Lil Spill

October 23, 2018

A ton going on. San Antonio bar just got renovated. Thanks Kevin, Pinky, Joe, and the whole SA staff. ( I have been home sick with the flu. Just starting to feel better)

I remember managing NY bar. I didn’t feel well for a good month. I finally went to doctor. MONO. Side note: During the MONO months I had non refundable tickets to France and England . Drinking and MONO do not go hand in hand. I fell down a full flight of stairs at an Irish bar in Paris. Recently, I took Kevin and Chantel to visit this bar as a point of pride. In my 50s I  get sick and I stay in bed. 25 years ago, I still worked a 16 hour day and woke and did it all over again the following  day.

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Amy Scarlata

Hi lil! My name is Amy and I wanted to know if the Nashville location is hiring!! I have experience bartending and even dancing on bars as shot girl! So I definitely know what it takes! I’m living in Florida right now but soon moving to Nashville Tn! Just wondering if there would be a job opportunity waiting for me!