Lil Spill

May 31, 2017

You are Fucking kidding me? ” Miss Lovell I think you need to get tested for parasites.”

Nothing like giving a sample of “you know what” to feel old!! SO SO GROSS. It never felt gross when I did it for my dogs.  Last week was the ” I am staring at 50, and things look grim” , feeling.

“How often did you eat sushi in Japan?” Everyday. Was it the blow fish?

The bars did great this weekend. My god Nashville is hitting it out of the park on weekends. Shout out to memphis, great month so far.  I am supposed to be heading there this weekend. Life is a little hectic right now!

Worms, possible torn tendon in my ankle. Jackson is home sick. What’s next? I am still on course for the “Thong ready”  birthday party  at the end of September .

I did receive some good news. Supposedly my blood work is one of the healthiest that my doctor has ever seen. OK so why do I feel like crap? Oh thats right , worms! ( possibly )

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