Lil Spill

July 8, 2016

image imageimageVacation is finished . I Sent jackson a text yesterday ” Did you feel a chill run down your spine ? That’s your mother . I just landed in Providence .” Lol I have been told that I can not pick him up from Brown until after 2pm. He loved it . He received an awesome grade for his course and made tons of friends . But now I am sitting with all my luggage at a coffee shop waiting until I can get him .

Next week Justin and I will be hosting a Japanese company at the San Diego bar . I will be the first person with a Coyote Ugly Kimono ! ” no jinx ”

Lee has brought Sturgiss back into the picture . Daniel is preparing to hold assistant manager seminar while we start training for Kygystan . And I have Victoria, from the Vegas bar training with Chantel to be the overseas dance instructor . A lot of very positive moves ! I took a VO2 fitness test in St Lucia . Oxygen , carbon dioxide exchange , zones blah blah blah … ” Ms Lovell you tested ” superior fitness ” for your age . Awesome . I am superior ! My ex husband said to me ” stop wasting your money on things like that and spend it on some needed therapy .”  Funny

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What a neat areclit. I had no inkling.