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Friday, June 30, 2006

I just found out that a former Coyote named Thalia, died recently. This girl worked for me at the NY bar probably 6 or 7 years ago. Thalia looked like Angie Eberhart ( red headed model) with tatoos from head to toe. Half the guys were in love with her or scared of her. I think she had just as many female customers whom were wowed by her looks. Unfortunately, her story is an all to familiar story in the world of the bar business. I do not know all the details but from what I understand after she left Coyote years ago, she stayed in the bar, nightclub business and kept a very unhealthy lifestyle. It is a hazard in this industry that people get wrapped up in the lifestyle of drinking, staying up late etc. Supposedly she died of liver failure. So sad. If I remember correctly she was just in her mid thirties.
THE COCKTAIL PARTY. Jeff and I have meetings that we have scheduled in New Orleans in July. A few months ago we had spoken about inviting Martin, my New Orleans lawyer, and a few investors to a cocktail party at the corporate office. Since then, Jeff has spoken to Martin and the guest llist has increased to 80 people. Last week Jeff told me that he was going to extend an invitation to the CMT, Touchdown people. I said ok but do not invite the contestants. Of course, I get a call yesterday from Jeff ” I am sorry Lil but the touchdown people invited all the contestants. ” Let me explain why I think this is not fair; my girls all over the country that work in the various bars were not allowed to audition for the show. I think it is unfair that the contestants are getting an invitation when I can not invite all the hundreds of girls that work for me. Right now only two girls from the show are true Coyotes and work at my bars, Cassie and Tessa. I can’t take back the invitations but I want to apoligize to all my Coyotes, and other staff ” I love all of you and I am sorry that Jeff fucked up!”
God Damn Lawyers!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today has been about taxes, infringers, and the heat. My god , when is this dark cloud of super taxation going to pass? As a democrat, I have never felt that I shouldn’t pay taxes. I always felt like it contributed to social security, an improved school system, and a sense of giving. Now I feel like I am paying more in taxes then my income and there are no visual or moral rewards. URGH!!!
Infringers: The Dallas bar just e-mailed me about finding an infringer. ( thanks Crystal) more money out the god damn window. And the fucking heat is killing me. I am so fucking cranky today.
This morning I had a meeting with Jeff M. I am so proud of him. It’s been about 2 weeks without smoking and he is excersizing and drinking a ton of water. So proud!!! While we were sitting chatting, he was so happy and positive, all I was thinking is; “he better not spend too much time around me, I’ll bring him right down with my negative energy.”
I just called Lee to help me spell excersizing. Just for the record, neither one of us spelt it right.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mycomputer is in the shop. 5 days now, I am dieing!!! Knock on wood Denver is doing fantastic. I am missing an important conference call today because I am flying.
It looks like I am staying in New Orleans. I could not get jackson into the school I wanted him to attend in Charlotte so I decided it would be best to stay.
A lot going on. Waiting to hear when Miami will open. I have Jeff M scouting a few spots in the caribbean. That’s a great job!!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh New Orleans. Jacob and I went to Home Depot yesterday on the West Bank. The last 4or 5 blocks of the ride we realized there were some thugs following us in their pick up truck. When we pulled into Home depot, Jacob ( without consulting me) got out of the car went directly to their car and said ” why the fuck are you following us, motherfuckers!” Well they got scared and fled. when we were inside we decided to check on the car, well one of the kids was about 10 feet away from my car with a baseball bat. Jacob of course screams to the guy ” I will fucking kill you, motherfucker” ( all southerners use mother fucker as often as fixin”) So they ran away. I have to say that it was quite sexy to see Jacob scare the thugs . But regardless we were then scared to leave the car alone so we had to travel 10 miles to another home depot. Today I had another New Orleans moment. I went to the local super market and ran into a former bartender. She introduced me to her 2nd husband who is 30 years her senior and then told me that they were not there to go food shopping but they were there to wire money to bail her mother out of jail. ” I’m fixin’ to miss this mother fucking city”
Memphis and denver cranking last night!!! San Antonio has been doing poorly the last few weeks. I am concerned that the new AM, Matt, is a bad luck charm there or that there is some bad mojo at the bar. Perhaps kelly needs to buy some Sage .
I signed the papers to start showing my house for sale. I am very weepy about it but I think it is not a city for Jackson any longer. OK Charlotte, here I come.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot as hell today!! I live in a city that now has the national guard as the policing body. Part of me feels good about this and part of me feels scared that I live here. It seems that rebuilding has stopped but crime has increased. I feel like a trader contemplating moving. It just is truly depressing here.
The bars are sucking up a storm this week. Nashville and Denver are my only shining stars .
Jeff W. and Lee are at the licensing show in NY this week. Lee sent me a picture of our booth and it looks very nice. ” Lil, every body else spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on their booths , you only let me spend a thousand bucks. I did the best I could” “Why Lee, yes you did a great job and next year we can spend even less since you already have the props!!!”
Jackson and I stayed up late watching movies and playing games ( mentally stimulating games). As per usual, I couldn’t sleep. I finally fell asleep around 6 am. Danile called me at 7:25 this morning. I felt bad because I was cranky but it was just my luck that someone called that early. The doctor prescribed to me Ambien, a sleeping pill. ” his advice take 1/2 a pill for 3 days and then try a few days with nothing.” Well that lasted only 3 days because the pill didn’t work at all. The first two nights I took the half a pill he prescribed and slept 3 hours and then the 3rd night I took a whole pill and slept 4 hours. So, I simply stopped taking them since I sleep the same amount when I take nothing. Urgh!!!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

So yesterday I parked by the bar and Jackson and I walked the 3 blocks to Tower Video, where we purchased ” Clash of the Titans” because Jackson is into a greek mythology phase. When we got back to the bar , we chatted with Chantel, Shannon, and Tara. Jackson had all the guys doing armfarts within minutes. And charming all the girls. We stayed a total of fifteen minutes then we were off to our home. On exiting the car after I parked in my driveway, I noticed that someone had hit my left rear light and side bumber. Of course No note no nothing. I am so pissed!!! I was just about to trade that fucking car in and now I’ve got to fix it!!!! Fucking people.
Jeff W and Lee will be at The Jacob Javitz Convention Center in NY this week at a licensing convention. Kevin went to Calgary last week and I think he goes to Cancun this week. Lots of things going on!!!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yet again I have to bitch about the Lemonade Stands. This morning Cheeto and I walk out the front door on our Sunday morning Stroll for Coffee and the Sunday NY Times. Well low and behold, on the corner is yet another lemonade stand but with kids I do not recognize. Of course that gets me all upset early in the morning. Not only do I hate having to pass the lemonade stand but now on my block it is being manned by kids who don’t even live on my block!!!. Well like a good New Yorker I walk in the other direction and walk 4 blocks out of my way not to pass them. On the way back from the coffee shop it started to rain, I figured great , they will pack up. Of course to my dismay they were still there so again Cheeto and I walked 4 blocks out of our way to get back home. Every week there is a lemonade stand on that corner. Perhaps I need psychological help because I can’t stand it. I HATE LEMONADE! I’ve never liked it not even as a kid. But if I walk by and not buy one then I’m an asshole. URGH!!! I told my sister about it and she agreed. My sister is a lot nicer then me and she is the mother of 3 kids. She told me that when her kids ask her to do a lemonade stand her reply is this ” A lemonade stand is supposed to teach you about elementary business. I don’t see how me shelling out the money for the lemonade, cups, ice etc and giving you guys the revenue is a good business lesson.” Well said!!!
Only 1 of my bars did well last night, Memphis! Very pleased with the numbers from Memphis. I stopped in shortly at the New Orleans bar, same girls different day. Tara got laser surgery on her eyes this week. It is like a miracle. Imagine having such bad vision and then waking up and being able to see without glasses. She actually told me that her vision was so bad that she would have to wear her glasses into the shower with her. Good for her ! Must be a wonderful feeling. Someone told me that I don’t speak about the NY bar enough. Well the NY bar is not on the same aloha system as the other bars so I get the numbers and comments differently. But to be perfectly frank the bar has had the same girls and staff for so many years, that there is very little drama . But I did make Juan, from the NY bar the first ever ” employee of the month” His picture will be up shortly. what a pain in the ass getting his picture for the website. So don’t think I don’t think about the NY bar. If I move to Charlotte I’ll be going to NY a lot more often.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Just got back from charlotte. I went and looked at real estate. I found a really great house. I booked myself into this hotel that address read Charlotte. I didn’t realize how big Charlotte is. I felt bad but I did not go to the bar because the hotel was 20 miles away. Now the decision. Do I move or do I stay? The pros: Charlotte is a hubb so I can get a lot of direct flights. It’s beautiful. 4 seasons. 1 hour to the mountains 2 hours to the beach. 2 hours from my family Good school system. more probable that we won’t have to relocate for natural disaster. Cons: leave the familiarity of New Orleans. Not have any friends. Have to drive places versus walk. Very right wing conservatives. Don’t know if Jackson’s school will be as good.
So many decisions.
Denver had a killer night last night!!! Awesome!!! Panama City also had a great night last night!
Another pro about moving to Charlotte: I will probably be able to hire a decent assistant.
Too much work!!!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The last week I have been getting annoyed at the Memphis managers. On Sunday , monday, and Tuesday nights they keep writting on the logs ” how slow the night was”. Well, I get the numbers. Last night there were , if I remember correctly, 390 people who walked in the door. That is not slow!!! They are ringing in on these days what some other bars wish they would ring in on weekends!!!! It just pisses me off because I am scared they are setting up unreal expectations for themselves and the girls. I don’t want the girls to lose energy because the managers are walking around saying how slow it is. Again 390 PEOPLE THROUGH THE DOOR!! THAT IS NOT SLOW! They should be proud we are probably the busiest bar on Beale street.
New Assistant manager in San Antonio, Matt. Last night was the first night I have received a manager’s log from him. His log essential read ” everything fine”. Would it be possible to be a bit more descriptive in your logs? Please!!
Lee is suffering from secere OCD. He told me this week that he bought over $200 in cleaning supplies and he has only cleaned 1 room. He sounds completely insane.
Jeff and I were invited on a someones yacth. See at least Jeff W. meets rich people. Too bad I get severely sea sick.
Yesterday I went and test drove the JF ( maybe pf) cruiser by Toyota. Right now the Blue book value of my Range Rover is between $45,000 and $50,000. Fully loaded I could get the Toyota SUV for $30,000. Now the kicker! You can take a hose and hose out the car when it gets dirty. I told Lee this and his response was ” wow. It’s almost like they designed the car just for you.” I agree. I’ve had to wash the ceiling of my Range Rover because Jackson has spilt something and through weird physics it landed on the ceiling. So at the end of this week I am going to try and sell my car and get the Toyota!!
I am on the phone with Kevin right now. He is so funny. You have to know Kevin but when he gets excited he uses the most unusual and descriptive language of anyone I know. Right now he is enflamed by some business acquaintance and he is saying ” Lil, if this person and his whole family got run over by a truck carrying a contagious form of cancer. I wouldn’t care” I love Kevin!!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

So Friday , Jackson and I bought a kit that helps you grow bacteria. ( he is in a science experiment stage) We created 5 cultures. 1. his tongue and teeth 2. My armpit. 3. in between his toes 4. toilet seat 5. Inside Cheeto’s ( our dog) ears. Today I would like to report that the bacteria that is growing the quickest appears to be from Cheeto’s ears. In second place is in between Jackson’s toes. Nothing like growing bacteria to make you feel like you are learning about science!!
Nashville big week. I am very proud of everyone. Hell of a job!!!
Kevin got either bitten by something or contracted poison Ivy but I just spoke with him and he is driving himself nuts. He watched the show ” Medical Mysteries” last night and is now scared that he’ll be dead in the next few weeks. I have to say, I have watched some of those shows as well so I suggested he go to the doctor. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you are a hypocondriac. But this time I actually believe him.
No other news today.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jackson is still asleep. That is unheard of in our family. I watched half an episode of ” Big Love” last night. For the record I have never watched the show before and I am only interpretting what I saw of the half episode. What I saw was a tv show that is glorifing polygamy. Wow, I am shocked. I just read a book about Mormon Fundamentalists. I don’t find the beauty in being raped as a child and then being married off to your uncle, who happens to be 40 years your senior. From what I saw on the show, the group of wives work together and they act like a little commune. Perhaps this sounds beautiful to some but I would perfer a choice on my life, my husband, my youth. But again I have only seen half an episode perhaps there is more depth to the show.
Nashville still crushing everyone. From what I understand Cassie, from the CMT show, has spent more time signing autographs and taking pictures. ” Let the girl work!!!” When she is working at the bar she is no better and no worse then the other Coyotes. Let her go to work. Also just to make it clear, CMT did not allow any of the already established Coyotes to enter the contest so again she is now just a regular Coyote. Just like all the girls. If you want a picture of Cassie take it while she’s serving a drink or dancing on the bar. If you want an autograph, get it from her when she hands you back your credit card slip.
That’s all.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Unbelievable!! Nashville is doing unbelievably well. We are selling merch like crazy. I hope Kyle has merch for the whole weekend. This week is like the Kentucky Derby of bar weeks. I wish I was there. I wish 2 things . 1. If there was ever the technology to just beam me places, I would love that. or 2. the more realistic, have my own plane. But I need to be making a shit load more money then I do to buy my own plane. I read stories and hear people speaking about private planes but I have never been on one, unless you include my visit to Graceland and walking through Elvis’ plane the Lisa Marie. God I wish that I could just make a call and have the plane ready to fly me at a moments notice. I really wanted to go to Nashville for just the day, it’s only an hour flight. But the last flight out is pretty early and it just wouldn’t be worth it. I wish I had some rich friends who owned a plane but I don’t have that either. Jacqui has always made a joke about me. She tells the NY girls that I would never date any man with over $40 in their pocket. Jeff always tells me that I need to start networking with richer people. I don’t know why I am like this. I have always been attracted to people who are creative and free spirited. Unfortunately, that means smart but broke. My desires are not to meet someone who can give me a plane or buy me nice things. I just wish I was friends with someone who had a plane and they would let me borrow it whan I need to go to work.
( PMS, I am in a hating mood today) I hate my range rover. Always in the shop and they never really fix it. Fucking idiots. Well I know I need an SUV, I am essentially a soccer mom. Even though my kid doesn’t want to play soccer. So I went on line and saw this new toyota suv. Base price $21,000. MPG 2 wheel drive 18/22. Much better then my present SUV. That’s what I am going to do today.
Poor Memphis GM. On weekends the bar stays open until 5am. This morning Judith was e-mailing me at 6:45 am. She was still at the bar.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holy shit Nashville!!! Way to go!!
This past week I have gotten calls, e-mails, and text messages from Daniel ( Austin Gm) telling me that he is the coolest GM ever because he increased Rot Rally sales from last year by 41%. I told him that I was very proud of him but this week Kyle ( Nashville GM) has Fanfare and Kyle might end up the coolest. Of course, Daniel then says, ” Only if he raises the numbers by 41%” Well so far for the first 3 days of Fanfare the numbers are up 14%. I am proud of Kyle very much. Kyle is very reserved, quiet guy. I would like to use the word humble to describe his demeanor. Now Daniel is the complete opposite of that. In fact , Daniel, may have to look up the definition of “humble” in the dictionary because he is unfamiliar with that concept. Last night I actually had a dream about looking at the numbers and Kyle coming close to raising the totals from last year by 41%. Regardless, it is not a competition, I love all my GM’s. They all do great jobs!! Go Kyle!!!
Katie ( former Coyote from Austin) just started as the new AM of Nashville. Very crazy week for her to start but from what I hear she is doing great!!
I sent a few Charlotte girls and a few Memphis girls to Nashville to help out. I have gotten really great feed back on them. It is so exciting when one of the bars is really busy. There is such a positive energy in the air.
Today is Jackson’s last day of school. His last day in Kindergarden, next year 1st grade. My little boy is growing up.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

God damn cingular. My razor phone sucked so I bought a new phone. Well low and behold this phone is even worse. It drops calls and there is only one spot in my house where I can actually hear anyone. This particular phone has a different text messaging system. I have programmed t9 on both phones. On the old phone I would plug in 2 letters and there would be options of different words I may be trying to use. On this new phone I need to spell the whole word correctly otherwise the word won’t come up. Do you know how difficult that is for me? I find I spend more time trying to think of an alternate word because I can not spell the original word correctly. ( apothocary, apothacary neither of these is right) I am so frustrated. I love the whole idea of text messaging. You get your thoughts out quickly without having to actually spend time making small talk during conversation. URGH!!!
Ft. Lauderdale had a horrible night last night.
I am just off today. My ears are so clogged up. I went to the doctor yesterday and told him that my ears never decompressed after my last plane trip. He said that there was nothing he could give me perhaps if I could clear my sinuses that would help. I feel like I am living with a fishbowl on my head. My hearing is so bad and it is that annoying feeling that your ears are clogged like you just went swimming.
Bad mood!!!
I should do yoga.
I’ll be at the Nashville bar on Thursday night!!!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

I have received many e-mails this weekend in response to my posting the other day regarding a customer and my rudeness. Many people have written me telling me not to worry about the comments of this woman , in fact she was rude for interupting me. While it is very nice to have so many people ” on my side”, I was wrong and I will tell you why. By being rude, I lost a few customers. To be perfectly frank I didn’t go home and cry myself to sleep because I may have hurt her feelings. But on a business level I just lost her hard earned american dollars and that is unacceptable in this business. So from now on, I will take my picture with people, I will shake peoples hands and I will try my hardest for everyone who walks into my bar to have a good time and leave with an empty wallet.
Enough said.
Opening the managers logs today was such a pleasure. Austin, Charlotte, Nashville, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Memphis, New York, and new Orleans all did phenomenally well. I am thrilled. what a pleasant way to start the morning. Unfortunately San Antonio had a miserable Sunday night but I’m sure they will bounce back.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I woke up today in a bad mood after 2 nights in the New Orleans bar but I got 2 really funny e-mails and have now snapped out of it.
The first e-mail was for Kelly of San Antonio. ” I know Kelly runs a tight ship but could you please tell her that it wouldn’t kill her to put a few nuts and bolts on the women’s toilet seat!” I laughed out loud when I read this. ” Kelly why don’t you ask one of the beer or liquor companies to pay for new toilet seats this way you don’t have to expense it!”
The next letter was ” Why don’t you have a fan club” I just about feel out of my chair when I read this. I wrote a letter to this woman saying she could be the president and only member of the Lil fan club.
Again I want to mention the Austin bar. I am so proud of everyone there. the girls, the bouncers, the barbacks, and management. 151 bodyshots in 7 hours!!! You guys rock!!! They crushed last years numbers from Rot Rally! Excellent!!!

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New winner Austin!!! 7 hours , 151 bodyshots. That is the record. There is noone even close to that.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

First and foremost, I want yo start a new segment on the website that posts the best employee of the month . This section will include porters, barbacks, security, managers etc. So for the very first employee of the month , the honor goes to Juan, in NYC. He has been our porter, barback, and t-shirt maker for close to 10 years. I love you Juan and I wish you and your family happiness for all time.
Now, The most important issue today is ” Damn Daniel is the coolest!!” Austin rocked last night!!! That bar is kicking everyones butt!!! ” Daniel again you ar a great GM and could be one of the coolest people I know!”
I need to get something off my chest. Last night I went down to the New Orleans bar. I spent the first few hours taking pictures with people, signing stuff etc. Well during this time, I was iritated with the girls and just felt like the girls were letting money walk right out the door. About a half an hour before I left , I was chatting with Shannon ( security) at the front door and people kept coming up interupting us and saying ” hey aren’t you Lil, Can I take a picture with you?” To be perfectly frank, I just started telling people that I wasn’t Lil and continued talking. Some woman walked up to me and said ” You should be ashamed of yourself, that you are so rude and you are the owner of this establishment.” Then she walked away.
She was right. I shouldn’t of been so rude. I signed up for this and I should be thankful for the notoriety and success of my business. I called Lee up last night after I left and I told him about the incident. He aggreed that I have to put myself out there now. ” So this is an apology for everyone I have ever been rude with, who simply wanted to shake my hand or take a picture, I am sorry.” I know now that I can no longer go to the bars and work in aninimity ( who the fuck knows how to spell that). I am thankful for everything I have and all I have accomplished. So today I turn over a new leaf, I will try to the best of my ability to be kind to people who come to meet me. ( except for the people who try to touch me or get weird)
Tonight I am going to be at the New Orleans bar. I will make sure I have makeup on and a good attitude so bring your camera and make sure you get my good side.
I can’t believe this. Last night Austin came in #1 in sales of all my bars and San Antonio came in dead last. That is a first. To cheer the San Antonio managers up , since I have been on their asses lately, last night in New Orleans a bunch of girls came in and said they liked the San antonio bar much better and that the New Orleans girls should learn from them. Of course Tara’s response to this was ” I went to San Antonio to train those girls motherfucker”. Well congrats Kelly and Shawna you beat the New Orleans bar but I think after last nights performance from the New Orleans girls, the dive bar around the corner with the 50 year old bartender could of beaten them too.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

A couple weeks ago I joined the Jewish Community Center near my house. This place has a really wonderful set up. A complete Gym, with sauna, massages, persanal trainers etc. The real selling point is the olympic size pool. Since I don’t have a pool and it is already in the mid 90’s here, I thought it would be a great place to take Jackson. So far he has gone almost everyday after school.
There is only 1 negative to this whole place, it is closed on jewish holidays and it observes the sabbath rules . I am not saying anything against the Jewish faith, I have many friends who are Jewish. I just am really hot today and this weekend is Shuviot, a jewish holiday, so the pool is closed today and tomorrow. Urgh!! It’s so HOT!!! Did the old testament say ” no pool on holidays?” At least they had the Red Sea to go swimming in. ( I know god is going to strike me down for saying these things. Yesterday it was 96 degrees, I’m sorry I’m hot)
I don’t think any bar I own did phenomenal in sales last night. I was hoping Austin would do well with the kickoff of Rot Rally but the thunderstorms forced them to close our booth early.
I am trying to move past the disappointment in Toronto. I was really looking forward to that bar. Unfortunately we are back to the drawing board and looking for a new space. Miami is moving ahead.
One other thing that has been bothering me. I get letters all the time about giving to charities. ( on a personal and business level we always give to charities that we believe in). Some woman wrote me a letter saying that she wanted us to send her t shirts and an autographed picture for a charity treasure hunt. I sent her back a letter ” how do we know this is for a charity and not just a way to get free stuff?” I don’t want to be a jerk but I can’t tell you how many letters I get that request free stuff. So for everyone who reads this, unless it is from an actual legally sanctioned charity, I am not honoring any requests for free stuff.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy busy busy. Got a really bad letter about the San antonio bar today. I’m pretty pissed off about it. I don’t care if I end up having 100 bars, it still upsets me to get a bad critique on one of my bars.
On the good side, I have received some very positive letters about DC, Panama City, Nashville, NY, and New Orleans today. I have scouts in California and Pheonix this weekend. Let’s see what happens.
Spoke with Jacqui this morning. I wonder where my espadrills are I haven’t received them yet? NY bar did phenomenally well this past weekend!! HOT DOG!!!
I was on CNN last night. It was about a 20 second spot speaking about business in New Orleans. I was so happy to be asked to be on CNN. I thought I was a big shot. Well, talk about getting knocked back down to reality, they introduced me as the owner of ” the Ugly Coyote” instead of “Coyote Ugly”. That knocks you right back to the ground.

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