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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I just realized I have fallen way behind in picking the coyote of the month and the employee of the month. I think I am going to start creating polls for the Coyote of the month. And I just have to remember to do the employee of the month.
TV viewers, everyone thinks that Regan is the only non coyote contestant from the show that works at the bars but amanda works in the Lauderdale bar as well.
I have nothing to say. Jackson had a sleepover last night and I am exhausted. They really keep you on your toes. When I was young on weekends you went to your friends houses , you played outside or you just bummed around your own house ( we lived in an apartment). Jackson has no siblings but even when a friend comes over they are asking ever ten minutes if i can play with them. I have a pool and last night Jacob threw them in the water for over two hours. Today I went in the pool with them and I was quite clear.” Women are different, we do not play in the water. We go in. Get ourselves wet and cool . Then we get back out.” Of course on special occassions I may stay in longer but that is not the common trend.
Chantel’s wedding is in about a week in the caribbean. I still can’t wear high heels because of my broken sesamoid bone. I went to the doctor and I said ” I need to be able to wear high heels” His response ” Noone needs to wear high heels” ” I am short I wear heels to work and I am on tv” ” So wear lower heels” Not really the response or sympathy I was looking for. I start physical therapy this week. I keep looking on line for a shoe that is high but without the steep decline to the ball of the foot. I have found nothing. I’m wearing high heels to chantels wedding even if I have to wear sneakers from my room to the ceremony and switch into the high heels. Pretty painful but sneakers don’t match a fancy dress and I do not own any cool low heels. Crap.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two things.

1. I came home from China with over 2700 e-mails. I started trying to sort through them but I just can’t so I deleted everything off the Lil spill account. Sorry but it was very overwhelming.
2. I just opened up a piece of mail, surprise surprise A warrant for my arrest. All because of an expired break tag. Well now I have to show them that I have a new break tag. Also that I am fully insured. And lastly that I have a current inspection sticker.

This may sound odd but there is a guardian angel looking out for me. I was pulled over yesterday for running a red light. The woman released me with a warning. Had she pulled this up on her computer I might be waking up this morning in New orleans finest correctional facility.
Obviously I have to do something nice for someone else today to repay the universe.

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I have been getting hundreds of e-mails. Everyone’s a critic! It’s funny the people who come out of the woodwork when you become a little famous. I received an e-mail from a student of an old boyfriend. I dated this particular guy when I was about 19 and he was 30. At that time he was not a teacher but a UPS delivery man. ( 4 months later he lost his job because he did not report an accident he had in his UPS truck) He was very smart and very funny but he was the worst guy I ever dated. He was always drunk or high. He cheated constantly. He even went home with one of my college roommates. He ended up marrying a girl who was actually younger then me. He told me that he wanted her because she was a drug addict and that created an obvious connection between the two of them. That was when I was in the ” I’ll help you change phase.” Thank god I’m over that. This student wrote me that this guy had been clean for about 15 years and he is now teaching history. They always get it together after we finish dating. I dated another guy who was a constructure worker. We only dated about 6 months. 6 years later he walks into the NY bar with his new wife, Kaity Tong. If you don’t know Kaity Tong, she is a famous newsreporter in NY. Well in those 6 years he had become a male model and was creating a portfolio for himself as a photographer . The other fact when referencing my ex boyfriends is that they all end up marrying the girl they date right after me. Now Everytime jacob and I get in a fight, I say ” hey don’t worry about it your next girlfriend will be your new wife.” ” for the woman that will be Jacob’s wife. His hair is really long, he’s very cute and he gives the best foot rubs. ( plus he’s big and scares others. That can be a perk sometimes)
This is all I have to talk about today, my excell is down on my computer and my cell phone doesn’t work.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Austin rocked last night!! Also Charlotte did really great for a Tuesday!
What a world we live in. Yesterday Lee and I were discussing the differences between dating ten years ago and today. When you had a significant other ten years ago things were different and you had to rely more on trust. If I said to a boyfriend ” honey i am going out with my friends” there was no issue and they had to wait till I got home to hear how the evening went. In today’s world, there are constant calls on your cell phone. Lee is only a few years younger then me but if we go out for dinner his phone is always going off with texts. If you told people you were going out wth your friend, your boss, whoever, don’t you think they should have the respect of not texting all night? I don’t think he minds it but it really bugs me. I dated someone about 3 years ago that used to call all the time. One night I was holding an employee meeting and then going out to dinner. I told him all of these things but when the employee meeting was over and I looked at my cellphone there were 7 missed calls from him. That was pretty much the end of that relationship. I remember getting in a cab and calling him to ask ” why would you call me so many times when you knew I was busy?” ” well I just wanted to say hi and talk.” That drove me nuts. I felt embarrassed that my boyfriend did not have respect enough for my business time and personal time . Was he so insecure that he could not let me do my things and wait for a call when I got home? It still makes me mad thinking about it.
Also on the other end of things, when I am out to dinner with Lee it drives me crazy that he is on his phone the whole time. Why come out to dinner if you are going to be so rude and not pay attention to the conversation at hand? Lee is the only one I know who truly never stops texting. And I know it is the sign of the times but isn’t there a certain decorem that should be upheld while out with friends? Maybe I am just old fashioned. It’s not just Lee. We have to take the cell phones away from the girls because they will run and text their boyfriends. ” You’re at work. Cooncentrate on your job. if you are so scared about what your boyfriend is doing then you need a new boyfriend!”
I find that I have fallen victim to some of the things in todays world. I will text someone instead of calling them. I will e-mail someone first before I make a personal call. Do we really need to be in constant contact?
I am still screwed up from the time change in China. I could not fall asleep till 4 am so I forced myself to wake up at 8 am. I wouldn’t say that I feel like a million bucks today. Off to the foot doctor!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

What a long flight. Hong to Los Angeles took twelve hours. On the way there it took fourteen. What a great trip. I truly enjoyed Hong Kong and would encourage people to visit. I am awaiting some pictures from Lee so I can post them and make comments on some of the sights we saw. I asked Jackson what his favorite part of the trip and his response was the pool in Macau because it had a water slide. He said that Chinese pools are better then american pools. Half way around the world and the pool was his favorite activity. On a business note, I am looking forward to opening in Macau. ( cross fingers) Interesting.
The coyote world is hectic as usual. So much crap going on.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

What an incredible time we have had in Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong was incredible. It is a city that has both modern city buildings with vibrant colored lights and every luzury you can imagine to the smaller windier roads with little chinese markets and heavenly scents of incense and cuisine. Our first day we went to the Man Mo Temple which is a temple that is dedicated to the two gods man and Mo. There is a lot more history to it but I don’t want to be incorrect so I won’t decribe more. we walked through the little shops and went through the different areas looking for presents and good food. The end of the day would be spent at Jackson’s favorite spot, the Pool.
The second day was one of the best days I have ever had on a trip. We went to the Jade market where we bartered for trinkets and small chinese crafts. I bought a few presents and got myself a Moa Tse Tung wrist watch. It was quite humorous to see all the Moa Tse Tung paraphanelia. The stuff was just like Mickey Mouse trinkets but they have moa Tse Tung on them. My watch has Moa waving as the second hand action. The Jade market was then followed by a trip to the largest Buddha in the world. I can’t explain to you how powerfull this experience was. We took a skytram to the top of a set of mountains where the monastery and the buddha were. Jeff Myers was petrified of the sky tram. We have some very funny pictures of him. They gave a animated presentation of the history of Siddhartha and what the basics of buddhism are. I always thought Buddha was a sort of God but that is wrong. Siddhartha is a prophet who wanted to reach inner peace and gave up everything so he could truly learn to love himself, others and find real happiness. The statues you see are of Siddhartha praying which is considered the past. The fat Buddha is considered the future. And the present buddha is you because anyone can become a buddha if they find inner peace and happiness. Such a great experience. I will put up pictures when I get home. Jackson even loved this experience. By the way Lee, Jeff and my sister have been plying so much with Jackson it has been great! Our meetings in Hong Kong went quite well. I truly love that city. I am amazed at the amount of wealth, cleaniness, and hospitality of the people.
On a side note. You would occassionally see a person walking around with a hospital mask on. There is an advertising promotion that airs on tv asking people to wear a mask when they feel sick so they do not give there grems to others. I figure I will be buying Chantel a designer mask. It will be awesome. ( I will go into Lee’s OCD in my next Lil Spill. Let’s just say that he is never without his Purel)
Now we are on the Island of Macau where we have had a few business meetings. Macau was a portugese territory it has only recently been returned to the chinese. There is a whole different feel in Macau then Hong Kong. Again very warm nice people but there is no as much English spoken so it has been a bit harder to navigate then hong Kong. Coyote Ugly will make so much money here if we pen the deal. I am very excited. I will write more when I get home to the states. So impressed with China. I wished I had more time to go to Beiging and see The great Wall.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

What a week! We finally finished the photoshoot for the 2008 calendar. Not to pat myself on the back but this one will be the best calendar yet. Quite funny spending the week with the girls.
Laura from Charlotte was hysterical. She bitched from the moment she saw the outfit she was to wear till right before the shoot. But she redeemed herself the night before when we went to dinner. ” lil I have two poses 1. blue steel ( from Zoolander) and 2. down syndrome. If the photographer takes 100 pictures, 50 will be blue steel and 50 will be down syndrome. I’m soorry that just how it always goes.” Well I am very happy to comment that I only saw two down syndrome pictures and the rest were of the highest blue steel I have ever seen.
We all went out for sushi on wednesday. So funny. Jenteel danced around the table while people tried to tip her. Lyndsay from Austin, let’s just say that she is quite funny when she gets drunk . ( When she first showed up at my house the night before. she had just gotten a lip ring) ” So lyndsey did you get picked for the calendar and then run directly out to get the lip ring?” ” Lil people think its sexy.” “Lyndsey that same demographic are into pain too.” It hurt looking at the thing.
I heard quite a few funny stories. One of the girls told me that her day job is grading porn. She says she gets to work in the morning and has a cubicle very similar to the show Office space. When you apply at this job, you have a questionaire asking you questions about your fantasies, the porn you like etc. After they review your answers they then send you porn that they feel will not stimulate you so that you can give accurate reviews. She said that there are two genres they keep sending her 1. clown porn ( which she feels is creepy) 2. pleasurafila ( I think) which is porn that shows sex with stuffed animanls. She said the last one she critiqued involved a stuffed ardvark. I guess I live in a small world because I have never heard of this, of course Lee was fully versed in this. Regan from Ny seemed to be having fun. Really all of them had fun. Jesse from Panama city told us about her rules of dating. Essentially it involved men having money . But she added a few ridicuolus rules that I can’t see any man being able to handle. Did not spend much time with Barb from Chicago. When she arrived at the shoot she had already had 10 shots at the bar so lets just say conversation was not her strong point. I felt sorry for everyone today, I have severe pms and I was very weepy. “Lee never asks me to do the merch shots obviously he does not think I’M Pretty enough.” ” Lil of course you can be in the merch shots. ” no Lee it’s too late I only wanted to be in them if you had told me that I was gorgeous and people would love to see him in some of the ads.” ” LiiiL, your insane.” ” No lee I am a woman who wants a few compliments just like anyone else when their bodies are ravaged with hormones.” ( a note to the reader. Le weaseled himself into a month of the calendar and he happened to bring men’s merch that only fit him so he is also going to be our face for men’s merch.Touche Lee. It’s all going your way”!!
Jackson, Lee, Jeff M, and my sister Bellinda are going to Hong Kong tomorrow. How great is my company when I get to travel to such exotic places. In April and May on a some island off of the main hong kong Island they celebrate Buddhas birthday. I can’t wait to see this 50 ft Buddha!! Maybe i will be enlightened when i am there. Even better maybe lee will be enlightened and stopped giving me so much shit.
By the way an interesting observation. When Lee stays at my house, he is overwhelmingly affectionate with our dog Cheeto. But in the 5 years he has known Jackson he is always very reserved, not affectionate at all unless jackson forces him to be. Interesting! Off to China!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jackson has off from school this week. Today we have two of his friends over from school. I can’t lie , Jackson is being a pain in the butt. One of the girls seems to ” have his number” and he is getting so irate with her. ‘ Mom she did… Mom she did …” ” Jackson just get over it and move on to a new game.” ” MOOOOM she won’t keep her promise MOOOM aren’t you going to stick up for me?” For god sakes just stick up for yourself. He is showing his only child syndrome. Right in front of this little girl, “mom tomorrow lets invite so and so but not invite her” Vacation weeks are killers.
the bars are doing horribly this week.
Tomorrow starts the 2008 calendar shoot. I am very excited we are a lot more organized this year. It should be fun.
Back to the troops!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two manager’s logs made me laugh this morning. The first one from San antonio spoke about one of the bouncers telling this man that he was not allowed to slap his wife’s ass while she was on the bar. The man quickly replied ” Don’t worry . It’s not my wife, it’s my daughter” “If that ain’t country you can kiss my ass” is the first thing I thought when I read that.
In nashville there is a new manager named Jim. He used Kyle account to send a managers log last night. Normally you would not be able to tell that it was not Kyle but when he used the word ” blossomed” in describing one of the girls, I knew right away it was not Kyle. And for whatever reason that made me laugh.
Off to find chocalate for Jackson.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Austin, Nashville, and san antonio are doing great!!! ( don’t jinx)
Very sad yesterday a former security guy in Austin, Jesse, died of a brain aneurism. So sad. He had two little girls.
Last night Travis and I went to a seminar on ” Meditation” giving by his Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is the founder of ” The Art Of Living Foundation”. I had never heard of this guy before but he was quite charismatic and from the incessant flashing of cameras, he is a rock star in the new age circuit.
What I learned: I need a hell of a lot more classes to learn how to meditate and calm down. ( I can say the same for Travis). For the 2 1/2 hours of this talk people’s cell phones kept ringing. Babies crying. I thought Travis was going to jump out of his seat. I know that I was getting angrier every minute.
What I also learned: the talk was a teaser. They were not interested in teaching us anything but they wanted us to sign up for their 6 day seminar .
After the seminar, all I could think of was how we could bribe one of the instructors to give us a rushed class so that we could learn in one day what everyone else learns in 6.
Peace, contentment, and calm is going to be a very difficult process for me.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

I received an e-mail a few days ago and I wish I had saved it. This e-mail stated that the person writing simply thought that all the girls who worked for me were just ” sluts” behind the bar. But after watching the show, this person realized that the “sluts” really work hard. I almost fell off my chair laughing. I hope I did not delete that one. It’s definitely a treasure.
Nothing new. Both Nashville and austin rocked last night. I got my tarot cards read today and the gentlemen reading them said that I either had or presently have someone stealing from me so I have to be careful. He also said that shopping and traveling are therapeutic for me so i should feel free to do both. I have been eyeing these silk curtains !

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