Lil Spill

April 22, 2015

Tommy B is my favorite. He sent me a really nice text today!! Don’t worry I will remember you at bonus time. I want to thank my friends today. As I gave thanks to the universe I realized that my only close family is Jackson . But my friends are as good as blood ties. I want to thank Judy for being  like my mom and sister all wrapped into one. I want to thank Kevin for always supporting me at all these races. He really helps me finish by pushing me. I want to thank Jeremy for entering the H ironman and being there to watch me finish with his beautiful wife. I want to thank Chantel for starting me in this crazy world of triathlon and bringing her kids to watch me finish. I want to thank Leslie for always rooting for me and including me in her family. I want to thank Lee for coming all the way to New Orleans just to watch Jeremy, Kevin, and I in the Half Ironman.  I might not have shown it on Sunday because of sheer exhaustion but I love my friends. And thank you Axel for asking me to enter some boxing competition. I have never been in a fight and will probably cry if someone hits me but hey thanks for thinking I am capable.  Today has been day two of muscle pain. I thought I was over the hump tonight until I sneezed and reinjured myself.

Back to work. Big corporate meeting next week in San Diego.

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