Lil Spill

June 1, 2017

Doctor : ” So you have been having these symptoms for months . But didn’t call me . You then hurt your ankle and went to a Reiki practicitioner who used magnets. She had you lay on the magnets to heal your ankle but instead she said to you ” You have parasites .” If this woman is correct then I am going to her.”

Doctor called today ” I can’t believe it . She was right . You have two amebas from contaminated water . ”

lol . Sorry Memphis . I don’t think I can go . I honestly don’t feel that bad but the medication is very strong so I want to be home .

Get Ready Marsha and Lou hitting the town for tons of wine before my 1 week ameba cleanse !

Things heating up today at work !

Of course Justin said ” we are so close to signing in India . Imagine what you might get there!” But I love Indian food. It will be worth it

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