“Lil your body is built like a sex toy.” Thanks Kevin !  That was Kevin ‘s pep talk after I told him I was down about my personal life . I am in New Orleans.  Tommorow is half marathon and and anniversary party . Ok who is my wingman going to be?

The inspector for our insurance company went to the building to inspect the damage from the dryer fire. I think the fire was caused by a full lint tray but I am not sure. There was a 2 day old baby in the apartment. Thank god everyone is alright. That scared the life out of me. I was just sent pictures of the apartment. the tenants painted the whole apartment black, which I had known about. But seeing the pictures I was surprised at how nice the apartment looked. More modern artsy then ” I want to kill myself ” artsy.  I remarked on the cleanliness of the apartment and got this response  : ” Vampires get a bad rap. They are really quite tidy”.  There you have it!

A lot going on in Coyote land. Possible documentary, reality shows, trade shows, openings. Busy busy.

” Chantel why the fuck don’t more of our girls speak spanish?” We are trying to staff the Mexico trade show. One of the girls that we originally picked is getting a boob job that week and can’t come. Then the various employees that don’t have passports.   What a nightmare .

Can you imagine being on the wall of the corporate offices of UBER after the Kalamazoo UBER killings? I was annoyed that I got a call today from HR  about a corporate member playing a prank . So I can only imagine what is going on with the UBER lawyers. Uber drivers are independent contractors so looser restrictions. Regardless this will effect them.

Busy week this week. A lot of travel. Ending in New Orleans for the 14 or 15 yer anniversary on Feb 28th.

Just watched the Scorcese Pilot “Vinyl”. Wow really great show.


We are rocking and rolling this year!
. . . . . .




I bought Daniel a golf club for Xmas . I totally forgot to ask him if he received it. Today he said that he loves it and has used it multiple times but there was no card on the package so he didn’t know who it was from . ” yes Daniel it was from me . And by the way , the handle is made from a cow’s penis! Bam

” Mom let’s go food shopping together and cook  together before the Suoer Bowl tomorrow.” HMMM. 1. My son hates shopping of any kind. 2. Cook food together, what? 3. How does my son, who hates sports actually know it’s the Super Bowl tomorrow?

Alien invasion? some one slipped a mickey into his water? Trying to scam something? I am not sure what’s going on?

Ok Jackson tomorrow morning we will go shopping together. ” Mom if you wake me before 11 am you know I will have to fight you. ” Well jackson maybe I will go into your room before you wake up and do the Rhonda Rhousey arm bar and make you cuddle with me all day like you used to .

Go New Orleans!!!

Mardi Gras! Let’s hit some big numbers!

Some of our old friends wanted Jackson and I to meet them in Park City. They live in New Orleans. ” You do understand that the rest of the country does not have Mardi Gras vacation and Jackson has school on Monday.”

Thank you so much Joanna Olsen for the heartfelt gift . So thoughtful . Joanna is the licensee for Tampa, Panama City, and Destin . Thank you

bam to San Diego. Great night last night . Lou caught a guy in San Antonio trying to use a stolen credit card . Supposedly that was his third offense ! Good night