Lil Spill

December 8, 2015

” Jackson we need to do some charity work for the holidays. Let’s take my Vegas winnings and buy Toys for Tots!” I won $265 on blackjack and craps so we took that money and had such a good time buying gifts for kids. All the bars are doing the Toys for Tots program so we went to the San Diego bar and dropped off all the gifts. When I was little it always bothered me to think ” why doesn’t Santa love poor kids?” It’s a sad reality of life. Every child should feel special. In my mind it doesn’t mean you have to be a christian. You should think of the christmas holiday season as a time to try and be kind to others no matter what religion or race.

Ok off the soapbox. Work is work. Daniel is overworked and the New Orleans bar didn’t do a good job marketing their charity event. I stepped in too late and handed it off to Lee ( where it should of gone in the first place.) My fault at the end of the day.   I wasn’t paying close enough attention. For the record,  each manager receives a marketing book written by Lee.  It’s written like the ABCs of throwing an event. Literally ” marketing for Dummies.” They never even opened the book or they would of done everything correctly . Again the blame falls on my shoulders.  Marketing is not Daniel’s forte.  Lee and I should of been on top of it. Well things are getting rectified hopefully in time to make a good showing for the event.

Nashville tomorrow !!! chantel texted me. ” It’s a throwback anniversary party so you can arrange your outfit.” Dude I wear the same exact stuff for the last 22 years. only change is I am not wearing my rubber pants like I did when I bartended.

So I lost an interview / photoshoot yesterday because I do not have enough up to date photos of myself in the bars. You have no idea how much I hate getting my picture taken. I always loved being on tv and I was good at it. But I absolutely hate getting my picture taken. So Lee is going to try and do a photoshoot at the Nashville bar when no one is there. I am already dreading it.

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Went to the NOLA fundraiser yesterday. I think that they likely made their fundraising goal. I had a blast, although since I traveled some 1,500 miles to get there I didn't stay out too late. Congratulations to all who worked hard to make it a success.


I look forward to Sunday's fundraiser at the New Orleans bar. I saw a ton of marketing by word of mouth when I was in NOLA last.


Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. Brian - thank you for your service so that we all have the right to voice our opinions. I appreciate yours above, and as a regular at several Coyotes think the intention was meant wholeheartedly as a joke indicating that if you are distressed with work or whatever that the bourbon inside can assist to reverse that. I have cited the accepted flag protocol above and think you have a good point, however, for management to consider. Again, thank you for your service to our country.

Lil I know I have made a lot of complaints and you are tired of them but as a Marine and a Veteran I ask tell your NYC bar to stop flying the American flag upside down.