Lil Spill

August 24, 2015

” Your cousin will be deported immediately!” There has been a lot of family drama in my life recently. And this just came up. When I was 12 my cousin from Colombia lived with us and was taking classes to learn English. We were supposed to go on our 2nd vacation of our lives to the Bahamas. Again I repeat ,  I was 12. My mother sent me to the immigration office,  by myself,  in Manhattan to get approval for my cousin to go on this trip. I went by myself. I waited on all the appropriate lines and they told me that her visa would not be affected by our journey .  We went to the Bahamas for 3 days. On our return we went through immigration.  ” Sorry this is a violation of your visa. You will be deported immediately.” I don’t even remember how long I was punished for.

Who sends a 12 year old to do this important job? (  as god as my witness I did everything properly) But again only my mother would do something like that and actually blame me for doing it wrong. Oh Brother. A ton of family drama. Everyone has some drama but the constant crazy that I grew up with is unbelievable. A miracle I did well for myself. LOL

Mac put a bio of me in the back of the SD menu sleeve. About a month ago I saw it and was shocked. The bio was from an article I hadn’t even written it or fact checked it. ” What the hell this bio isn’t even correct. Why the fuck did you post this?” Sorry Lil the rep just pulled something from a newspaper article. OH brother. My fault at the end of the day. I was so worried about the menu I didn’t even think to look at the bio page.

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Lil, it is always the bosses fault no matter who makes the mistake. I guess your mother thought you were the boss.