Lil Spill

December 15, 2015

Nashville anniversary party was fun last week. I really enjoy Nashville. It’s a great town. The girls are cute but not one dancer. I went to their last dance rehearsal and I looked over at Chantel ” I don’t think they should do any of the new dances yet.”  The band they had was a band they had hired about 3 years ago. Literally,  one of the best 80s bands I have ever heard. Nothing like bopping around singing with the staff and customers and having fun. By the end of the night Lola ( bartender for 3 years in Nashville) challenged Kevin and I to a cook off at her new house. She also showed me all of her Jack Daniel’s Squire certifications. The Plan: Kevin and I will run a Half marathon. Quickly go to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  And then have a cook off  with Lola and her boyfriend! Ok done deal.

Jynx and Dinesti got into an accident with the truck. I told Daniel a month ago that I wanted that truck out of Key West. ” Lil she really needs it.” The fucking island is 1 mile long. WALK!!! Kevin has now gotten used to Dinesti. ” Lil I am just thankful everyone is alright. ” I bought that truck. I picked out the huge tires for that truck. I helped the direction of the artwork for that truck.   Yes I love that truck. And she is killing it. ” Yes I love you Dinesti, but my heart breaks overtime I hear about damage to that truck.”

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