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Friday, September 29, 2006

Thank you Denver staff for the absolutly beautiful flowers. You guys are the best!!!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I feel horrible for Anna Nicole Smith. Having a baby should be a magical and glorious event but to lose your elder son only a few days later, what a tragedy. They are saying it was a lethal combination of 2 anti depressants and methadone. If I am not mistaken methadone is a drug used to treat addiction to heroine and other strong narcotics. I hadn’t heard that this kid had any drug problems before this. It is so common to self medicate now adays. So dangerous.
I just read that the new sports drug is cough syrup mixed with codeine. They put this in an energy drink and they call it ‘ lean’. I am not sure what this does for them other then be a pain reliever. The term ” lean” denotes something else but I am not sure why cough syrup would change into something else? I’ll have to do some research on that.
Terrel Ownes. was it a suicide attempt or not? Who the hell knows or cares what is interesting is his use of a hyperbaric chamber. From my little knowledge of this, a hyperbaric chamber pumps a purer form of ozygen into the chamber. Certain hospitals use it to help heal cancer patients and other ill patients. Terrell swears that this chamber helps heal his injuries. I’ve also read that it can be dangerous to expose yourself to such pure ozygen. Lifestyles of the rich and famous can be interesting.
A lot of sad things in the news this past week. There was a woman who killed another woman and cut open her abdomin to kill her unborn child. She then killed this woman’s three other children. What a world we live in.
On a good note. I am officially in my new house. I have internet and a phone. I love my new house! I would bet that it will be at least a month before all my boxes are organized. My son is great. He is learning so much this year. First grade seems harder then I remember it. Jackson and I were speaking about Hamlet. I was surprised to hear that he knew the story of Hamlet. After describing to me the plot line of ” Hamlet” he concluded our conversation by saying ” if I had a pig I would name it Hamlet.” I love that. ( hopefully we will never have a pig)

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I got a laugh reading the Denver log today. Mellisa spoke about having to ask a guy to leave, no big deal. But she then joked about how he said ” I work on Wall street and your going to pay” etc. I always laugh at these customers. ” you don’t know who I am!” ” I know the owner and I will make sure HE fires you” Very funny. ” I am a personal friend to ‘ Lil’ you need to call her right now or you’ll lose your job” People are so ridiculous. Everyone’s a big shot when they’ve been drinking. My personal favorite is when someone questions their credit card bill. ” I never oredered that many drinks.” Funny but we have it all on video tape. Would you like me to show you on video how many drinks you ordered?”
San Antonio, Austin, and Nashville having great nights!
By the way I am proud to report Monday night was a great night for the New Orleans bar. The energy in the city revolving around the reopening of the Superdome was incredible. I have decided that I think I may have to make Jackson a Saints fan. I have been a Buffalo Bills fan all my life but since moving to the south I never get to watch the games. It’s just not as big a part of my life as it used to be. But I always loved that energy on game day. I figure if I want to expose Jackson to that then it will have to be with the Saints since they are our local team. I am going to paint his face Saints colors and take him to the next game. It should be fun. I have to say that I was really routing for them on Monday. 3-0 very impressive. Bills lost.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Out of my bars, Memphis and Nashville did OK. Don’t know yet about NY and New Orlenas. I want to commend Panama City, Awesome night!! I don’t run Panama City but I do get a lot of positive e-mails about them. Good job.
MY move. The movers broke a specially made etched, frosted glass from one of the window panes in my old house. What else. they broke a new chair and ruined my stainless steel coffee table. Urgh!!!
All in all , I love my new house. Right now We are crammed in Jackson’s room because I am having hard wood floors put into my bedroom. I am beat. I can’t wait until my house is unpacked so I can find everything.
Cheeto kept on getting out so I bought an electric fence to put around the yard. He crawls under the house to get out and then crawls under the neighbors house so I can’t get him. Well , I am not going to lie, I felt a piece of comfort when he got shocked for the first time. He had been so bad all day. But that morbid pleasure is now gone because the dog is now completely scared to go in the backyard. Again Urgh!!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am revising what I previously wrote. Lee had written me a simple message saying that a friend was out of work and spent the day on ” myspace”. That is all the description he gave me. I implied in my last spill that this girl was lazy. He told me later in the day that this particular girl was in an accident that is why she is not working. My apologies
Moving sucks. Thank god the new house is close to my old house because I definitely need more time to pack. Horrible. I officially have become my mother. I keep magazines for years and then I forget why I saved them. What a mess and what a nightmare. Please god let me fall asleep and when I wake up I have transformed into a neat organized person.
Also god, if your listening, please let me sell my old house for my asking price, pronto!

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Lee wants to hire a girl to network through myspace to help us promote the Miami girl search. Not a bad idea but the reason he wants to hire this particular girl is because she has no job and all she does is look at my space all day. Well she is cheap.
Today over too much coffee I was thinking about what kind of woman I would of become if I was raised in a country that has very few womens rights? Would it break me? Would I be a leader? Would I be happy? Very scary thought not to have rights, whether it be how you dress? Can you receive an educationas a woman? Do you have the right to vote?. Very scary. Then I was thinking about these women of privelege that have become so famous. What does it say to women or people in general to be rich and that is why you are famous? Also I have always thought education is one of the most precious gifts you can have. Why did these rich girls not get a college education? ( I am not saying that college is for everyone but you would think that they had the money to pay for it. Why wasn’t it important?) Also advanced education could help them learn how to manage their money. ( who the hell am I to speak about education when I can’t spell or write a sentence that is grammatically correct?)
As an advocate for women’s rights I just wish that there were more role models that have earned their own money and made their own place in the world.
Too much coffee today. Makes me a bit nuts.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Painful. I am moving in a couple of days and I have saved my office for last. I think I have spent more time procrastinating then actually sorting through my work. How much crap can one person have? I know if I throw out something I will get a call from my accountants saying ” Can you get me a receipt from 1999?” My accountants told me that they found me a personal assistant. She wants $20 an hour. Holy crap! Right now I would pay double that for someone to pack up for me and organize my new office. Urgh!!!
Kevin and Lee want to do a bike tour across the country for a charity. ( motorcycle) They asked me if I could help get a sponser on board and perhaps some publicity through CMT. My response: ” That is a very nice plan but since Coyote is about women, they may not want you guys to do the riding.” I seemed to have gotten the cold shoulder for that comment. I have a lot of wonderful men who work for this company but I’m sorry we focus on the woman. But who the hell am I? Maybe someone will think it’s a great idea. Plus it is for charity. I told Lee that I hope this is not like the last thing I sponsered Kevin for. If you remember Kevin entered a century bike race for charity. It cost me $4000. Now I am very happy that it went to charity but I will say it pissed me off that he missed the race and only rode 25 miles. I told Lee if I sponser this they better ride across the whole damn country, while not missing work!
Ok back to work.
Great Night Nashville!!! San Antonio and Denver not too shabby.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LOL I said Eboli instead of ecoli. I have made many people laugh including myself. That reminds me of a story with Jacqui and myself. I asked her to meet me at a sake bar that is around the corner from the NY bar. She said I know where you are talking about but it’s not a sake bar it is a sake bar ( phonetically, ei. for gods sake) It took her a few minutes because I kept saying sa ke sa ke. Then she finally got it. We still laugh about that till today. Although my faux pas seems a lot more foolish. I mixed up a fatal virus which makes you hemorage from the inside with a type of bacteria that is not neccessarily harmful to you. But all in all, I gave a lot of people a good laugh. It might sound silly but I find comfort in my own mistakes like that one. Sometimes you need to do something silly so you don’t take yourself so seriously.

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I am truly about to cry. Chantel received a call today telling us that they canceled Steel Pony Express Motor cyle Rally. I can’t tell you how much the New Orleans bar was depending on that event.Supposedly the New Orleans Arena is still packed with trailers and they can not find another venue that can accomodate them. What a blow to us and the city. This sucks

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Monday, September 18, 2006

I love spinach. Now I can’t eat spinach because I might catch the eboli virus! Great. Knock knock knock. “Hello can I help you?” ” You have been served” God damn it . Another lawsuit from the incident in Charlotte before I even owned the bar. Why if the licensees sign paperwork saying that I am endemnified, am I not really endemnified? Fucking lawyers.
Nashville, Austin, and Denver having great weekends.
Horrible shoot out on Beale Street near the Memphis bar. The Heritage Festivle was going on and unfortunatly there is a history of violence that surrounds it. Judith ( GM) had worked out a plan in case of any violence and thank god because when the shoot out happened the whole staff had been versed on what to do. The log she sent was quite moving. The doors were locked everyone had to move to the back. The customers had to be quieted. It really was very moving to hear how wonderful the staff was in time of crisis. She said that afterwards the staff was a bit shaken but for the most part everyone really stuck together and did exactly as they were taught. I am so happy. It might sound strange but the violence and negative really made the staff come together. Judith told me that the girls are making a home made dinner for the security staff because they did such an excellent job. Congratualations everyone in Memphis. Coyote Ugly in Memphis Rocks!!!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jeff Myers is so funny. He is out visiting the San Antobnio bar. He is so pleased with the staff there but the heat is making him miserable. It makes me happy that someone is validating my feelings that Texas is hotter then New Orleans.
Memphis, if I read the log correctly, had a god awful night.
Denver kicking some Butt last night.
I wish I could write positive things about New Orleans but it is so slow in this city. It is painful. I am crossing my fingers that in the next few months the French Quarter picks up.
What the hell. Jacqui said something the other night and I can sy that I occassionally feel the same way. She said ” You know sometimes I just want to grab someone and bash their face into the wall” Right now there is a certain someone I feel exactly the same way about. But I am a lady and the only time I would do that is in my mind. But I seem to being doing that over and over again in my mind. Over and over and over again.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Positive first: Lee , Jacqui and I went out with the NY girls on Tuesday night. We had a lot of fun. ( a lot of wine). Also met a new bouncer and a new barback. The only group of girls that leave Lee alone. They are focused on their own careers and dreams they don’t hit on him the way all the other girls do. Maybe they are just immuned to his phermones up north. What a nice group of girls. It’s nice to see how hard working they are not only at the bar but in their own lives. Some of the girls have been there for 5 and 6 years. They really are turning from girls to women. I am very proud of them. It was very refreshing to hear about all the auditioning, the shoots, the weddings. I had a really great time.
So Lee and I had 1 meeting in Ny, which went very well, then we had to shoot down to Atlantic City for a few meetings. We were only there for 24 hours so I did not get to play even 1 hand of blackjack. Damn! Well I am just arriving home after a hellish trip. My flight out of Atlantic City was delayed. So I had to wait 2 hours extra at the AC airport. When the plane landed in Atlanta ( my layover) I missed my connecting flight to New Orleans. Which as luck would have it was the last flight out for the day. So I waited in a line to get a new flight today and a hotel voucher. Between getting the voucher and actually being in a room it took almost 3 hours. I went to bed at 2 am just to wake up at 5:30 am so I could catch my morning flight. The nightmare continued into the cab ride home from the airport. The driver did not know what she was doing. Kept taking wrong turns. And I could feel myself about to snap. Both Jeff M. and Lee told me they felt the ” be positive” agenda was not working for me. I’m starting to believe that. Lee just told me that the airline lost his bag. It took me about 5 minutes when I realized it was the Louis Vuitton carryon bag I gave him. Urgh. I don’t want him to feel bad but that bag was so expensive. I gave Kevin the same bag. It was never meant to be checked in but now that you can’t bring toiletries on the plane, he has to check it. Again URGH!
By the way the flight there on Tuesday was a mess as well. I had to wait 5 hours because of delays and they confiscated my makeup. Perhaps I should stay home the rest of the week

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Everything is positive today. Our resigning GM told me that Lee and I were not positive enough. So I am all positive today. I love the managers. I love the bars. I love the customers. I love the pain in the ass customers. I love the bathrooms. And finally even if the numbers are down, I love you don’t worry about it.
Personally, I feel like this particular GM could of called and spoken to me. Just a couple months ago a big issue came up at the bar and I took her word for it without hesitation. In that situation, I feel that you couldn’t ask for a more positive and supportive response. But at the end of the day it was Lee’s e-mails that sent her over the edge. 2 years of employment. Bonuses , trips etc and she didn’t even give us 2 weeks notice.
It’s actually funny because today I have been cc’d by Lee certain letters he has sent to various managers, he is on the same page as me ” great job. Keep up the good work” I have to laugh because Lee is always a ” to the point” kind of guy. His letters are not nasty just direct. Some fragile egos here. But again I love everyone. Everyone is doing a great job!! Go team!!!!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shit is hitting the fan today. One of the GM’s gave in her resignation. I called twice and left 4 texts stating that we really want her to stay. So far no response. It seems that she has taken Lee’s call and Kevin’s call but not mine. It would appear that I am the bad guy. Why the extremes? If you are unhappy, speak your mind. If you want something call and ask. I know that I am not as accessible as I used to be but I will try and listen. We give out bonuses, trips, words of praise. But I do expect my managers to perform. Sometimes there will be negative. That is part of life. But I think the positive far out ways the negative.
That’s all I have to say.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hot Damn Austin had a good night. I would say all the other bars did sub par. I had to laugh at Tamitha’s log ( from Nashville). One of the new merch girls went MIA so Tamitha had to find girls to cover her shifts for the week. ” God Damn I hope my children have a good work ethic!” Always a struggle.
Lee and Kevin in Miami. It never ceases to amaze me the people who write in for jobs. We have an ad out for a GM of Miami. People with no bar/ restaurant experience send their resumes. ” I have been a telemarketer for 6 years but I know I would be a great GM because I love to hang out at bars.” Oh Maron as the Italians say.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have so much to do today. I am closing on my new house tomorrow. I am trying to fix my old house for sale. I have bills to pay. I have meetings to attend. And I am going crazy today.
Again I will repeat myself , I need an assistant. Just 10 hours a week to get my paperwork done. The only resumes I ever get for this position are out of state people. I am not going to relocate someone for a part time job.
I am so busy that I can not help but procrastinate. Writting this Lil Spill is evidence of that. I actually just sent out a letter to my son’s school about my disapproval on the new ” No tattoo” rule for teachers. The school is supposed to be a liberal, diverse, french school. So what if the teacher has a tattoo? I know exactly the board members who are insisting on this new rule. This may seem like an insignificant rule to dispute but I feel like if you don’t speak up on the small rules then you definitely won’t be heard on the bigger subjects. I hope in my son’s life I give him the tools to truly do anything he wants to do. I hope that I can introduce him to different cultures and different ideas. This tattoo censorship is just the type of ignorant bullshit that I did not want him to encounter. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I hope I have taught my son that.
Lee is a psycho. We have a meeting in NYC on the 13th. I have agreed to go and confirmed my schedule. I have received 10 e-mails from him about this. ” OK Mr. OCD. I’m going . I’ll be there. When I book my flight I will send you the itinerary. What more do you want?” He must be suffering from severe OCD today. He hasn’t been like this since he was rearranging his house and bought $500 of cleaning supplies.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I just had someone write me and say that one of the bars was smelly and dirty and they wouldn’t go back. It’s either 1 of 3 bars NY, New Orleans, or ( maybe Charlotte) Not including franchises. Although Charlotte is like the Ritz in comparison to the other two. All I can say is that I was at the NY bar last week and it smelled fine to me. Actually it used to smell really bad but it smelled pretty clean. I didn’t write about my trip to the New York bar because I made it a surprise visit. But I did not know that most of the girls had planned an out of town Bacheloratte party for one of the long time bartenders. So the only girls I saw were Samantha and Amber ( from TV show). They tried their hearts out. Bud Light Lou was there. I haven’t seen him in a long time. he reminded me again that he liked plain Budweiser, but I served him Bud Light ( 13 years ago) then everyone else started serving him Bud Light. He hadn’t been to the bar in a very long time, so he said it was nice to go in, not be recognized, and be able to order a Corona. I had to laugh at that. I would have to say in my professional opinion that the NY bar now employs the best looking bouncers. Jacqui needed some eye candy. All I can say is ” good for her and good for the bar”.

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