Lil Spill

April 11, 2015

Heading to Denver today! 10 year anniversary! I know Pinky will throw a great party tomorrow.

Last night I was out with two new friends. One is a dermatologist and the other runs a Title Insurance company. This was the conversation from the insurance woman to the dermatologist. ” I think you need to fix Lil’s face. She needs fillers in her chin, around her mouth, beneath her eyes and something for her lips.” DUDE I LIKE MY FACE!! ” Lil good genes only last so long. ”

I am thinking that we need to try this challenge #FoodBankNYCChallenge. One person on food stamps has the equivalent of $29 per week to live on. After the Half Ironman I want to see if Jackson and I can live in a healthy way on this challenge.

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mark rochester

lil mark from ohio been down to key west from day one seen the ups and downs make me an offer I cant refuse

Mike Vito

Agree with you Dave, your picking the wrong friends Lil. Are you scaring off the good people trying to come into your life. Have good Sunday you all.


Friends wouldn't be so judgemental.

Mike Vito

I like your face to, time to find new friends Lil.