Lil Spill

July 11, 2017

Jazz is off the hot seat temporarily and Amber ( OKC) is now on it.  Yesterday Jeff and I were exchanging emails about what needed to get done. Today I woke up to an email from Jeff and a call. ” Amber is directly on Jeff’s shit list now. LOL. ” Liliana I don’t have a shit list. ” Yeah right Jeff. The Whole company is scared of you.

Every bar did awfully last night. I opened San Antonio last hoping that at least one bar did well. Unfortunately that did not happen. Apocalypse !

Lee and Lizzie are in Japan. Lizzie is so impressed with the Tokyo staff! They will get ” Work Bitch” Choreography tomorrow. Lee on the other hand is not happy with their proposed new sites. Back to the drawing board.

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John Serpa

Lil, Have you considered a Coyote Ugly on the Strand in Galveston.? I realize business might be a bit seasonal. But they now have the country third largest motorcycle rally in November, Dickens on the Strand in December, and also celebrate Mardi Gras to help in winter months. Also rent is quite reasonable.


The grand reopening last night in Nola was far and away the best party I've ever experienced in Coyote. Hats off to staff, management, the band and all the customers for making the night so enjoyable.

Marcus Washington

If it wasnt for Robert our group wouldn't have came back. He was AWESOME!!!