Lil Spill

February 22, 2016

Can you imagine being on the wall of the corporate offices of UBER after the Kalamazoo UBER killings? I was annoyed that I got a call today from HR  about a corporate member playing a prank . So I can only imagine what is going on with the UBER lawyers. Uber drivers are independent contractors so looser restrictions. Regardless this will effect them.

Busy week this week. A lot of travel. Ending in New Orleans for the 14 or 15 yer anniversary on Feb 28th.

Just watched the Scorcese Pilot “Vinyl”. Wow really great show.


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Tim Roelofs

Lil, your an inspiration to every gal out there starting their own biz , dream or passion. Keep up the great work, hope to stop in at & see you all in San Diego or NY We need a Coyote Ugly here in Kalmazoo,Michigan .


Ahh, the corporate pranks. You had a customer in the NOLA bar a couple of Saturday's ago who turned the bar into a water park, it was entertaining. If only there was a slip n slide there it would have been the perfect evening. See you at the anniversary party.