Lil Spill

July 4, 2016

imageHappy 4th from St Lucia. Bars rocked last night . I need to vacation more often

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Mike - you're always welcome.

Mike vito

Damn it Dave you did not invite me.


I'd like to offer a shout out to the Sassmaster at the New Orleans bar, never have I seen a customer do a tidal wave until last night and Sassy convinced three to do them. One was dubbed hot Mama before the night was out. The most fun I've ever had in Cotoye. Wish all nights were filled with such fun and amazing service.

Kevan Mellor

Nice to have met you during your vacation in St Lucia. Only just checked out your website. Didn't appreciate how much you have achieved - tremendous. Good luck In your future ventures - might see a bar in England (Manchester, London)? Be Good, Kevan