster.
A couple years ago I saw him out on the town with some of my managers and bouncers. I turned to my former GM of Austin and said ” is he on something?” ” No Lil he has a condition that makes him appear that way.” Well he did have a condition but regardless of that I think I was still right all those years ago. ( Only speculation on my part) Every time I don’t go with my instinct and let others convince me it ends up biting me in the ass. Crap another GM of Denver down the tubes. On a good note the new GM of Denver who will start in a few weeks is fucking awesome. One of those people who is so postive and passionate it just inspires people.
There was another time that I let my gut instinct get overriden by other people’s enthusiasm and that was with an assistant manager of Memphis. Right off the bat I said ” she’s very immature. Something sneaky is going on with her.” ” Chantel and Jeff M kept telling me ” she is great. she is ready for this.” What a fucking mistake that was. This girl lied about everything. She kept telling everyone that she had been accepted to law school. To this day she keeps saying this. I don’t buy that for one minute. In fact I will go one step further, I don’t believe she ever finished college. I remember Judith calling me up about a situation that was happeneing with this girl. I said to Judith I think she’s lieing. ” No Lil I think this time it’s the truth” One week later Judith called me ” I think your right. The things she is saying don’t add up.” The Liars manual. If you are going to lie make them small lies big lies are too easy to catch.
It’s a fucking beautiful day in New Orleans and I am all riled up about this Denver situation. I am going to take Cheeto out for a 5 mile walk and try and snap out of this. By the way Denver staff ” I am so sorry I sent him there. Don’t give up on us we will try our hardest to resolve this. By the way great night last night!!!”

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hot damn. Today has been a good day. I got a lot accomplished at work which is always satisfying. But I went to the DMV to replace my drivers license and the woman behind the counter recognized me so I didn’t need ID. For two days I have been worrying about not having the right secondary ID. Hot Damn I feel lucky. I am going to play powerball!!
Just a side note. The DMV people don’t let you look at the picture they took so you have no chance to take another picture if it is bad. I am fine with that. Lee told me that he will tell them he lost his card as manay times as it takes to get a decent picture.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last week Cheeto had to have an operation to remove a lump I found. Today the biopsy results came back and it tested positive for a tumor but it was benign. I am so happy about this!!! Unfortunately I found another growth but the doctor said it will most probably be benign as well. Cross my fingers.
The bars rebounding a bit this week. That makes me very happy.
Lost my drivers license in NY what a fucking headache not to have it on me.
The question of the day : If you are on the hot seat at work, do you fuck up and sleep through your shift?
Well one of my managers got the answer wrong. When I found out about this, I just started laughing hysterically. Like watching a train wreck!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nashville has been doing horrendously. Thank god they rebounded last night! San Antonio awesome Monday and tuesday!! Thank you guys for giving me a reason to wake up in the morning!
Yesterday Travis and I bonded with a visit to get Colonics. I know it sounds gross but people swear that they feel so much healthier. As I layed in a room by myself on the custom made colonics chair while having 5 gallons of purified water administered into my *** all I could think of was ” what the hell has my life become?” But now I am obsessed with the idea that I have been feeding my body toxins ( processed food, alchohol, sleeping pills) for 30 some odd years and I can only imagine what is trapped in there? So I bought 3 more sessions. My journey to wellness has now begun.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

I have been sucked into the Britney Spears performance gossip. I watched it last night and it was a train wreck. I feel for her. She’ a little girl wrapped up in a world she can’t handle. People say she needs rehab but I think she should go to a beautiful place that can provide her some intense therapy. You would think with all the issues concerning custody of her children she would calm her personal life down? I believe that she is suffering from a mental breakdown and is not completely in control of her actions. I know she is not speaking with her parents right now but she really needs them. very sad.
Kevin B came to visit me. This should be a 2 day hang over. We had fun with the New Orleans staff

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Jackson and I were getting ready to watch ” The Big Idea Show” last night and I told him that mommy doesn’t think she did too well. His response was ” Too bad you can’t tell everyone in the world not to watch so they won’t see you be an idiot on TV.”
Then right after the show he said to me ” You can’t blame your eyes for your nose.” The loose translation of this is : don’t blame your vision if your nose truely is weird looking. Out of the mouths of babes.
I did watch the show and I don’t think I came off as bad as I was anticipating.
In defense of my nose: I have a pointy nose but its not big. On the show the angle they set the camera on definitely made my nose look bigger then it really is. This is why I don’t ever watch myself on tv.
90% of the time I am a confident self assured woman. But there is that 10% that my son and former boyfriends have seen ” Do I look fat?” ” Is my butt too big” and now it will be ” Is my nose ugly?” That 10% is a killer for people close to me.
By the way , the B roll they sliced together from the NY and New Orleans bars looked awseome. The girls looked great!!!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crap. I have a feeling I screwed up “The Big Idea Show”. When I arrived there noone really knew who I was. I spent a total of one minute with Donny before he started the interview. The researchers did not know anything about my company or me. Right before we aired , he wasn’t even speaking to me, I said to him I have a reality show and I sent you guys merchandise that we sell in Walmart. His response was to yell at the producer cause he had no idea that the company had grown so much. (They didn’t even know that people call me Lil. ) When the interview started all he wanted to talk about was how I was a bartender who opened my own bar. I am very proud of myself for that but to be frank it was 15 years ago, I don’t have that much emotion about that part of my history anymore. I am more excited now about the future. Crap , I definitely blew the inspirational part. I am going to suck tonight. I’ll have Lee watch it and tell me how bad I was. Crap! On a funny note, as I said noone knew who I was. When I walked out of the studio after my interview a man was waiting outside, I think he was a tech for another show. He told me that he watched every episode of the show. I started to laugh at that point!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just going over the NY numbers, man Tuesdays have been kicking ass! Knock on wood. No jinx.
The NY bouncers did a coyote tour last week. They went to quite a few of the bars. I would be interested in hearing what they thought about the various bars.
I have nothing to say today. I’m getting ready for filming the ” Big Idea Show” tomorrow. That’s all I’ve got

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