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Friday, March 31, 2006

I jinxed Denver. Sorry. Again the merchendise fights with Lee begin. That is the only topic we dispute. I am very unhappy with our current merch companies. The lag times are horrendous. Sometimes 2 months. And then the orders are not complete. Really pisses me off. We use about 4 diffrent companies. NY is the only bar where I still use a small comapny for our original shirts. The turn around for them is 1 week. I wish they were a bit larger so I could give them the business from the other bars. Lee’s rebuttal of this would be ” these are custom items. They take longer to order and print.” If that was the only problem I could understand. There is one particular company who actually sends the billing invoice before we get the merch. We then have to debate that we aren’t going to pay a bill for merch we never received. When we receive it finally the order is not complete. Daniel and I were just speakig about this. He said he was infuriated because he had placed an order from one of the companies it took over 2 months to get there and it was incomplete. He said he called the female sales representative and she said ” sorry I didn’t check my e-mails . I’ll just put it on press tomorrow and you’ll have them next week.” Daniel’s response was ” if you could get them done in 1 week why the fuck did I have to wait over 2 months to get them?” It is very frustrating. I actually been thinking of opening my own printing company that works on all of our shirts. Just a thought.
On another note. Happy Birthday Lee. Have a wonderful day. You’ve been an excellent worker and a great friend. Have a great day!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hot Damn Denver rocking this week!!!! Mellissa and Ann, love you guys. Wow., they really want to win this bet. Denver has been a really difficult store. In 1 year we went through four GM’s. When we let go of the last one I told Mellissa that she would be acting GM but that I was concerned by her lack of experience. She told me that she was going to work very hard and keep the GM spot. Well , I am so proud she is busting her ass and doing a great job. Ann , the new AM, also very proud! What struck me most when I was in Denver last week is how unbelievably supportive the rest of the staff is toward Mellissa. They love her and are routing for her. Great!!
Nashville, also having a great week. I spoke with Kyle yesterday and he was very frustrated. He spoke with one of the girls last week and she scrambled his words and made a lot of the staff feel bad. This is what Kyle said: The reason Friday night was so good and the energy was so high was for a couple of reasons. 1. There were quite a few new girls on. When ever there are new girls they are always excited and they bring a lot of energy to work. 2. Because the new girls are trying so hard it becomes infectious, so inturn the veteran girls push themselves even harder. That’s it. He did not say that the” old girls suck”. Every girl there is an asset to the bar and can be great if they chose, New or old. Listen up Nashville girls ! I have known Kyle for 9 years. That’s right 9 years ( could be longer). He is one of the most kind and fair people I know. He is not a very demonstrative guy so if you are looking for hugs and cuddling, you won’t find it with him. That is just not how he is as a person. That does not mean he does not care. Because he loves you guys and he loves the bar. Enough said
Now another Nashville story. Some guy came in last night saying that he was someone important and he would call me and get one of my assistant managers fired. Rule #1 if a customer claims they know me and they should be treated in a “special manner”, know that they really don’t know me. None of my friends would ever act like that. So if this scenario occurs again it is your duty , as employees of mine, to take them for everything they’re worth! Milk him/her dry!!!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Halleluiah just got our building permit in Memphis. Hopefully by Monday we will have our opening date. Business as usual today. Nashville kicked some butt yesterday!! So did denver. I can’t lie I think Lee really has helped that bar. He left there today, I’m a little nervous about his departure. It could simply be that he is a good luck charm there. Lee and I have been working to put together an assistant managers seminar. He has done a really good job. I love that he enjoys documentation. I think the marketing section is already close to 50 pages. I am very excited about this particular seminar. As the company gets bigger there is a big need to have the AMs advance. This will be very positive for the company.
I went to yoga yesterday and the room was so hot. There is a class called hot yoga but this was not that particular class. The teacher actually lowered the heat and then went over and raised it again to suit her own body temperature. So as I was doing the postures I felt that the heat was truely oppressive. All I could think about in my head was ” god damn vegetarian” (Now I have nothing against vegetarians. I myself have questioned the eating of meat on an ethical level, feeling for the mistreatment of animals. But I always come back to the thought of the food chain and that I truely feel better after a good steak. ) So to continue my thought. I was thinking ” God Damn vegeterian, go eat some meat so we can lower the heat in this room!!” Not very yogi of me to have those thoughts. But I wonder if there is some fact to true vegetarians being cold all the time? I also wonder if those men that complain that they are hot all the time, is it because they eat too much meat?
People keep on writing me about Kansas City. As of right now the project is on hold.
Girls get your pictures in for the 2007 calendar!!!

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In my quest to be more positive I have decided to recall funny little moments to help me laugh even when I’m stressed. So at 3 :30 in the morning when I can’t sleep I have been thinking of a few funny moments. 1. My son has been playing baseball. To be frank he is not very good at catching but an excellent thrower ( not pitching yet). He is unable to catch a ball without turning it into a Bruce Lee move and adding a dive summer sault. I have to laugh everytime I think of it. 2. Lee has been writing a marketing manual and we have been going over some of the bar promotions that have been going on. He told me that he spoke with Adrianna ( ft Lauderdale) and she wanted to do a special promotion on Tuesdays. I know this will not play in words but Lee’s delivery was hysterical. ” Adrianna, you’re not going to get me down to Coyote for ” Triple Tuesday”” Now I know it might not seem funny but he was trying to explain to her the importance of tag lines ect. Well I thought it was funny. 3. Today I was speaking to Jacob and I told him that I felt bad that Chantel and I are not giving Jeff M. any imput on the corporate office decor. His response was ” It’s Jeff Myers. Give him a Coyote Ugly Beer Coozy to put on his desk and he’ll be happy!” 4. Lastly. Jackson’s dad was dropping him off at my house. Jackson was running around in circles and his dad was trying to say goodbye but Jackson was not paying attention. His dad in a loud voice said ” Mommy, Jackson told me tonight he was going to sleep alone in his own bed.” It took about 20 seconds but all of a sudden Jackson stopped in his tracks and with a tone of urgency said ” No I didn’t” It was a very funny moment, his dad outfoxed him. ( yes my son is 6 and sleeps in my bed every night. In fact he doesn’t even go into his own room anymore) Those are the moments that have made me laugh this week.
There is something else that I have been thinking about. I used to receive funny stories about infringers from my trademark attorneys. I havent heard anything in awhile. I guess Rob is still pissed after the last time I wrote about him. Oh well

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just gotoff the phone with Jacqui. LOL I told her how great the corporate office looks but I told her that I don’t think I can work there all the time. Unfortunately for me, Jeff M. is just too nice. I said to Jacqui that every time I bitch, I hear words like these from jeff. ” Well Leeeel they are working really hard.” ” leeeel I think things are progressing very positively.” So I said to Jacqui all this good naturedness is really throwing me off. So she said to me ” Just call me. I’ll bitch right along with you.” LOL
I have reached a moment of clarity about myself. 1. I’m a very good mother 2. I’m a very good business person 3. I get riled up. (Some would think this is negative but actually it is a sign that I am alive and unltimately makes me happy even though I seem angry on the outside.) and 4. Yes I am a good mother to Jackson but I am not a good PTA mom. I don’t volunteer at his school . I hide when I see the good PTA mom’s because I know they will want me to do something.
So knowing this stuff about myself I realize that I will go in sparingly to the corporate office because Jeff’s goodness may make me melt. And I am going to have to either volunteer at Jackson’s school or just bring my checkbook everytime I go to his school. All in all I can say that I am happy in my own skin.
Now Daniel ( austin GM ) You’re the only manager that has not handed in their Quickbooks!!!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Gorgeous day out. I want to commend Kyle. I asked all the managers to send me their quickbooks today. Usually I hail Kelly as the most organized, well referenced back of the house manager. But what I receieved from Kyle was by far the most superior format. Easily readable, organized. I have a tear in my eye just thinking about it.
Chantel gets home today from vacation. Thank god.
I just saw a photo gallery on CMT for the new tv series. There are 2 pictures of me up and both of them are god awful. I mean really, they couldn’t use a better picture? 1. I don’t like my hair pin straight! 2. could someone tell me to dress properly. I look like I’m competing for some latina big butt contest ( I’m colombian so I can say that). My brother in law always tells my sister and myself that we have coffee picker legs and we should embrace the heritage of our homeland. Unlike my sister I was born in the US so I don’t need my legs and butt to support hours in the java fields.
Jeff W. must be out of town because I have not heard from him today. Waiting on Memphis opening date. And I think NY anniversary will be in the next month.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

My favorite part to the Denver 1 year anniversary party was when Lee lost a bet to me and had to kiss my boot. It’s the small moments in life that I treasure . Mellissa did an excellent job. So proud of her. At the end of the night Lee was reveling in the fact that he had the highest numbers when he was gm ing the Denver bar. So we made Mellissa a challenge to beat his numbers in the next 4 months. What was so endearing is that the whole staff cheered for Mellissa . She went from Bartender, to Head Bartender, to AM , and now GM. You just can’t buy that kind of loyalty and devotion. So proud!! I thought it was so cute that the girls invited their parents to the party. I met quite a few parents last night. It is all worth it when I see how much the various staffs love their bar. Makes me feel proud of myself too!!
I hope Jeff Myers finds a wonderful woman some day. He really is so kind and friendly. Even on the plane coming home he spoke with the flight attendants for 20 minutes. I told him that the difference between him and I is that he is so nice and kind to people. He said ” so are you.” I said ” Only to people I know” He seemed amused by that.
I have to be very careful what I write about Jeff M. When ever I write something negative his sister writes me a letter pleading for me not to fire her brother. I have a feeling that his whole family is the nice , kind, god loving type. His desk is very close to mine in the corporate office perhaps some of his goodness will rub off on me. ( for his sake I hope it’s not the other way around)
John L a guy I went to grade school with showed up at the Denver anniversary. I could spot him from a mile away he hasn’t changed a bit. His girlfriend was very nice. He told me a lot of dirt about old classmates. Not really good dirt when you haven’t seen or spoken to people in 20 years. PMS must be over it is just love and peace for everyone today.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh my head hurts. But that’s not the worst thing this morning. You know when you do something so stupid you cringe thinking about it. Well my accountants mailed me tax forms that needed to be signed and mailed. They included in the forms first class envelopes. Well I did as they asked, signing and mailing out the forms . Well today I received one of them back for insufficient postage. Which means that they all will be coming back the same way. I thought the first class envelope meant the postage was paid. My god I’m an idiot!!! I need a new assistant. I really am just sick over this.
This week I have been very hard on Chantel and jeff M. Don’t get me wrong, they deserved it. But what I have been thinking about today is that I am not inspiring them so I need to be more positive.
Positive positive positive. Big Denver anniversary tonight 1 Year!!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hot Damn the Corporate office looks great. All we need are some plants a few paintings and a fountain. Jeff and Chantel worked all night putting it together. I am writing from my desk right now. Wow I’m so happy!!! I can’t wait to have a meeting here. We even have a bar for cocktails etc. Wow so nice!!!
Not a good morning. Jackson, Cheeto and I were walking to Jackson’s school. This stray dog , looked very healthy but no colar, came out of nowhere and ran up to Cheeto. I pulled both Jackson and Cheeto forward , only 2 seconds later the stray dog ran across the street and got hit by a car. It was a fed ex van and the dog went under the car and I could see his body rolling under the car. I pulled jackson into my body so he didn’t see what was going on. When the car stopped the dog actually got up and ran away. Unfortunately I have seen this before where the dog or cat is able to move but dies shortly after. I did not see where the dog went but I can not imagine he lived. Jackson didn’t quite grasp what was going on. He was a bit shocked but I think he thinks the dog was hurt but not fatally . Very sad start of the day.
Off to Denver

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beautiful day in New Orleans. This is when I love New Orleans. It is in the low 70’s here. The flowers are blooming and it is slightly breezy. You couldn’t ask for a prettier day. Worked until midnight last night. I kept on having horrible dreams, I can’t remember what they were about.
I heard news that Jackson’s school may close down. I would be very upset about that. I love his school and so does he. I went out with my local attorney yesterday for lunch. His family lost their home they also lost their summer home. Every picture, every piece of furniture, just everything. He said that his summer house was just swept away. When he went to look at it the lot was completely clear. No debris was even left. He loves this city. No hesitation in his decision to rebuild. I admire that. His brother is running for mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu. His whole family has such a pride and love for this city. Really quite inspiring.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today I had a wonderful day. I took Jackson to Covingtong, La to an Alligator Hatchery. We really had fun. We learned all about alligators their nesting habits, their survival rates and we even got to hold an alligator. ( By the way the hatcheries only let 16% go back to the wild . The rest are turned into shoes, belts and handbags. But this percentage represents a larger survival rate then alligators breed in the wild which is somewhere at 6%. )
During my trip I get a text message from lee ” why are you mad at me?” My response is ” I’m having family day.”
So I went through my day had a lovely time. After family day I met Jeff M. and cat ( from charlotte Coyote) out for dinner. Again having a wonderful time.
Well I just opened my e-mails for the day and there is this nasty letter from Lee. He had created some imaginary arguement in his mind and proceeded to write me a very kurt letter about why he does things he does etc. I simply wrote him an e-mail this morning in response to a mass e-mail he sent out. My e-mail to him read ” what is this about?” He took this sentence as some encroachment onto his AOR. Again all I did was sent him a one sentence letter ” what’s this about?” That’s it. Man he pushes my buttons sometimes, thank god he’s good at his job.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

“Mom get home Pronto” Those are now the calls I am getting. I barely ever go out but if I go out to dinner with Chantel this is now the conversations I have with Jackson. We just took Cheeto to the vet and he got all of his shots. I made an appointment to get him neutered. Trying to explain this to a 6 year old is not easy. I told him that it was the healthiest thing for Cheeto etc. That didn’t seem to work.
I have gotten so many e-mails about both Ft. Lauderdale and Panama City. Good Job!!!
Spring break always a good time.
We are looking for some girls in New Orleans. Come on in and apply.
Jeff Myers called me from Austin, he went to check out S X SW. He told me how disaappointed he was because he thought it was old time country music. What he encountered were young new progressive bands. Sorry Jeff. ” Go to the bar they’ll make you feel better.” I have a feeling that his vision is tainted just like my vision of what Octoberfest is in Germany . I have always wanted to go to Germany during Octoberfest. I envision people drinking beer singing songs and everyone being happy. I wonder if that is really how it goes? I even have this picture of sitting on a bench and cheersing everyone like one big happy family.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I would like to make an addition to todays Spill. I want to thank Josh and Drew for helping to refinish the Austin Bar. From Myself, Daniel, and the rest of the staff ” Thank you!!!”

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I have come to the conclusion that my doctor is right, all women in their 30’s a 40’s are nuts. This week I have been in such a rage I am beside myself. Yesterday I was at an all time crazy. Kelly, GM from SA, and I have had the same discussion( changes a bit) for the last 3 days. Yesterday I just lost it and I am truely sorry. I shouldn’t of screamed like that. ” Kelly I am sorry. I shouldn’t of yelled. I back you 100 % as GM of SA. Sometimes you just have to let things go.”
This week I have been walking the track quite a bit to try and release some of this hostility. For 2 days now I have been getting angry about people who you can’t pass or won’t pass you. The syndrom is exactly like driving in texas. I’m walking at a certain speed. There is someone a head of me that is walking at a slower pace so I speed up to try and pass them. But when I do that they speed up as well. Now the same happens if I feel someone is going faster then me. I try and slow down to let them pass but then they slow down as well. This has created what I call ” Track Rage” that I can not seem to get rid of.
Austin starting to kick some butt!!
Next week is the one year anniversary of Denver. Time flies.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jeff M. sends me flowers once in a while with a note saying how much he loves his job and thank you so much! See this is the type of ass kissing I love. He sent me flowers 2 days ago and the letter read ” Just cause” . I love that.
Chantel , Jeff M and I had a managers meeting last night. Chantel dressed up and looked quite beautiful. Jeff M also looked quite debonaire. I on the other hand wore sweatpants and a sweater.
South by southwest in Austin this week. Should be a great week.
Jenn Hawk gave in her resignation in San Antonio. I have to say I always enjoyed her. She is so off the wall that she is just hysterical. I hope she stays and bartends a couple of nights. She has such wonderful energy.
This week has been a ton of micro managing. One of my new year’s resolutions was to not micro manage but it seems when I don’t things like ” Caution tape” happen. I can’t elaborate any further on that but let’s just say that the caution tape debacle put an extra 20 hours onto my work week.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

My allergies are out of control today. It’s just not a normal Monday without an arguement with Lee. I made a statement that I do not feel we are making the money on merchendise the way we should in Ft. Lauderdale. Well that obviously hurt his feelings. I may not be 22 anymore but I feel that it is spring break and we need to have more beachy styled items, beach towels, visors etc.
God forbide we sell something in a bright color. Probably not “Cooool” enough. Just for fun I want to sell something in a neon green or pink. That would totally get under Lee’s skin but if it sold well I would have the bragging rights. It’s funny because on his side I always hated the truckers hats. He begged me to sell them, so I said ” ok if you think they will sell” Well he reminds me of that. ” Look how well the trucker hats sell and you didn’t even want to have them.” So it would be nice to be able to have a retort to him.
Pushing Memphis up. I am hoping we can open in mid May!!!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

A side note to this mornings blog. This morning I gave Rosa ( jackson’s old nanny) the keys to my car so she could run some errands. ( To get a better idea of Rosa, she is a very nervous person. Everyday for the last 4 years we have the same conversation. ” Shouldn’t Jackson where a coat?” ” It’s 80 degrees out Rosa” ” OK”) So this morning she leaves around 9 am with my car. 20 minutes later I am walking out the front door and I see her walking down the street, no car in sight.
Me: ” Rosa what happened?”
Rosa: ” The gas light went on.”
Me: ” Aanndd?”
Rosa: ” I pulled over and walked home “
Me: ” Rosa , when the light comes on you still have 30 – 50 miles before you run out of gas.”

I am still laughing over this. That story just made my day!!

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What a day yesterday. I decided to try and catch up on my bills and paperwork. While I was sorting the 3 months worth of mail, I found a freaking tax lien against me from NY. Every year this happens. I pay all my fucking taxes, I don’t get it!!! As the cycle of my life now I have to get my accountant to look into it and fight it. AGAIN, I DON”T GET IT! I PAY MY TAXES!!! Ok so that was the start of my day. Then while I was sorting I had all the mail and paperwork in piles on the floor. The piles went according to the different bars and personal things etc. Well Cheeto comes in. Cheeto has a problem that when he gets really excited he pees. ” Sorry Chantel, the New Orleans pile got peed on. ” I hope that’s not a bad omen. So my day continues like this . At around 4 o’clock I go to the post office because I need to overnight some things, well it’s closed. Then I leave the post office and drive over 3 nails which creates a flat in my tire. So I am on the side of the road calling AAA. They can’t find my name in their members listing. After hemming and hawing I realize that it’s under my ex husbands name. Thank god! I will say this, I would like to thank AAA. They came within a half and hour and did a great job.
Now today, I am actually in a good mood. What the hell can’t be worse then yesterday! Great night for all the bars yesterday. FT Lauderdale is rocking!!!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I was supposed to be in Charlotte today. I wanted to go check out the Charlotte Coyote. Unfortunately I have just gotten swamped with work so I am postponing my trip. As nice as a week vacation is, it just puts you a week behind in everything else. gorgeous day in New Orleans today. It’s actually breezy which is wonderful.
Knock on wood all my bars did well last night!! Very pleased.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Just to clarify Mardi Gras because I obviously upset this one particular person. Every year during Mardi gras we convert the 2nd floor into a dormitory and keep the bar open 24 hours for 5 days. Hotels are all booked and our employees would rather stay in the building then fight traffic to get home. To the outsider this might seem strange or cheap but it is the crazy part of Mardi Gras and it is definitely an experience. We have done this for 4 years and the employees are glad to be able to sleep upstairs so they can hustle for their next shift. For the bar, Mardi Gras represents the busiest week of the year. For the staff it represents the biggest money making opportunity of the year.
I received a letter from a person that escentially said I was Cheap, mean, and narcisistic.
I have girls and guys who travel all over the world with me. We stay in hotels all over the country. They get per diem, salary and make tips.
Most mardi gras we only need 3 girls and a couple of bouncers to help from other bars. This year the bar was badly hurt from Katrina and we needed to import 75% of the staff for us to run properly. It is a lucky thing that I own other bars so that I can help the New orleans bar or any other bar if they need it.
When we first opened the bar 4 years ago, the New Orleans staff wanted to stay on the 2nd floor during mardi gras. After that it became tradition to stay on the 2nd floor. Everyone who came from the other bars were told how we run mardi gras. For the New Orleans bar we were glad to have the help of all the other bars and we thank all of the people who came to New Orleans. On the other hand, how fun is it to be in your 20’s and travel to different cities, meet different people, and make money. So even though someone on the outside may look at this and think we are cheap, it is a right of passage when working Mardi Gras.
“You know what? Take your words and go fuck yourself!”

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Someone just wrote me and told me that my blog was narcisistic. If I am correct narcisism is an erotic obsession with oneself or an obsession with ones looks. Well I think that wouldn’t describe my blog. But it is “MY” blog, so of course I write about myself and what is going on in my life. Otherwise it would be someone elses blog. This particular reader did say they had a great time for Mardi Gras at Coyote. So I ‘m happy about that.
Ft. Lauderdale had a killer night last night. I’m very pleased. When I was young Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona were the big spots during spring break. I actually went to Daytona when I was 17. We won’t go into that my mother reads this blog.
People keep asking me when is the NY anniversary. Well the true anniversary was January 27th but the party will be sometime within the next 3 months. It all involves me being able to go up there .
A lot of e-mails about KC. Just to be clear we did not get rejected for our liquor license they rejected us getting a license that excludes food. I wonder if the priest knew that or does he believe if we have food that would limit the chances of us ending all of these marriages? I have had several people write in and tell me that they read my spill and they met their husbands at one of the Coyotes.
Anywho! Back to work today

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I’m back. I love Deer Valley. It is so pretty. There is something very theurepeutic about being in the mountains.
Skiing with Jackson is life threatening. He is in a stage where all he wants to do is find the off slope trails in the woods and go through them. Well trying to keep up with him and go through those trails made me fear that I would go out like Sonny Bono. I like skiing down the long windy easy trails. There was one trail where I followed him and it exited on a black diamond trail ( hardest level). Jackson just went straight down with no fear, I on the other hand felt as if my world was about to come to a complete halt. Well I made it.
Another funny but pathetic note for the vacation. I get a message from Jeff W. Monday, 1 day into my vacation. ” Can you cut your vacation short and go to a hearing in KC on Thursday?” I called him and said ” NO”. What kind of message does that send to my son that I would be willing to cut my vacation short for work? What amuses me is that Jeff would never even think about rearranging his schedule. He’s on a very short leash and we all know that he is unreachable when he is off.
Well we lost at the hearing in KC. But after talking to everyone, I heard that my presence wasn’t needed and that the board had made up their minds before we even showed up. I went out to dinner last night with Chantel and Joe and I almost fell off my chair laughing when I heard that the opposition had a priest talk at the hearing. His stance was that Coyote Ugly threatens the institute of marriaige. How can we let Coyote Ugly open with this particular license when the whole community will be worring about their husbands going into the bar?
I was so astounded by the ridiculous nature of these comments that I just laughed.
Mardi Gras. I went to the New Orleans bar for a very short time and saw some pictures. The bouncers were gushing about how much fun they had with all the staff from the various bars. Both Pump and Shannon said it was the best staff they had ever worked with during Mardi Gras. That made me so happy. I love the guys from the other bars. They all seemed genuinely happy to be there. I love that.
Well the girls. I received reports during my vacation mostly positive. Jeff M., Chantel and I kept in touch because I wanted to hear how things were going. For the most part it was 98% positive. Unfortunately it was not even close to a regular Mardi Gras. The city just didn’t get the hit they were hoping for. But the bar did well and the girls from the other cities really helped. It was so nice to be able to keep the bar open 24 hours like we do every year. It’s funny because I went to the bar on Saturday during Mardi Gras. The graveyard shift was manned by two girls, Jillian from Austin, and Dede a former New Orleans employee. Jillian was so happy after her shift. She said she loved the graveyard shift. Well I went on my vacation and that enthusiasm seemed to change. A couple of employees from New Orleans overheard Jillian bad mouthing the New Orleans bar. They were so offended by this they told Chantel and Jeff M. I won’t write the comments that were said but I will tell you that the first thing I did when I returned from vacation was to write Daniel a letter and have him post it for the girls to see. I wonder if he posted it yet? Well personally, words can not even described my personal feelings about this. I love all these bars and I was hoping this would be a labor of love from my other staffs to the New Orleans bar. We are struggling to keep the bar afloat in New Orleans and this was our 5 days to try and make something happen. Wow, she insulted not only my staff in New Orleans but me personally. Selfish little girl.
Another funny side note. I have barely spoken with Kevin the last month. We both have been unbeleivably busy. Well of course on vacation he decides to text and call me 3 times a day with urgent information. ” Lil I really need to talk to you.” ” Kevin I’m on vacation” Lee on the other hand texted and spoke with me every day but in a casual manner. I sent him a picture of Jackson on the ski lift via my phone. His response was ” How adorable” Then I get a picture from him a minute after ” I look so good!” It’s a picture of him with wearing a pin striped suit for the KC hearing. Lee will never change. he is so funny.

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