Lil Spill

July 12, 2016

Guess who is going to be in The United Airlines magazine? Yup ME! Super excited. While you are taking your flight you can open up the magazine and see ME! As I was penning that, I could actually hear my mother’s voice  ( probably not from above but from below) saying ” Why aren’t you wearing makeup? Your teeth need cleaning!” Yup that’s what she is thinking in the after life. ” Why won’t you wear lip stick.

Today , Juston and I had a great meeting with a company from Japan. Really great group. Cross fingers looks like Coyote Ugly will be in Tokyo soon.

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Lil: I have a nice write-up in the post office - I think it was authored by some federal agency. That is why I am so adamant that no pictures of me are placed on Facebook, Instagram or de Twitter. Congratulations on your more positive article. Dave