Lil Spill

April 21, 2015

Bars kicking butt on a Monday night. San Antonio, San Diego, Denver, and Key West outstanding Monday nights!!! OKC has had a get fit challenge. They keep posting things on Facebook. Their meals, their workouts. Good for them but it has;t escaped my attention that the ones who really need to get fit have posted nothing.

I hurt from head to toe. The top of my foot feels broken and every area hurts either from exercise or from sunburn. I AM A HALF IRONMAN! So I didn’t finish in the time I was hoping but I did finish. OMG I had my best swim time ever. Normally I am last out of the water. Well I was not last. I swam 2000 m in 43 minutes. In the swim world that’s virtually standing still but in my world I am the new Michael phelps.!!! The bike:  Kevin bypassed the swim and the run ( he did break his leg a few months ago) but he did the bike with you. He knew my phobia of riding the bike especially with clip ins. Screams of ” Lil is that as fast as those thunder thighs can go?” were my motivation. The bike ride itself was beautiful. It went through bayous and there were waterways all around us. We actually saw an alligator cross the road and it hissed at a cyclist. The winds were very strong the whole race but the last 16 miles was the worst headwind.   I was toast by the run.  And running is a very nice way of saying shuffling. I literally shuffled the 13.1 miles to the finish line. But I finished.  All the articles say you may lose 5-10% of your body weight in a race like this. No I gained 5 lbs. Heaviest I have been since I dated the buffet eating biker a few years back.

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