Jazz is off the hot seat temporarily and Amber ( OKC) is now on it.  Yesterday Jeff and I were exchanging emails about what needed to get done. Today I woke up to an email from Jeff and a call. ” Amber is directly on Jeff’s shit list now. LOL. ” Liliana I don’t have a shit list. ” Yeah right Jeff. The Whole company is scared of you.

Every bar did awfully last night. I opened San Antonio last hoping that at least one bar did well. Unfortunately that did not happen. Apocalypse !

Lee and Lizzie are in Japan. Lizzie is so impressed with the Tokyo staff! They will get ” Work Bitch” Choreography tomorrow. Lee on the other hand is not happy with their proposed new sites. Back to the drawing board.

New Orleans bar is killing me today. Planning a party for next week yet some people are only now finding out about it? WELCOME BACK FROM VACATION. Make a checklist. Mark everything accomplished once it is accomplished. Set an action plan.  Don’t just throw on Facebook ” hey Y’all come on by”. I don’t get it? We spend so much time on this stuff at the seminar. Don’t worry New Orleans, tomorrow will be another bar’s headaches. ” Please Dinesti , not you!!”

” Lil transgender question?”

” Lil can I paint the ceiling?”

“Lil , by the way we are filming an international commercial. Want to come?’

” Lil, the AC is on the fritz”

” Lil, blah blah blah”

Wouldn’t this be nice ” Lil, everything went so smoothly this weekend. We netted the most in the history of Coyote Ugly. We love you.  And the city sent us a commendation for being so awesome.”


Vacation over ! Aloha Mahalo . Maui is nice but I fell in love with Kauai . Only two work calls ( both from Chantel ). Hoping it’s not a shit storm once I start opening all my emails . Nice commentary from my friend Leslie .