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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What the fuck is wrong with kids? I just read an article about teenagers sniffing mothballs and also chewing them to get high. So fucking stupid. A set of twins ended up in the hospital. They actually brought mothballs there to get high in the hospital. OK idiots. Mothballs are made to kill moth larvae. I pray with all my heart that my child never does something so stupid. When I read articles like this it just makes me feel angry. Part of me thinks these people are simply too stupid to live. They should either be put out of their misery or sterilized. Again fucking idiots!!!
Nashville , holy shit. They are rocking!!! Nashville blew all my other bars right out of the water. Kudos to Kyle, Chris, Katie, and staff!!!
I am in my living room with my computer. Jacob fixed my wireless router so I have wireless all over my house. I never thought anything was wrong with it, I just thought it wasn’t supposed to go further then my office and bedroom. What a luxury working downstairs! Thank you Jacob.
Lee and Kevin ran into a business contact in San antonio. This particular man has lost a lot of weight and looked great. His secret is COLONICS! I totally believe in the idea of colonics. May be gross to some people but think about cleaning your intestines out. It’s got to be good for you to get all those toxins out. This particular guy said that everything in his life is better, even his vison is clearer. I have heard that many stars get this done and swear that all their senses become heightened. I think Lee needs a super colonic, with all the shit he shovels every day! Only kidding.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Big 2 year anniversary in San Antonio. Kelly, Shawna, and Matt gave Jacqui and I engraved Tiffany Bracelets and the boys engraved Tiffany money clips. So nice. I love my bracelet!! Everything seemed to go well. A lot of drunk people. I only drank 1 beer, I have a bad feeling that I am starting to get an ulcer, so I didn’t want to rock the boat. Tiffany one of the Sa girls gave me two books for jackson. They were about gross experiments. Jackson loved them. He is already planning to make the fake vomit so he can gross everyone out!!! The girls looked so pretty last night. I was a little worried because they seemed so lifeless at dance practice that day, but they seemed to pull it together and they were great. A lot of the Austin crew came down. Gabe dropped his two beers right next to my chair. they hit the ground and the beer showered my hair and dress. Thanks a lot Gabe. Lee was hysterical laughing. I think Gabe was scared that he just douced the boss. That didn’t bother me as much as the twenty hugs I got after that. You know how some people get drunk and they invade your space hugging and grabbing you. That was Gabe. He hugged me so hard at one point I thought my breasts were going to pop out of my dress. Jacqui and I were remarking on how good looking Daniel is. If he just shut his mouth I am sure girls would like him. Maybe some guys too. I felt bad , I rided daniel about the SA Managers giving us Tiffany Bracelets. But I want him to know that I love the gift Austin made me. It is one of the onty things I have hanging on my wall at the corporate office.
Lee is back at it. I told him 6 or 7 months ago to order Bikinis and Beach Blankets. Today I find out that he never ordered them he is still looking at mock ups. We had such a wonderful night last night enjoying the SA bar, now it all comes crashing down with Lee and the dreaded merch! He said he wanted them to be really cool. The mock ups he sent to me today looked like my 13 year old neice did them on her computer. URGH!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last night my neice, nephew and myself watched ” Click” with Adam Sandler. I thouight I could play the cool aunt by telling them that I kissed adam S in college. Well that just created a ton of questions that I was unprepared to anwer. ” Were you guys dating” No.” How well did you know him?” Just met him that night. ” Why would you kiss someone you barely knew?” No answer. ” Did he take you out after that night?” No answer ” What did you talk about ? ” No answer. Wow what a mistkae. The reality, I kissed him at a Charles MANSON PARTY THAT HE WAS throwing. I didn’t care about him he didn’t care about me. That’s it.
I didn’t even sleep with the guy and I felt like a slut infront of my relatives.
Off to SA

So I read two things that made me wonder. 1. Hard Rock Casino ( Rank Group) is listed for sale at 1 Billion dollars 2. House Of Blues just sold 10 sites for $350 million dollars. Holy Crap. I wonder how much my company is worth? Those are some very weighty numbers!!!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am wiped. I have had my niece and nephew in town. We have gone to the Zoo, Ripleys museum, aquarium, cemtary tours and more. I am wiped out. I told the kids today at the Zoo that I needed to take a few important calls. Well that was fruitless. Between the loudspeaker on the zoo train and me having to constantly calm Jackson down, I couldn’t communicate at all. On a good note my son is so happy with his cousins.
I receieved pictures yesterday from Judith. The pictures were posed shots of the memphis girls holding all different types of guns. Low and behold they have been bonding while taking shooting lessons. Isn’t that just so sweet! I hope my writing expresses my sarcasm. God damn South. Instead of having a Coyote Softball team or bowling league maybe we can have a Coyote Gun club. I wouldn’t trust some of these girls with a kids pair of scissors no less a gun. But as Lee would say it makes a very sexy picture.
Thursday night big 2 year anniversary for SA.!!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale kicking some butt!!! awseome.
Charlotte had a great weekend. What is bothering me in Charlotte is a new feeling of fighting among the staff. When I took over the bar from the licensees that staff worked so hard together and they did so many responsibilities for free. The licensees , literally, left them to run the bar by themselves with no pay no future. But they did it with pride and love. Now the bar is doing better financially with more structure and people have real chances for future careers. But that seems to have created bickering and a feeling of instability. It really is sad to see the few uppermanagement people stabbing each other in the back. I hate that. Today Chris, the GM, is having a meeting with a few of the managers and I hope they resolve this. I really have been inspired by that bar and I hope we can make things happier there.
Back to work. Today’s main topic, Denver .

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Last night Tara and Michelle were dancing on the bar ( New Orleans) . They moved the wrong way and ended up hitting each other. Tara broke her nose. The bouncers told me that she went into the bathroom and adjusted her nose by herself. So gross!!
” Lil let me get you a telephone book so you can drive the truck.” Will and Pump laughing at me while I’m driving the Coyote Truck. So funny. “Well at least my truck passes inspections and I never lose it in a parking lot!”
Some man came up to me in the airport while I was with my son, meice and nephew. He tapped me on the shoulder and said that I was an adorable mom. ” Why thank you. Now stop looking at my ass.”

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Fucking car in the shop again. I have family coming so I have to drive them around in the Coyote Ugly Truck. I am very proud of my company but I am so embarrassed in that truck. In addition to that I can’t park that monstrosity . Well I think my neice and nephew will get a kick out of it.
None of my bars are doing great this week. Mediocre at best. This week has been an influx of emails from the managers. This girl pissed off a customer, this girl called in sick, this girl didn’t come to dance practice. God damn girls are going to kill me.
Next week is san Antonio 2 year anniversary. 2 years! I am already dreading the hang over I will have on Friday of next week.
Jacob and jackson cooked me homemade spelt flour pizza last night. It was delicious! Jackson loved it because Jacob told him that yeast is bacteria farting. So the bigger the dough got the more the yeast farted. 6 year old boy. He loved that!!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I receieved a letter yesterday that really pissed me off. It was from one of the mall managers of the Denver Pavilions where our bar is located. The letter said that the mall was embarrassed by us because our merch store was so empty. Well let me give you some backround on the denver location. In the mall where we are located , they rented a space to a concept that ” brought in the wrong crowd” so to speak. In fact there were actual shootings at this mall. About a month ago, Mellissa our GM and a barback were robbed at gunpoint during the day. The gunman stole quite a bit of money. I inturn told Mellissa not to order any new things so the DENVER bar could get back on it’s feet financially. ” I am so sorry we embarrassed you” ” In my opinion you guys should be embarrassed, better yet ashamed, that the mall can’t protect their tenants.” So to make matters worse, the club that brought in all the problems , shut down. With the approval of the landlord they reopened with a competing concept to ours. Really great landlords!. I know I am going to get a fucking e-mail from my lawyers which comes from their lawyers but I don’t give a fuck, sometimes you just have to speak your peace.
” Sorry Jeff and Rob ( my lawyers) I know this will cause you problems but my latin temper can’t help saying something.
I’ve got my accountant coming to my house to help me organize. I am so embarrassed by my office. The only thing right now I actually should be embarrassed about.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Woke up computer won’t start. Car got water in tail pipe. Dropped my phone. Fell on my ass in mud on my roller blades. And my laptop that I am using right now won’t charge.
Good news. I gave Cheeto a bath and Jackson ate a meal with protein!
Waiting for permits in Miami. Wow this project has taken a long time. Jeff M scouted St. Thomas, Daytona, and San Fransisco.
The CMT touchdown discussions are starting. Let’s see what happens. this time I am happy they want to use some of the current Coyotes. That makes me feel better. Someone asked me recently when did I learn how to do voice over work, because they knew I did voiceover work for the series? Noone taught me. In fact CMT sent me down to a studio with no director and gave me a script. I read the lines a couple times. I would then ask the tech ” hey what do you think?” He would say ” I guess it sounds good. ” To this day I am not sure if I did a good job or not. I guess I must have because they used some of the lines on the show. They say the best way to learn is to teach yourself. How funnywould it be if behind closed doors the CMt people were saying ” man, she sucks”

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Monday, July 17, 2006

God damn frogs. Jackson arrived on Saturday and there were only 3 frogs left in the tank. I do not know where the other one went, all I did was feed them everyday and leave them alone. Today we wake up and there were only two in the tank. Jackson and I were baffled about what happened. There is a lid on the tank so I don’t believe they escaped. After jackson went to camp I decided to do a little research on the two frogs that were left ( the two that are left are the same breed . The other two were different breeds). The two that remain, Jumper and thumper, are fire bellied toads. The research revealed that these toads are carnivores and poisonous. On the warnings it even says that people shouldn’t handle them because their skin is toxic. ” What the fuck!” So I called Jackson’s dad and he said the people at Petco recommended these frogs. I have always felt that the sales people there did not know what they were doing. I am pissed that they would recommend poisonous frogs as pets for a kid. When Jackson comes home I am going to show him the information on these frogs and we are going to set them free. ( far away). I kmow that you can keep them in a tank and they can live but the point of having these frogs was for jackson to play with and love. Keeping them locked up doesn’t seem right.
Back to work!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

One last thing about taxes. When you have to pay that much in taxes I wish I knew where the money was going. Are the taxes I am going to pay helping to feed children? Will there be a new auditorium at an inner city school? What really happens with this money? URGH!
Finished my last meeting in New Orleans today. Martin my New Orleans lawyer took us all out for dinner last night at Gallatoires. All of us drank way too much. Wine, port wine, bourbon. I am actually shocked I am not as hung over as I should be. Jeff W showed up to our meeting this morning in quite a bit of pain.
My son has been visiting his grand parents this week, I can’t wait to see him. I had to take care of his 4 new frogs this week. Gross. I had to feed them live worms every day. They bury themselves under the dirt. I haven’t seen two of them in a couple of days. i hope nothing happened to them.
Ft. Lauderdale’s managers log was very funny last night. They caught a girl peeing in the bathroom stall facing the toilet not sitting on it. My god!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

What a fucking hellish day. We had a meeting with an Eurpoean infringer. It took every ounce of decorum and inner strength to restrain myself from lashing out verbally with these people. The funny part of this whole meeting was their request from us. They want my company to help fight off other infringers, while they remain infringing on my trademark. I don’t know if I was angry or humored by this conversation.
My last meeting happened to be with my accountants. I feel physically ill by how much money I owe in taxes. I almost cried. I am still shell shocked. I am speechless over this.
I am sick!!!!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Big coctail party tonight. I can’t wait to wear my new dress. Jacqui came into town yesterday, we went shoppeing all day. I said to her” why do I spend so much money when you are around?” I was so worried about Jeff W. not liking the conference table he requested. He loved it, which was nice. OK I am in between meetings right now big 3 days

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nascar. Wow what a good time. I have never been to a racing event. I don’t even know if I have ever watched Nascar on TV, perhaps channel surfing. It is a completely different perspective when you are behind the scenes. It is unbelievably organized. They put these cars through so many inspections. Lee and I were invited to the ” Drivers Meeting” that they have before the race. We were right next to all the big guys even Jeff Gordon. Will Farrel and the cast of Taledaga Nights ( sp) were there. They stood about 20 feet away from us. The best part of the race was sitting in the pit during the race. So exciting. I actually filmed from 5 feet away a pitt change. It was very exciting. I now understand the allure of this sport. Our car’s main sponser is Aero Exhaust. The crew was so friendly and warm. I really learned a lot from them. One of the guys works for a company that trains people to be part of the pit crew, I plan on taking Jackson . He would have a blast. Also a little tidbit for anyone who cares, the crews on these cars are unbelievably good looking. Wow The ” Carquest” crew could be described as the male version of ” Baywatch”.
On our side. We sold a lot of merch. I want to thank ” The Chrome Shoppe Mafia” for giving us some space on their truck. Also Wide Open Energy drink for bringing the deal together for us to sell merch there and be part of the sponsership ( albeit small) of the aero exhaust car. Joy, Kalie, Wiggams, Lee and Pump did an excellent job. All and all a great experience!!!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nashville kicking butt!!! So pleased.
So we recently switched the company that distributes our web site orders. What a nightmare! People haven’t gotten their orders because the previous company never documented which orders they actually fullfilled. The new company is run by Lee’s mom. I love her. She is so smart and very artistic. I told Lee he better be careful because his mom might take his job. I feel so sorry for her because the old company was so disorganized that she has no real starting point. I’m hoping in the next week she will resolve all these issues.
We have sold an unbelievable amount of merch at the Nascar event this weekend. I’m on my way there tonight. I’ll be at the track tomorrow. Lee told me that I need to make copies of a picture of myself to sign. I don’t have any good pictures of myself. Even the website picture is a low res shot. Even though my company has celebrated years of success I still can’t get my head around having a headshot when I am just a bar owner. My last head shots were 4 years ago, and I was so embarrassed to get them. Well they came in handy I have recycled those pictures a million times.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

The last two days have been pretty brutal. Sometimes you wish you just hadn’t woken up. Let’s see two days ago I got a call that my home owners insurance was canceled because an agent saw my son’s trampoline. Yesterday one of the girls who I was sending to Nascar missed her flight and I got a very angry Lee calling me up screaming. Which in turn had me calling up Kyle and screaming. I had another heated discussion with someone who told me that they were going to start calling all my employees and tell them that I am a psycho. He also threw in that he would tell one of the regulars that I don’t like him. I actually laughed at that. I may be a little psycho on occassion but I love my employees and would give the shirt off my back for any of them. And as far as the regular that I don’t like, I have a feeling he knows I don’t like him so this threat means nothing to me. Then the topper I got a letter from my mother. It seems that she is very offended by some of the things I write on the Lil Spill. So I have to apologize to my mother. 1. She did not drink or smoke when she was pregnant with me. I am short because of genes. 2. Before she started working full time she tried to do things with my sister and I. ” Ok you happy?”
The bars all did mediocre last night. I just got a call from Lee it seems that the Nascar thing is going well. I’ll be there tomorrow night and all day Sunday!!! ( I really know nothing about Nascar. The only things I know I learned from watching the kids movie ” Cars”)

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

All the bars sucked last night.
Very unhappy e-mails today. The first e-mail I read said the Nashville bar sucked and the Old Atlanta bar was so much better. The second e-mail I read said that the chicago bar sucked and I should be ashamed of it. The third e-mail said that the NY bar sucked because it smelled so bad that they couldn’t stand it. Well after those three e-mails I decided to stop reading. My responses. 1. I love the Nashville bar and I am sorry you didn’t have a good time. 2. Chicago is a franchise so I have no control over it I hope they are maintaing the Coyote Ethos. 3. NY has smelled bad for 13 years . That is part of the charm. What might smell bad to you smells like heaven to me!!!
Kudos to Panama City. They are doing very well lately and other then today I have gotten many very nice e-mails about that bar.
A lot of work to do.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Again, The Nashville bar is on fire!!! ( in a good way) Wow. I am knocking on wood as we speak!! Hot Damn!!! ” Sorry Daniel but Kyle is officially the coolest for the last 7 days”
Running around today trying to get errands done. This weekend myself, Pump, Lee and a few girls will be at Nascar. It is outside Chicago. Come and see us!
That’s it got to run

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Nashville rocked last night!!! All the bars did well last night. Jeff W. is away on vacation which is always a vacation for me. I don’t know what Lee is doing. He is strangely unavailable lately.
Yesterday I spent the day with Jackson. It was raining so our choices were limited. We had breakfast at the coffee shop. We went to the store bought gum for gum day ( only allowed gum once a week) bought art supplies. We came home we painted. We watched movies. We played “I spy” computer game. And at night we observed slugs then read about them and went to bed. Today he told me that he only had fun doing two things, slugs and painting. Kids can be so hard sometimes. I don’t want to give him a guilt trip but for god sakes this kid goes every where with me. We ski, we swim with sting rays, we visit cousins, we go to the zoo. He has one day that is not 100% fun and he tries to make me feel bad about it. When I was a kid you fended for yourself. Your parents didn’t entertain you. For god sakes my parents were never home.
Just venting.

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