Lil Spill

December 12, 2015

Santa crawl NYC! Love this time of year


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I've been at this bar for years now. Hung out at the spot closest to the door. Never seen any drugs or any harassment. Just sounds like a bitter soul trying to ride on someone's honest job as a bouncer in a nyc landmark. Part of the job is to keep quality control. So yes at times he would kick out rowdy patrons. It's his job. And yes assisting a tourist with a jukebox is not a crime either, as it doesn't affect his job in any way. His job is his number 1 priority. If you have all this 'proof' instead of ranting on a public forum, take it up with the proper people in charge. Thank you, and merry Christmas!!!


I have not seen any drug use there either and was only stating what I have heard some others mention. However, there are numerous times I have seen Kevin leave his post to either mess with the jukebox or flirt with female patrons in the bar and I do have pics to prove it. No, I am not an angry patron who was kicked out. In fact Kevin personally never gave me a hard time, yet I have witnessed him harrassing other patrons on numerous occassions whom were doing absolutely nothing wrong. I honestly don't see him lasting there too much longer. Either way, he's not a nice person.

Nick (also)

Agreed, length of that comment seems like someone is upset over having to leave. I've hung out there for several hours at a time and gone in and out many times. Any time I open that door, he's checking my face to make sure he checked my ID already. Haven't seen a single girl mind talking to him yet. Can't speak to the drugs, never seen it, but I certainly wouldn't mind a little rap in there :)


I personally would LOVE to see these "pics". Kevin might not be the nicest guy, but saying that he is selling anything is a complete lie and just seems like you don't like him and are spreading lies. I go to this bar usualy once a week and have never seen underage people in it.


I sent you photos of proof via facebook.


You need to get rid of Kevin Fisher the doorman of the nyc bar. He does not do his job and just constantly flirts with the female patrons who want nothing to do with him. I also have him on camera (photos) proving that he plays rap/pop music on the jukebox while leaving the front door uncovered (meaning underaged folks coming in to drink). There has also been a rumor of Kevin conducting drug trades on campus. . He does not do his job properly and needs to go! I can assure your nyc numbers going up, if you get rid of him!!