Lil Spill

August 14, 2015

The apocalypse has hit New Orleans and people have stopped going out to drink . The bar is the worst in the company right now . It’s fucking New Orleans!! There are more drunks per square block in the French quarter then anywhere on the planet . The staff is super pretty right now . My god what the hell is going on there ? If it wasn’t 120 degrees in the shade  I would go next week .

On a good note . I hired a new housekeeping company . My house is actually neat but I hate sweeping and mopping . They came in like a cyclone today !!! Gracias Dios.  Something about a clean smelling house . I have told Jackson to lock his room . I don’t want to scare them away . It’s a science experiment gone wrong in there .

And today Jackson will receive his first check from Samurai Pie! He really is a hard worker . Chip off the block . “Save it now because in about 6 years  your friends will  know when you get paid and say First round on Jackson .” I need to make sure he is conveniently absent from parties those days . But life as a molecular biologist doesn’t leave room for many parties .  ( not his dream but mine )

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Went to the NOLA bar last night, Stella on tap is back and it is cold. Wow, thanks Lil.


Thanks Dave, to be clear, my comments weren't intended to be critical of staff but critical of whomever is responsible to maintain the property, I presume that someone not at the bar is responsible. The lack of maintenance, in my opinion, is what is most hurting the business.


Frank - In my opinion, the staff is crucial to the experience at any coyote. I appreciate the hard work of all of them in Nola. They are like family to me.


Ahh New Orleans, to be honest your A/C doesn't keep up so it is like drinking outside in the 120 degree weather. In addition, the air foil at the entrance door is so loud it is never turned on because it over powers music. In addition, several on-tap beers have been out of order for months and many TV's don't work. So, it appears that business has been hurt by a lack of maintenance. That said, I do agree that the staff are pleasing to the eye.