Lil Spill

December 9, 2018

I know I know . It’s been a long time . I blame Facebook and Instagram .

NYC Santacon ! Bam

calendar about to come out and guess who is in it ? Yup 50 years old and I need my first bikini calendar . It’s all downhill from here .

Some bars doing great , some average , and a couple awful . But we shall persevere .

2018 was the year of the renovation . New Orleans got some love . Denver new bartop , new booths , new bathrooms . San Antonuo new AC units , new Bartop . Nashville total renovation of side room . We are turning it into a higher end craft cocktail spot . Really excited about that .

Kid is home from college on break . So proud of him . He literally could go into a field to help cure cancer . Who knows ?


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Mhairi Wilson - Burleigh

You are a power house!! Please God, give me a body like that at 50.... Love to you all from an old wannabe coyote in Glasgow, Scotland and Merry Christmas xx