Lil Spill

April 24, 2015

“Wow you look great for your age “. I was blushing with pride until I realized she was reading the birthdate of a different patient . Honestly I was a little insulted after that . San Antinio and San Diego rocking this week!!!  I am sitting right now at a restaurant . Waiter just came up to me ” lil I used to work for you “. It never ends . The various staffs are working out, dieting, dressing better . Things are rocking . I went to the doctor today ” Lil you are fucking yourself up ( oh yes she said that ). ” hang up your sneakers “. Well  that’s not happening

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Mike Vito

Got it. Sorry. I am at Coyote Ugly in New York right now having a drink for everyone. Love this place. Cheers


She has a man in her life, it's her son. If you read her Spill, you'll will find Lil makes more time than a lot of moms for him.

Mike Vito

Thanks for comment Old Ugly Woman, we leave it to Lil now to figure things out.

Old Ugly Woman

I think more than anything that I am trying to tell you that for better or worse, what we do defines who we are. If what we do is somewhat superficial in nature (I want to clarify that I am not saying that is bad) then we are going to reflect that. It's somewhat unavoidable. I actually came upon this blog by accident. I'm working toward a doctorate in Political Science, so frankly. I don't know why I read it. It has little to do with anything in my field. I think some of you are little too hard on this person. Women are judged very harshly for their looks. It is a very rude thing considering how morally arbitrary looks are. But, such is life. If she didn't care about her looks she would be criticized for that, and now she is criticized for caring too much. She can't win. That's how it is for women. I chose not to care, but I am in a position where I can do so. She is not in that place..

Mike Vito

Hi Old Ugly Woman, I know you are disappointed at Lil. She will realize soon, she has disappointed many of her customers and her best friends. But for now Lil is stuck in the Coyote Ugly world (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly). Lil will snap out of it, hopefully.

Old Ugly Woman

She works in a superficial industry. I think you expect too much of these people. It's not like they are spending their days reading Kant.


Lil, you need to take care of your health and not just take it for granted. I thought I was healthy until I got diagnosed with diabetes last year. But getting older doesn't keep me from having fun. I drove 5 hours to Coyote Ugly OKC and had a wonderful experience. I felt 21 all over again! You need to stay healthy to feel young and keep Coyote Ugly running well.

Mike Vito

Dave that's a perfect description for her. But is Lil going to change, that's the million dollar question. I have read many comments on her Lilspill, and she seems to have lost herself. Lil it's time to make some major changes in your life, your angels are sending you signals/messages. You choose not to listen. Lil, Nice people are coming into your life, and you are telling them to piss off. Lil, look at yourself, you got plenty of money and no man in your life. Go find a nice guy, to keep your ass check and keep you humble/compassionate. You all have nice Sunday now.


Lil, I have seen you interact with your friends. Honestly, your friends place too much emphasis on outward appearance and appear to ignore inward the inward goodness of people. You are above that.

Mike Vito

Lil that's great you run all this marathons, and you want to have your own Marathon Commando Warrior Seal Team Coyote 7. You already achieved many great things in your life, but are you happy. Doctor tells you to take a chill pill, maybe you should. Listen to the wise.

Sherri McFadden

Listen to your doctor Lil. Some day you will be very sorry you didn't.