Lil Spill

August 27, 2015

” My night sucks ! I am searching high and Low for all these chickens !” ” This was Jeff’s answer when I returned a work email and asked how he was doing. I guess his neighbor asked him to watch his chickens and they got loose. I was going to say First world problems. But perhaps that isn’t a first world problem. I can imagine that loosing chickens is a huge third world problem.

I received a text from Lee’s wife ” when you see Lee can you tell him to contact me.” Lee went to New Orleans this week unbeknownst to me. I replied to her 1. You need to slap him around a little and show him who is boss.” and 2. Jazz, the GM, can drink like a man so he’s probably singing Karaoke on Bourbon St right now.

My god I am still receiving emails about Milwaukee. OMG!!! Tomorrow is Jackson’s last shift at Samurai Pie till next summer. He’s a good worker. I bet they will miss him..

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Marc rosen

Lol. Remember me????? Congrats on all ur success!!!!


Did not get the msg that Jaquie is no longer associated with CU? Also, which bartenders are still around from the "Ultimate Coyote" series?


We finished with Lee around 7am. That's how we roll. You're welcome. Hugs and Kisses.