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Friday, June 29, 2007

My flight was delayed 3 hours to Miami so I changed it for tomorrow. I’ll cross my fingers that I get there.
Lee is still at the cingular store. 7 hours he has been in line. When I left the airport I went to my local cingular store but there was a long line. I went home I ate dinner and then went back to the store. At that point there was no line. When I went in I was greeted with ” we ran out”. I simply ordered one through them and I will get it in about a week. I’m happy with that. Waiting 7 hours in a line is just not for me.

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Lee just called me . There is aalready a line down the block for the i phone at his local Vegas store. I laughed saying that I will just get it when things calm down. ” Lil it’s 102 degrees here. Now I have to go back home get a lawn chair and a cooler just to try and get the i phone.” I told him to take pictures. Lee probably has never waited on a line in his life to get into a concert but he will weather the grueling heat for the new i phone.

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Denver has been kicking ass lately. I am very pleased!! Also Memphis and SA coming in with real strong numbers.
I will be at the Miami bar tonight around 10:30. I know I gave no notice but I just wanted to come by and say hello. I hope the staff comes in to say hello.
The aerogarden rocks! I started last week and the plants are already growing quite substantially. It’s a miracle!
Jackson begs me everyday to keep him home from camp. Yesterday I told him that mommy had a rountine and if he stayed home he had to do whatever mommy did. I made him go to the coffee shop. I read him news from the NY times. When we got home I told him that he had to exercise. Instead of doing the elliptical machine like i normally do I put in a dvd ” shake your booty”. He was miserable. He did the whole dvd with me. ” mom this is for girls! Why are you trying to destroy me?” ( that’s his new phrase destroy me or he’ll destroy you. It’s not meant in a mean way. it’s theatrical like he is playing Hamlet) Then I said ” well Jackson you can go to camp or do what mommy does? your choice” Then I followed it up with some paper work. He was begging to go to his dads after yesterday morning. His dad is definitely stricter. ” You go to camp or you stay with your mom but I have to work during the day” Life’s so hard!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is this what america is coming to that people actually give a shit about a rich girl going to jail for 23 days? For god sakes she wasn’t even with the general population. Read some books, exercise. For real working people it would be considered a vacation.
I know that everyone in their own way wishes they had wealth, fame, looks but this glamorization of wealth with no substance is such a disgrace. My niece is 14 and she knows every designer. I did not own a designer bag until I was in my late 20s. I just don’t get it. A person makes $400 a week and they save up for a $1000 bag. Why? Lee was telling me the other day about this new type of guy cruising the club scene in Vegas. This type of guy will drive a Ferrari but live in a studio in a bad part of town. What happened to building a foundation for your life? I don’t know these celebrities so it is not right for me to judge them personally but as consumers , what are we buying into? Is it a lifestyle where you don’t work? Is it about partying? What is it? I would not trade one day of my life for that. I am proud that I have always worked. I can say that I did everything on my own. I hope my son experiences the sense of pride you get from hard work and passion.
Way to go Memphis good night!
I am so freaking tired. For two nights my son has kicked me in the head all night. I have barely slept. And the kicker is that he hates camp so in the day time I barely work because he is home. there are a ton of fun bar stories but most of them I can’t tell because I’ll get in trouble.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Note to all people around the globe: don’t go 7 years without going to the dentist. I have spent the last two days in the dentist office. Yesterday I was told I have a mild form of TMJ and the begginings of periodontal ( sp) disease. So today I had to go for this horrible treatment that deep cleans under your gums. They numbed the lower jaw so much I couldn’t even feel my tongue. When she finished the lower jaw I told her not to numb the upper jaw I would just deal with the pain. She was very hesitant. ” Lil it’s going to hurt” I would rather it hurt then numb my mouth again. So I went without an anesthetic. It was fine. I don’t think it was that painful. Next time because unfortunately there has to be a next time, I will do it completely au natural. There was one positive thing that came out of today. The actual doctor examined me after the cleaning and said I had very white natural teeth. He felt there was no need for laser whitening. Nice to hear after two days of dental work at a cost of $1000. Now I have to go to the orthodontist. ” Lil did you ever have braces?” ” No” ” Well I guess you should of taken care of your wisdom teeth in your 20s cause now you’re going to get braces.” Crap is all I can say!
None of the bars did phenomenal yesterday in fact a few did really poorly. I need to go to bed and start over

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The first time I ever appreciated going to the dentist. I went to this high profile dentist in Mandeville, La and it was the most thorough exam I have ever gotten. Of course I have to go again tomorrow for a cleaning. His closing comments were ” please don’t wait another 7 years before you go to the dentist again.”
Kudos to New Orleans yesterday. They had an incredible sunday day.
A lot of crap going on.
This weekend a few of the NY girls really pissed me off.
So be it. I need a decompression time of about a week to feel better.
That’s it.
My son hates camp. I should of not been lazy and put him into a real camp. French school camp is not fun.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I found out today that some of the girls who were on the show and still work for me had accepted an appearance date at another bar. Pissed off was an understatement to how I felt. One of the girls wrote me and said ” I feel like I have to give back to all my fans.” I read that and I just started laughing. What a load of crap.
I love my girls. I take some of them all over the place . This company offers things that no regular bar chain does. I was kind of stunned that it so easy to get stabbed in the back. Whatever. It is my job to promote these girls and I spend most of the time trying to talk up the girls and make them feel special. You know all the girls had to do was ask if I was cool with these appearances. Its just common courtesy. Other then the business reasons why I did not want to allow these appearances it just plain hurt my feelings that they did not even consider asking me how I would feel.
I had a BBQ yesterday. Daniel, Chantel, Lee and some of the New Orleans girls came. It’s fun to sit down and talk to the girls. The girls whispered to me ” That’s Daniel from Austin. After all the things we heard about him we weren’t expecting him to be so cute.” I told Daniel don’t worry all the girls say they think your cute but after a week of working for you the cutest fades.” LOL Sorry girls he has a steady girlfriend plus can you imagine ? HIGH Maintenance.
It was nice to spend time with Chris B and Daniel. Sometimes you just need to do some face to face talking.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In short. Cheeto was attacked by raccoons last night in my back yard. He faired better then my old german shepards did. But virtually impossible to get someone to humanely relocate this family of raccoons.
Today I went and traded my Range Rover for a 2007 diesel mercedes SUV. I couldn’t believe that I got 26 g for my trade in. I felt like I had to take the deal and run since my RR was such a piece of shit. Last year it was in the shop more then it was out of the shop. Plus my son has stained the interior of the car. My new SUV is not quite as cool looking on the outside as my RR but man is it luxurious on the inside. So cool. My warranty on the RR expired in 2 weeks so I had to hustle and trade it in fast. Kevin told me that Mercedes makes the best diesel on the road. My old car got 14 miles to the gallon this one gets 25. I called him from the dealership to ask him questions because he is ” the car guy”. He said ” wow that is one of the best SUVs on the road.” Then he said to me ” Is Jackson with you?” ” Yes” ” Lil Look at the mercedes . Now look at your son.” ” Ok”. ” Now take another hard look at that beuatiful mercedes and again turn and look at your son. Now run to your local Toyota dealership and buy the cheapest SUV they have . Cause we all know Jackson is going to destroy this beautiful car.” I bought the SUV anyway. But part of me knows Kevin is right. Chris B and Lee saw my new car and the first thing they said was ” you need to put 22s on that car” I can honestly say that I really would not know the differnce between 19s 22s and 24s. Regardless I am pleased with my new car.
Corporate is in town this week to go over some things. Nice to not have to go somewhere else this week.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Back to work today. My phone has been ringing off the hook. I finally got a housekepper in today. I hope she doesn’t quit I have a bad feeling the upstairs is a bit overwhelming to her.
I’m trying to think of anything interesting hapening but nothing comes to mind.
Jeff W had a health scare about a month back. He felt like he was having a heart attcak and went to the hospital. He received worrisome reports from tests of that day. But since then he has gone through an exhausting amount of tests just to be told that he is extremely healthy with no problems. The doctor’s guess for what happened the day of his heart pains was a combination of Buffalo Chicken wings and beer. I was shocked ” But Jeff that’s your life”. ” I know Lil I just have to be careful”. He has been eating chicken wings and drinking beer for the last 25 years. So sad.
Was referred to a new hairdresser last week. Right before I called for an appointment I found out that he had been murdered. My new assistant said ” someone really doesn’t want you to change your hair.”
Back to work

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yesterday was a great day. I will not be able to put into words how beautiful and emotionally fullfilling yesterday was.
Tonia is a 14 year old girl from Vancouver who has many medical problems, two of those being cerebral palsy and fetal alchohol syndrom. She was recently diagnosed with an immune deficiency. A teacher of hers contacted the Make a Wish Foundation and they wanted to grant Tonia a wish. Tonia’s wish was to come to a Coyote Ugly and meet me. Initially the Make a Wish Foundation was not supportive of her request to come to Coyote Ugly but Tonia’s parents told them how much she loves the show and how the show has changed her life, so they finally agreed. Mike, AM nashville, was their contact person and he did an incredible job making sure everything was perfect for this little girl. He and kyle even cooked chicken parm, speghetti and meatballs , and homemade Banana pudding. They decided to tell Tonia that she was coming to the bar but they wanted to surprise her that I came to meet her. When I walked out she was completely shocked, it was a beautiful moment. I want to thank the whole Nashville staff for being so wonderful to this little girl, especially jenn ( fiddler). This girl has been teaching herself how to fiddle and Jenn got on the bar with her and fiddled to her favorite band The Dixie chicks. jenn even taught Tonia a new song. She spoke about Jacqui constantly. She did not want to meet Jacqui in passing she wanted to dance for Jacqui and get critiqued. I told her that if she practices Jacqui will have to meet her and critique her. She just truly wants to be one of the girls. There was a moment when Tonia was on the bar that I glanced at her father and saw tears streaming down his face. At that point Chris B and I just lost it. A very emotional moment to see your daughter who came into the world with so many problems getting one of her ultimate wishes. The parents really moved me. They adopted Tonia when she was young and they foster other children, some of which have disabilities. They stopped drinking because they saw how alchohol fetal syndrome has effected Tonia’s life. The mom came up to me and told me how our TV show and the movie gets played all the time and especially during the times of escruciating pain for Tonia. It is an outlet for her. It focuses her past the pain. She told me ” Lil I would have a drink again if I knew that would bring you to meet Tonia” I said that she did not need to do that. We were happy and honored to meet her. Tonia was so cute. She told me that she knew all of my lines from the first season’s show. She also knew the lines of Chantel and Cyndi. Her mom told me that the show has opened up a whole new world for Tonia and she is now motivated to do more. In an episode from the first season I tell one of the girls that she can’t count and she was giving the girl the wrong change back. Tonia asked her teacher to teach her how to count properly so she could be a coyote. Her mom said that she has always had trouble walking but now she wants to dance to all the dance songs and practices all the time. Her mom said that now she wants to exercise because she wants to be fit like the Coyote Ugly girls. She even practices flair. This little show and my little world has effected this little girls life in such a positive way. I could of never dreamed that Coyote Ugly could impact someone so beautifully from such a distance. What an honor. We were all graced yesterday with the power of the universe. What is good is truly good and pure and I am awed to be in the presence of such goodness. ( Canada has not viewed the second season of the show I am going to try and get her a copy)
Other bonuses yesterday. I had a great meeting with John Rich from Big and Rich and I had dinner with Atonis one of the owners of the Detroit Red Wings and The Detroit Tigers.
I showed Tonia pictures of jackson. Days like yesterday I wish he was older and could really be feel the emotion that I felt. But his gift is bringing his mom back down to earth. ” Mom, you and dad have jobs. I want a career!” and the pleasant ” MOTHER how does it feel to have the biggest butt in the family?” ” Jackson, right now it feels pretty damn good!”

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Off to Nashville. Alot of meetings today.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Going back to Nashville tomorrow night. I am sick as a dog. We have a lot of cool stuff going on. Getting closer with the Macau project.
Just read an article about a new venue one of my licensees has opened . In the article it refers to her having opened the Las Vegas Coyote as well as the NY Coyote. That really pisses me off. Yes she is the licensee for Las Vegas but she NEVER has or was a partner in the NY bar. If I bring this up to her, I will hear ” I didn’t say that . The writer must of just assumed” ” Look if you are going to pretend you are an owner of the NY bar at least give the address of the bar so we can reap the bennefits from people going down there. “
The more enlightened me wishes her the best of luck with her new venue ” Spotlight Live”. Good Luck.
I’ve got enough problems without getting rapped up in stupid crap.
OK back too work

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Holy crap what a weekend! I went to Raleigh to see my family. I left jackson there for one day so I could go to Nashville. I came back and promptly took Jackson back on a plane home. What a nightmare! There was a storm system above Charlotte, where we were scheduled to connect for our New Orleans bound flight. Of course that meant that we missed our flight to New Orleans. The airlines put us up at a hotel in the ghetto. We ended up watching Dirty jobs and mythbusters till midnight. I slept about 3 hours and woke up after having dreams of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. ( don’t know why a man that works primarily with jobs that involve excrement is sexy but I think he is.) Now we are finally home but I feel sick as a dog.
I have a lot to catch up on!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yesterday Nashville had the highest grossing day in the history of the company! congrats to the whole staff. Great job. I went to the Nashville bar yesterday and today. Knock on wood it ran very smoothly. The staff was tired after the long week of fanfare but overall great job. ( forgot to say that last week Austin did over 200 bodyshots in 1 day Kudos to you guys)
Kyle is a fucking riot. The girls told me that the sign when Kyle actually likes you is when he goes from calling you ” new girl” to ” Jackass”. A true sign of caring! ” Lil come and meet our new barback. His name is Creepy Little Bastard” ” Kyle please tell me you don’t really call him that” ” Of course I do. he really likes it” Oh my god.
” Lil I went to the doctor last week and he told me that my height weight ratio puts me in the category of morbidly obese. I said Doctor why am I such a fatass? He was then offended by my comment.” Very funny.
Today at the bar I went up to Zombi( head of security) and ridiculed him for the horrible choice in music he played. Kyle quickly jumped in ” hey why don’t we turn up the lights and kick everyone out since you seem to want to make them leave.” I guess you had to be there and know kyle, But he is quite funny. OK I’m tired I will write more later.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Does not end. Now the story is that Daniel did not take them out. Dock their pay and don’t ask them to go to another city.
Nashville with great numbers this week. On my way to Raleigh and then nashville on Saturday.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I don’t know what to say. I have name calling in Nashville. I have name calling in austin and San Antonio. There are days where this stupid crap just simply wears me down. I am hoping I put an end to the crap in Nashville . In Austin the GM was upset with the SA security guys for showing up late for work. Today I am hearing that Daniel, a corporate employee took the whole security staff that worked at Rot Rally out drinking until 9 am . Hence SA guys were late for their shift. First thing I thought of was 1. He better not have put that on the company card! 2. At the end of the day they are grown men and if they were scheduled to work then they should of went home early and went to work on time. Now I see no reason for shawna to penalize them in SA if they have always been good employees. As far as Austin goes, if Michele is still upset dock them their day salary and don’t ask them back next year.
Nashville did pretty well yesterday. None of the other bars did anything special.
I made chantel feel a little guilty for never spending time with Jackson. So she called last night and took him to the movies today. SCORE. I may actually get to work a little today.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

There is a man named Martin Strel. He is 52 years old and he holds records for many long distance swims. He never enjoyed swimming competitively in pools because it gets boring. He tried swimming long distance in salt water but he says the salt takes a bad toll on his body. So he decided to swim long distances in fresh water. He has swam the Yangtze river, the Mississippi River, and just recently the Amazon river. He dedicates these long swims to world peace and a cleaner environment.
To complete the length of the river, it takes months of swimming everyday, 10 hours a day. But every day after his 10 hours of swimming he eats a big meal and drinks a full bottle of wine. His reasoning is that you have to be a little drunk to swim with the pirrahna and other dangerous creatures. But really what I think he is doing is living his life in the way he wants to. He loves swimming and loves the attention he receives from being the most famous person of his small country, Slovenia. But he also wants to enjoy his life and wine is part of how he enjoys his life. Good for him. 52 years old doing what he loves and living in a way that he enjoys. It’s not about the wine. It’s about not having to give up everything you love to dedicate yourself to something else!! Kudos to him.
Austin coming off an incredible weekend! Congrats to the whole staff. Thank you to the San Antonio staff for pitching in. There was an incident where 3 of the San Antonio guys did not show up for their shift on Sunday. ( We will deal with that this week). I don’t want to jinx anything but New York and Charlotte are doing quite well. It seems that since the show there are more people going to see the NY bar. Of course what that means is that I have been getting more complaints about the smell in the bar. ” Look it always smelled and it always will smell. You should feel lucky that you didn’t go there when NY still allowed smoking in bars cause it smells like a rose garden in comparison.”
Jackson said something very profound yesterday. We had watched Seabisquit, the movie, and Jeff Brifges gives a speech and says ” this is not the finish line. the future is the finish line” Jackson quickly turned around and said ” mom the future is infinite so there can never be a finish line.” I loved that. Of course 3 hours later we played a quiz game together and he picked Ontario as a state over florida. Maybe he simply has an intellect that can’t be gaged by simple book knowledge? Only kidding.
Kyle called me up last week about an incident with an employee. I told him to fire that employee. I received an email today from the employee saying that he thought Kyle was not fair and that I should have Kyle reconsider. ( he did not know that Kyle had spoken to me about it) I wrote him back. Kyle didn’t fire you, I did.!

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hot Damn Austin had an awesome night! They did about 20g better then what I expected. Excellent. Even though Daniel has moved to corporate it is still evident that he favors Austin, which is cool. It’s his home bar. I just received a text message from him saying ” that must be a company record.” I felt bad because it wasn’t. Nashville has had several nights higher then that. Which got me thinking why doesn’t San antonio ever have nights like that? San Antonio routinely beats all the bars numbers during the week. But they never seem to have a true blow out night. Now it will be my mission for San Antonio to have at least one insane night a year. Just to clarify cause I know people will misread this Lil Spill. San Antonio used to be my highest grossing bar. Now it is my second highest grossing ber to Nashville. I am very pleased with how San Antonio performs but every bar has some big event during the year where they just double or triple their numbers for the day. Nashville has fanfare. New Orleans has Mardi gras. Austin has Rot Rally. Charlotte has speed week. Lauderdale has spring break. Now san antonio has Fiesta but it it doesn’t double or triple the numbers. Ok now we have a goal. Shawna and Chris B get cracking!

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Friday, June 01, 2007

I am on a rampage the last two days. This is a word of warning to everyone , stay off my shitlist! Kevin and Lee are on the top of the list right now but I have a feeling that it will take minimal effort for someone to surpass them.
In this company most of the corporate members live in different cities. I do not hover over them micromanaging their days but I do ask for written progress reports. How fucking hard is it to write a one page progress report every week?
What a week. This is jackson’s last week of school and everyday there is a school function. Today when I dropped him off he said to me ” mom stay in school today” ” Jackson I was at your school for 3 hours yesterday. I kept you out late the other morning so that we could have special time together. Mommy has to work.” I decided about 3 weeks ago that I would no longer use a housekeeper once a week and that I would do it myself. What a freaking mistake. My house is a wreck. Everyday I do two loads of laundry but it keeps on piling up. Last night Jackson had a friend sleep over. This morning when I took Cheeto outside I saw all the pillows from my sofa by the pool. They had left them outside last night and now they are all wet and moldy smelling. I told both the boys that they are coming home from school today and cleaning the house. They have to help with vacuuming, mopping, and folding. It sounds good in theory but I know that nothing will get done and they will create a mess bigger then before.
Good news! I just got off the phone with jeff W and our merch is now in Walmart. How cool is that?
Austin rocked last night. Keep up the good work!

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