Lil Spill

April 9, 2015

Kevin, Daniel , and Lee got Jeff’d this morning . The traditional explanation for Jeff’d is when he calls ( usually very early morning ) and you do not respond within an hour of his call . Immediately he puts you on his Shit list and it takes months to get off. There is an alternate definition of being Jeff’d ; that’s when he calls me and tells me that someone didn’t do something properly ( stretching the truth a tad). This morning he Jeff’d imageKevin  and Daniel about closing accounts . Then snuck in a ” when is Lee going to get back to work ?” ( Lee just had surgery yesterday ) . I laughed this morning because I secretly Love Jeff doing this . It means grumpy . And he is very productive while grumpy . He and I had a long term health care call today . Low and behold if we are not hang glider’s or diving with sharks hoping for an attack , it appears we are all too young to purchase long term health care.

Just shipped my bike and Kevin’s bike for next weekend’s Half Ironman in New Orleans.  Why do I do this to myself ? Jackson was very amused when I had my tire changing lesson . ” Jackson would you like to watch your mother fail miserably at changing a tire? ” his response ” yes I would love to.” If I get a flat tire I am screwed . I figure I will be so close to the time disqualification even without a flat tire so I might as well just walk to the finish line and go to the beer tent .



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If you get a flat tire just wave and some cute guy will gladly attempt to show you his mechanical prowess. Just remember lefty Loosey, tightey righty.