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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Unfucking believable. They found a skeleton of a woman dating back to the 10th century bc. From my calculations that is over 3000 years ago. Supposedly the human race through improved nutrition and medicine is getting taller. This woman’s skeleton was measured at 5’3″. 3000 fucking years ago and the woman was still taller then me! This is an outrage!!! Again, who the hell knows what role my parents played in this? Yes genetics plays a part . My family tree ( in their prime) my mother was 5’4″. My father 5’11”. My paternal grandfather 6 ‘ My paternal grandmother 5’2″. My maternal grandmother 5’8″ My maternal grandfather 5’8″ . I am just shy of 5’2″ . Is the simple explanation that I got my paternal grandmother’s short gene? Or is it something more? 10 cups of coffee a day while pregnant? Alchohol from both parents? Very little red meat in our diets? Who knows ? It’s a mystery.
Charlotte did phenomenal for speed week!!!
A lot of shit going on. Toronto is now a stalled project. I’m very upset over this.
Again a lot of shit going on.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jackson and I spent 4 days in Grand cayman. It was awesome. We had such a great time just the two of us. The first night we were at a restaurant he burped out loud. I started to reprimand him but before I could, he stood up and in a very loud voice he pointed to the sky and said ” a prayer to the gods” Everyone around us started laughing. I am back home right now, feeling sick as a dog. For 4 days we were in the pool or ocean fpr at least 12 hours per day. I haven’t swam that much since I was a kid. I would have to force Jackson to get out of the pool at 10 pm. I absolutly loved that he was so happy but I have such a head cold tonight. If you ever go to Grand cayman you have to go to Sting Ray City. Incredible. ( by the way I thought Jackson was off for Memorial day so I planned the vacation. Sunday while I was down there i found out that the french don’t celebrate Memorial day. So he missed school. he was happy about that.)
Landed at 1:30 at the bar by 6 pm filming a segment for CNN. I think the segment will be on Anderson Cooper’s show tomorrow.
OK back at work!!!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Big trip!! I’m taking Jackson to the caribean for Memorial day. I am so excited. I haven’t been to an caribean island in many years. I can’t wait for Jackson to see how clear the water is and how peaceful it is at the beach.
Memphis doing great. Charlotte rocking last night!!! Wendy and Chastity ( bartenders from the Nashville bar) are in Charlotte helping out for Speed week. Make me proud girls!!!
That’s all I got

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I get a call from Jacqui this morning ” Lil I am going shopping, do you want anything.” Well since there is no shopping in New Orleans anymore ( not worthwhile) of course I had to say yes. There was a pair of shoes that I saw in a magazine that I loved. So the next hour she called two more times. Both times that she she called , I was on important business calls. So putting my priorities in proper order I said to the business callers” I’m sorry but I have a very important call with the NY bar, I need to take this.” click ” OK Jac, they are the Christian louboutin Espadrill Collection.” Priorities.
Every bar doing well last night. ( Cross fingers, knock on wood, etc) Memphis managers already showing signs of tiredness. It’s only been a week! the opening of a bar is always hard. It takes a good 2 months to get into a groove and lessen your hours a bit. The memphis managers are not getting any harder schedule then any other bars but the AM has already gotten sick and the GM is definitely tired. Buck up girls you have a long road ahead of you.
Michelle, one of our accountants, wrote me a letter telling me that I should be nicer to Daniel, he really is trying and the numbers are much better. ” OK Michelle, do you think I should send Daniel some roses so he feels better? Maybe a pair of shoes. All girls love shoes.”
Kidding aside, Daniel is turning the bar into a well oiled machine, I just like giving him shit. It’s just so much fun.
Speed week in charlotte. The bar is already doing great. I find that everyday when I open Charlottes managers log, I am praying that it’s good. So far since we took the bar over, I am so pleased with the increase in the numbers. Excellent job. Go get em.
Austin going into Rot Rally. That is huge for us!! And then next week Fanfare in Nashville. I expect huge numbers from these bars. Go get em!!!!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rosa, our nanny, moved back to Austin this weekend. No assistant, no nanny. I know she is very concerned that I won’t keep up with playdates , take the dog to the park, and clean the house. ” don’t worry Rosa, I joined a pool so we have been swimming and going on playdates. I have taken Cheeto to the park everyday. Anndd the kitchen is immaculate and I did 6 loads of laundry.”
Everyone knows I love my son and we do a lot of things together but I can’t lie, I am not good at the playdates. You have to go , make smalltalk, uck, I hate it. But for my son’s well being I will do all these things since we have no Rosa anymore. As far as Cheeto, I take him to the park and he spends the day with me while I’m working. Now the house. I am not the neatest person in the world but I am so proud of myself, the house is really clean so far. Rosa , in the most polite way possible, said to me that noone would work for me if they came in and saw the house messy. ” Don’t worry Rosa, I’m on it!”
Nashville rocking this past week!! Very happy. Memphis, also, great numbers.
Today Chantel is running around getting the New orleans liquor license renewed. It is such a fucked up process here. They seperate it into two licenses from the city and from the state. Well you have to get approval from both seperate entities. very year it’s the same problem, you walk into the city office and they ask to see the states approval. Then you go over to the state and they say they need the city’s approval. So you end up fighting with people all day. It is so backwards. But at least this year i don’t have to do it. The perks of being the boss!!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
This is a link to an article written by someone else who can’t spell. I found it quite interesting. I am sorry it offends people that I can not spell. On the blog site there is no spellcheck. If I write on word( office) and then paste it to the blog site, it comes up with a lot of symbols making it illegible. Grammer: My wonderful high school english teacher placed creativity before grammer. It was not until college that I realized my grammer was atrocious and I constantly used run ons. All I can say is ” deal with it”.
“Kelly move over Adrianna’s P and L statement came back looking very good. You may have a competitor in the ” tight ship” category. We are working on lower labor costs , so look out.” I just thought of something very funny. Daniel, gm Austin, always gets annoyed when I tell him how low Kelly’s COGs are. I then of course, just to make him upset say ” hey, how about I send Kelly there to give you some advice.” I can hear his blood boil over the phone. I can only imagine his reaction if I called and said ” hey Daniel would you like me to send Adrianna one of our newest GM’s to Austin to help you?” He would flip out. In his defense , he is doing a great job , just not as good as Kelly and adrianna when it comes to budgeting. LOL ” Don’t worry Daniel, Denver and nashville are right there with you. Unfortunately for you, both of those GM’s are very sensitive so I can’t write about them unless I am willing to spend an hour of listening to tears. I can only imagine the text I am going to get from him today. ( His mothers day greeting to me was ” Happy Mother’s Day Dorkface:” )So today’s text should be pretty vulgar.
I love you Daniel, only kidding.
Memphis kicking some serious butt!!!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

I do not like to write about political issues because in the bar business it is not appropriate. But sometimes when you feel passionately about something you just have to speak your mind. New Orleans. I am both a resident and a business owner. As both I will hope for the success of the reelcted Mayor Nagin. And pray for a quicker recovery. Now the other side of me is very angry. I don’t understand this. I have heard all over the news that this election was about race. What angers me is that pre Katrina, this mayor did nothing to improve the poor living conditions in areas like the ninth ward etc. Why if there is a track record that shows little growth and change do we as citizens think that a new election will change that? I live in New Orleans. I drive by the mounds of trash everyday. Most of my favorite restaurants and stores have not opened. In fact out of 10 houses on my block, I am only 1 out of 3 that are not selling there houses and moving to another city. Everyone has read in the past about the crime in New Orleans. I myself have always felt safe here. Perhaps I am jaded after living in hells kitchen and alphabet city in NY ( in the days where it wasn’t safe) that I didn’t feel it was particularly unsafe if you are wise. But now there are gangwars. Murder is up . And personally I am afraid to walk up Bourbon St.
All I want is for my home to get better. I want people to feel safe. I want to know that my son, myself and my home is safe from flooding. There are no guarantees in life but these are my wishes for my city.
Having said all of this, I wish Nagin the best of luck and I hope that he can help bring New Orleans back to it’s glory of past.
Nashville, rocked this week!!! Memphis I am crossing my fingers things are going very well. San Antonio great Sunday. And surprise surprise New Orleans had an incredible weekend. ( I asked Jeff M if there was an event in town that explained the elevated numbers of New Orleans. His response , no it’s just me. Cool) Another funny side note. Jeff M, managers log from Friday night in New Orleans. ” Tara and Sasha are either going to kill each other or have an affair. Either way I would really like to sit them down and pull their toenails out one at a time.” I laughed very hard at this. What a pain in the ass these girls can be. Tara can be such a bitch to the other girls, noone wants to work with her. On the other hand ” Sasha get a backbone and stand up to her!!!”
My dream last night was excellent. Marv Levy, former head coach of the Buffalo Bills present GM of the bills, came to my house. It was actually the house I lived in when I was young. He showed up at the door and asked me to interview as a corespondent for ABC news. I was so proud. Not only did I get to meet Marv Levy, who I adore but I would be a football corespondent. The side story of the dream was that I owned and operated these cheesy country clubs and I asked Chantel to watch the clubs while i flew to Buffalo. She kept saying ” I don’t know how to run a country club” I woke up very happy.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Go Memphis!! I think Memphis has had the best 4 day opening weekend of all my bars. Awesome!!!
I would like to personally thank Lee. ” Thank you Lee for making a Coyote Ugly shirt for women in purple.” Purple happens to be my favorite color. I wore it today and got 3 compliments on it.
Nashville rocking last night!!
3 days I spent in Memphis and I could swear I’ve gained 10 lbs. All you eat is meat. No vegetables. Yesterday when I got home I made myself spinach for breakfast , lunch, and dinner. I would like to compliment the cook at the Memphis bar, finally someone who listens to me and makes the buffalo wings well. ( All they need is to be a bit crispier but the sauce was excellent).
The Memphis bar has sold so much merch!! I am very pleased.
One of the girls in memphis told me that she was upset because all the dancing ” made her lose junk in her trunk.” I laughed when she told me this. Well she told me that she spoke with her mother and her mother told her that if she ate pasta all the time it would go straight to her ” trunk”. She said that her mother was right after only a few days her ” trunk” was back to it’s original size. Momma knows best.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

I just found a full piece Elvis Jumpsuit for Jackson, hot dog I’m so excited. Jacqui choreographed a new Elvis song for Memphis , so I figure I will dress Jackson up in the outfit and teach him a few moves. Awesome!! It’s the little things in life.
Cupcake, Nashville bouncer, asked me if I wanted to go and find a place that makes moonshine? ” thanks Cupcake but, I’ve got enough problems”
Sitting in bar office with Judith. Bar did great last night!!! So pleased.
You know what bothered me last night? It actually took me a while to pinpoint my feelings, but I did . Many people came up to me about being a “celebrity”. They love the show etc. I am very happy that they love the show. But part of me is offended that people now think of me as a tv star versus a smart business woman. One woman said to me ” hey why did you come to memphis?” I said ” I just opened a bar here last night so I came to work.” She said ” no really why did you come?” Inside I got so angry. MY job is not the reality show, even though I do work hard to make sure I am honest and true to Coyote Ugly on the show. I just don’t want to die tomorrow and have people remember me as just another person on a reality show. ” I am a bad ass, motherfucking, business, powerhouse!! And incredible sexy empowered Woman!!!
But by the way I have a really good idea for the second season of the reality show, I hope they use it.
Back to New Orleans to vote! Very important!!!

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I actually signed some guys Harley. I kept telling him that I did not like the idea of defacing his bike. I wonder how much that decreases the value?
Girls definitely doing better tonight then last night. Went to the Mamphis BBQ cookoff today. very interesting. I learned a lot about BBQ. Quite a science. Man I am fucking tired. Last night at the opening, I think all of corporate except for Jacqui got bombed. Kevin and Lee were in rare form. Very funny. Jeff Wiseman did his traditional 30 beers. Jeff and I had a meeting this morning, he was hurting.
What went wrong on opening: An electrical short so we had no music for about 15 minutes. Ice machine went down ( but since that seems tradition on opening night I felt it was a good omen) A bunch of other stuff but still a great night.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am so excited. We made the website. The other night, Judith GM Memphis, got us a private tour of Graceland. I can’t tell you how exciting that was. It was like walking through history. The rooms were so 70s. Carpet on the ceilings. I loved it. We learned so much about Elvis. We got to go on the plane, the Lisa Marie. Can you imagine having your own plane? The cars were awesome. There were two cars that were called ( I think?) Stutz Blackhawk. AWESOME. There was a purple caddilac that I told Jacqui, how fucking cool would it be to drive around in a purple cadillac? Well this tour just made our trip.
Ok opening night tonight!!! Let’s go Memphis!!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Off to Memphis today.
6 hour drive. Ready for action!!!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I think the assistant managers seminar went very well this week. Lee is a very good teacher.
Last night we took everyone out to dinner, we had a really good time. Afterwards we went down to the New Orleans bar. I am not going to mince words, the New Orleans Coyotes were horrible. I couldn’t of been more embarrassed.
Usually, I subscribe to the policy, “check your problems at the door and get to work” but I think there is something bigger going on here. Last night I looked at Tara’s face and I saw something that I see all the time when I look in my own mirror, BURN OUT. I am not making excuses, they were truely horrible last night, but I think being so understaffed for such a long period of time has really taken a toll on the whole staff. We are so desperate for new girls it is not even funny. Unfortunately if you ask every other employer in this city they will have the same story. Living here feels so surreal. People walk around like there is a black cloud perpetually on this city. My neighbor actually told me that he would not doubt that 3 out of 4 people living here are on anti depressants. I would not doubt that either.
So Chantel and I are both embarrassed about how the bar was last night. On a side note, which is actually ironic, the New Orleans bar had the best Friday in months, numbers wise.
I know you should not wish for things that aren’t associated with true need and complete desperation. But if anyone is listening, ” we need 4 extra girls in New orleans! And world peace”

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

As we speak I am doing these radio call in shows for CMT. What a pain in the ass this morning. I couldn’t use my cellphone so I had to come to the corporate office to use a landline. I had to park illegally to make it on time. As god as my witness, CMT will pay my parking ticket!!! Now on a good note, I am quite witty and personable today, I have to pat myself on the back. I am even FUNNY. Damn I’m a good PR person.
Now I’m going to write about something gross, so people who don’t want to read further feel free to go to the shopping part of the site. OK, for all the bars I have opened including some of the franchises, I get my period on the day of opening. I don’t know why, I assume it is stress. Well I am quite concerned because I got my period yesterday a full week from the opening of Memphis. This better not be a bad oman.
On a lighter note, Jacob and Will took my car to get brake tags about 3 weeks ago. The inspector did not do one test on the car. And I received my brake tag within a few minutes. Will was psyched and thought he would Unfortunately for Will when he brought his car in for it’s brake tag the same man gave his car every test possible and failed him. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard this story.
Big Assistant Manager’s seminar today!!!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No nasty e-mails today. Must be my lucky day!! This show has not only made me an inspiration to women but from what I gather I have become an icon for short people. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I even considered myself short. You know I blame this on my parents. God knows my mother drank 20 cups of coffee a day while she was pregnant with me ( she’s Colombian). And back in those days women had a few cocktails too. I have asked her if she drank while she was pregnant with me? Her answer is always no, but I don’t believe it. And then my father, that’s a whole other issue. As I am writing this I realize I should be thankful that I am just short, god knows what else could of happened inutero. ( Everything inside of me tells me “inutero” is a word but who the hell knows. It means ” while in the womb”) And then I also think we ate chicken and rice at least 6 times a week. Could something else have been thrown in my diet to eeck out an extra inch or two? Well I’ll never know the real answer. Doesn’t seem to have affected me much. I’ve always worked well and I’ve gotten lucky with men, so shortness hasn’t affected me. But god knows If I ever sell this company , I could never become a flight attendant because I don’t meet the height requirement. I am 5″ 2′ I think the requirement is 5″ 4′ Damn!!
Well onto better topics. Just got the P & L back from a most of my bars for April. I always look at San Antonio first because Kelly runs that bar on a dime and I know I will be very happy. To be truthful, I don’t think I could run that bar with such a tight fist. I wonder if she is the person at home who cyphens out the sheets of toilet paper. 1 square for #1 and 2 squares for # 2. I know that’s grosss but I don’t know how she does it. Regardless I am thinking of sending her to every bar to get their numbers down.
Great night for Denver last night!!! ( look at their P & L last )

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Monday, May 08, 2006

This e-mail made my day:

Comments: Dear Lil,

“I am a single father blessed with a daughter, Tess (age 7). The other night she was working on her 1st grade homework listing “ing” words. As I read the list (dancing, singing, bartending) it brought a smile to my face. Thanks for being an inspiration to a little girl in Seattle!!

We wish you all the best life has to offer.”

Wow I am so touched by that. I hope this little girl doesn’t read the Lil Spill. I would think it might shatter the illusion if she knew I couldn’t spell. I may not respond to all the -emails I get but I do try and read them all.
All the bars have been kicking butt this weekend. Charlotte had an unbelievable Saturday. I hope we can keep the momentum going. Jacqui just got to Memphis. This will be a hard group. Not many profficient bartenders. Unfortunately in that area they work at places that just sell beer or wine or they work in the casinos where your drinks come out by pressing 1 button. A lot of work! But on the good side I woke up today excited about Memphis. This bar is going to do very well.
Rock and Sake just opened backed up in New Orleans. This sushi place was a monday night ritual for Chantel and I. We would go every Monday night as long as I was in town. Tonight we cleared our schedules and we are ordering at least 4 LSU Rolls. I am so excited. Chantel just called me and said ” I ran 4 miles so that I could eat as much as I wanted tonight.” my response ” I did 5 miles on the rollerblades so I could eat as much as I want tonight.” So excited. Chantel actually nailed it on the head by saying she felt like this would put some normalcy back in our lives. I agree!!
Back to work.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Charlotte takeover party went very well. The whole staff is so great. I think because the previous owners didn’t put time into the bar the staff is actually even closer then normal. The bar walls were this very blah beige. I had them paint them red and I had Jacob make them a few signs, wow the bar looks so great now. They just need a few lights and they will be good to go. They gave me a card that they all signed and it actually made me cry. ( I’m sure the 20 shots of crown before that helped). What wonderful hard working people. I am really proud of them.
This whole celebrity thing is really weighing on me. I know that I should feel blessed and believe me I do. But people try to really suck you dry. First can I take your picture? cool. Then can I have you sign my movie? cool. Can you take another picture? ok. Can you go sit on my harley and I’ll take a picture? ok enough. People really take advantage. Can I call my daughter and have you speak to her on the phone? I think I am just not used to this. I am so proud of my company and myself that Coyote Ugly is so famous, but I didn’t realize how hard that can be. The sad part is that I can’t have fun when I go to my bars. I need to figure out a happy medium. I can meet people, shake hands etc but still have my own time as well.
One of the funniest nights in Charlotte was Wednesday. Jacqui, Lee, Kevin and myself went to Capital Grill. ( delicious) well 4 bottles of wine and we ended up in the hotel lobby trying to rework a segment of a new dance Jacqui is choreographing. 4 drunk people trying to learn this dance, the staff was laughing. There is part of the dance where you lightly push. Freaking Kevin pushed me so hard that I landed on my face on the rug. Well it was funny then, 4 bottles in, but the next morning my body was aching. I’m not sure if I wish we had a camera or if I am glad we did not. Regardless, what fun. I have decided to try to take one night a trip to go out with Jacqui, Kevin, lee. We are so close but rarely see each other. It’s important to have a night to laugh and chat instead of spending every moment working.
Back to the real world.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A big congratulations to Maria from NY. After 13 years with no head bartender she was recently appointed head bartend. I heard that she got herself a shirt that says head bartender on it. ” Maria I would love to post a picture of you with your new shirt! Congrats!”
Sitting in the Charlotte bar. How exciting. Big take over party tonight. What a great crew. They love this bar. I brought Jacqui down to do a refresher on the dances. Well thank god I brought her here because the girls were doing the dances all wrong. It’s the little things but it just reinforces my thoughts that the franchises do not put the care that I do with my bars. I really love this bar. Small like New Orleans and NY with that same really closeknit feel.
I have decided that Charlotte is my backup city. Everyone who lives in New Orleans has picked a place that they will evacuate to. This is it. It is so beautiful here. I really love it.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sometimes you read a piece of news that really inspires you. It’s not about war, weather, or catastrophies. It’s about genius and about true love. That inspires me.
television pioneer dies at 98

Tuesday, May 2, 2006; Posted: 2:08 p.m. EDT (18:08 GMT)

Farnsworth, worked by her husband’s side and fought for decades to assure his place in history.

Her death Thursday was confirmed by Mary Rippley, assistant director of nursing at Avalon Care Center in Bountiful, where Farnsworth lived.

Farnsworth, who married the young inventor in 1926, worked by her husband’s side in his laboratories and fought for decades to assure his place in history after his 1971 death.

Other inventors had demonstrated various developments in the 1920s, including mechanical transmission of images, but it was Farnsworth’s work that led to the electronic TV we know today.

His first TV transmission was on September 7, 1927, in his San Francisco lab, when the 21-year-old inventor sent the image of a horizontal line to a receiver in the next room.

He said inspiration for his invention had come seven years earlier, while plowing a field on his family’s Idaho farm. He realized an image could be scanned onto a picture tube the same way: row by row.

His widow recalled that morning in the lab “like it was yesterday,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002. “It was a very small screen, about the size of a postage stamp, an inch and a half square. At first, we were stunned. It was too good to be true. Then Phil said, ‘There you have it — electric television.”‘

According to the book “Philo T. Farnsworth: The Father of Television” by Donald G. Godfrey, the first human images transmitted by Farnsworth were of his wife and her brother, Cliff Gardner. A 3 1/2-inch-square image of his wife with her eyes closed was transmitted on October 19, 1929, Gardner wrote. The book lists her as “first woman on TV.”

But credit for the invention nearly escaped Farnsworth after RCA claimed the innovation was the work of its chief television engineer, Vladimir Zworykin. In 1935, the courts ruled on Farnsworth’s patent, naming him TV’s undisputed father. The decision was upheld on appeal, though Farnsworth continued to get little recognition.

Philo Farnsworth gave his wife equal credit in his invention, saying, “my wife and I started this TV,” according to Godfrey.

He eventually was featured on a U.S. postage stamp, and a historical marker was placed on the San Francisco building where the first Farnsworth television image was projected. A statue of her husband now stands in the U.S. Capitol bearing the inscription: “Philo Taylor Farnsworth: Inventor of Television.”

Elma Farnsworth was received with applause when she stood up at the Academy of Television Arts & Science’s Emmy Awards tribute to her husband in Los Angeles in 2002.

The battle between Farnsworth and RCA boss David Sarnoff was told in several books, including his widow’s 1990 autobiography, “Distant Vision.”

Evan I. Schwartz, who wrote “The Last Lone Inventor: A Tale of Genius, Deceit and the Birth of Television,” said in 2002 that he, like many people, were puzzled when he began researching the story.

“I had heard the name. You can’t forget the name,” Schwartz said. “But then I had these questions: Who WAS this guy? How could you invent the defining technology of the century and remain virtually anonymous? That’s quite a trick.”

I can’t fit the rest of the article but basically this woman spent her life fighting for the world to recognize her husband as the true inventor of the modern television. Love and genius. True inspiration

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I wonder what this dream means: Jackson and I were in an antique shop. Vigo Mortensen was the owner of the shop. We spoke about a specific table/sculpture which I was going to purchase. He then told me about my boyfriend leaving me for another woman. After my shock, he asked me to go out with him that night. The date consisted of playing darts in our dart league in NY. I told Vigo that I hadn’t played darts in a long while but he said I had to play for the sake of the team.
Some other things happened but I thought it was quite odd. Last week I had a dream about Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugn. I told myself I need to stop my subscription to US magazine.
The memphis girl search. By Sunday night I had picked 39 girls. I will say that there were some truely funny moments. There was this girl from Latvia. She is beautiful and so funny. I asked her if she could sing and she said yes. I don’t know if this will play in words but you need to envision a beautiful girl with an unbelievably strong accent. ( latvian accent sounds very much like a russian accent) She started singing a Madonna song ( can’t remember the title) ” Life is a mystery” You had to be there but it was like a skit from Saturday night live . Very funny. Kevin almost fell off his seat laughing.
Another very funny girl was who I call the” line dancer” She told me that she has a very busy week. 1 or 2 days a week she goes line dancing. Then another night she goes to Kareoke ( no idea how to spell). Then the rest of the week she stalks rodeo riders. She told me she had to wash the horse shit from her boots before she came to the girl search. Very funny.
Busy week. This Thursday big takeover party in Charlotte . I am very excited..

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